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Take a chance and answer the phone, because messing with people’s minds is so very much fun.here

The concertmaster is like the quarterback of a football team. It’s an incredibly tough and demanding job, and the pressure is enormous.there

By studying our bones, we can discover some of the same principles that Eiffel used in designing his tower.here

Well, to be fair, I guess he did get rid of the bedbugs . . .there

“I’m First!” – “No, I’m First!”

The world’s first head transplant will be performed within the next 2 years. Or it has already been performed this past February. Oh, what to believe?! The answer, as always… Snopes. The “news” story at the second link is a hoax. No head transplants have been done yet. Darn. I kinda wanted to believe, especially since they said it was successful.

It seems Paul Horner is a name that has appeared in a number of unrelated hoaxes. My sympathy to any real Paul Horners there might be out there. You know there must be a few.

Mid-Week Music Break

I am not familiar with the music of Percy Sledge. I have only heard the one song that everyone has heard. So I went looking for something I had not heard and found this.

Random Linkage

Apostrophes and Quotation Marks – everything you ever wanted to know… or perhaps more than you ever wanted to know

Service with a smile – or sarcasm. Yeah, that’s probably it, sarcasm.

Ancient “screw” – Whenever “scientists” won’t let other scientists examine their findings, that’s a pretty good clue that you should not believe any of these “scientists” claims.

Artists and their Cats

Opera Strip – opera plots in comic strip format

Life in the Dark – Fascinating speculation about rogue planets

Camodad – a comic strip, rather interesting

Monster boxes – Very cool!

Do high heels cause schizophrenia? – Hmmmm… As much fun as this might be to believe, I’m gonna say, “No.”

And, last but not least, the awesomeness that is Stephen Hawking…

Like Magic!

I made the ice cream we talked about here and it is amazing! The consistency is exactly like premium ice cream that you buy at the grocery store. And it’s so simple. Why did I not know about this before? I’m looking back at half a lifetime of missed opportunities. I could have made this with my kids, if only I had known.

I tried the Cinnamon Bun flavor first. I did make sort of a little mistake but it turned out wonderful anyway. I used the butter that I already had, which happened to be “lightly salted.” It didn’t ruin the ice cream but I could definitely taste a little saltiness, which is a taste you don’t normally expect in ice cream. I actually did like it but some people might not so this is a detail you might want to watch for when making it.

The recipe says “pour into a two quart container” but it only filled the two quart container about half full so this recipe actually only makes about a quart of ice cream. (Maybe I was too impatient and should whip the cream longer?) Of course that didn’t last long at all.

The store where I bought groceries only had quart size containers of heavy whipping cream so I had enough left to make more ice cream. For the second batch I used French vanilla cappuccino mix to flavor it. It’s good too but it leaves a coffee aftertaste that I, personally, find a little unpleasant.

I’m going to try to restrain myself and not make this too often. Ice cream, though we know it’s not really good for us, seems so wholesome and innocent, but making it yourself, with the heavy whipping cream and sweetened condensed milk, sort of hammers home the fact that it is really pretty fattening stuff. (Darn it) But I will make it again. (many times) I want to experiment and see what other interesting, not-available-in-stores, flavors I can come up with.

UPDATE:Here are those recipes again:
Cinnamon ice cream and more
Coffee Ice Cream

Quotes From Here and There

But it’s nice in life to have something you do just for you. Where you are the only person who has to look at it and decide if it’s good or bad.here

And realistically, one should not expect a warrior woman to be a waif.there

In celebration of the date on which Winston Churchill was granted honorary US citizenship, Hillsdale College, custodian of the Churchill Project, is offering the biography deal of the year – perhaps of the decade.here

AS A CHILD I knew exactly what was most desirable: pinkness and sparkle. When I was grown-up I was going to sweep down a flight of stairs into a great ballroom wearing a pink satin dress with a huge skirt: yards and yards of the shiniest pink satin, because obviously if something was desirable you couldn’t have too much of it.there

All-Natural Chemicals

I have nothing better to post this morning so let’s pick on the Food Babe. I saw this thing on Facebook, quoting her saying that she would not eat anything that an 8-year-old could not pronounce. So, I’m just wondering how many of these words the average 8-year-old can pronounce and whether or not Ms. Hari eats bananas. Or anything else. Well… she must eat something since she’s still alive.

Random Linkage

Chameleon – Wow! That’s really good. And a tiny bit creepy.

Carried Away – a pulp art trope

Waves – beautiful glass scuptures

The World’s Best Ever – All manner of fascinating things – like a “Random Linkage” post on steroids (a few borderline NSFW)

Internet History – After the criticism of Google (deserved) there are several good links.

Improving Color Vision

The History of Easter Eggs

Miles to Go…

There is a little screen on the instrument panel of my new F150 that displays various kinds of helpful information that you can scroll through using a button on the steering wheel. Nifty, huh? One of my favorites is “Miles to Empty”. When I first saw this I was mildly excited about it. You see, I have really bad Quarter Tank Paranoia. If I am driving a vehicle and the gas gauge shows even a hair below a quarter of a tank of gas I cannot – CANNOT, you understand – continue without seeking out the nearest gas station and filling up. Never mind that I know at that point that it can go another 100 miles or even more; it’s down to a quarter tank so I must buy gas immediately.

Well, anyway… the F150 has the usual, traditional gas gauge – it’s rather small and hard to read; the space between the marks is not much more than the thickness of the indicator “needle” – but it also has this neat feature on the screen, that tells you approximately how many miles you have to go before you run out of gas. So I decided that when I got to a quarter of a tank I would just scroll to this information and pay attention to that and not the traditional gauge and that when it got down to 50 miles to go I would fill up. Well, I was about a quarter mile from home, which is about 5 miles from the nearest gas station, when it reached that point and instead of continuing to count down the miles it switched to a LOW FUEL warning.

Of course, you must know how much that bothered me. To me, “LOW FUEL” means “OMG! YOU’RE ALMOST OUT OF GAS! YOU HAVE TO FIND A GAS STATION IMMEDIATELY!” even though I knew it still had a comfortable 50 miles to go. So the next time I went out I filled up at the nearest gas station and was rewarded with a satisfying 479 MILES TO EMPTY. I love a happy ending, don’t you?

And Another Quote

I started to include this in my usual Quotes post but I decided that the part I want to quote is rather long for that so here it is, all by itself. From this Interview with Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Now, where the rubber hits the road is, since we are a free country where belief systems are constitutionally protected — provided they don’t infringe on the rights of others — then how do you have governance over “all” when you have belief systems for the “some”? It seems to me that the way you govern people is you base governance on things that are objectively true; that are true regardless of your belief system, or no matter what the tenets are of your holy documents. And then they should base it on objective truths that apply to everyone. So the issue comes about not that there are religious people in the world that have one view over another, it’s if you have one view or another based on faith and you want to legislate that in a way that affects everyone. That’s no longer a free democracy. That’s a country where the few who have a belief system that’s not based in objective reality want to control the behavior of everyone else.

Quotes From Here and There

… facts and theories are different things, not rungs in a hierarchy of increasing certainty. Facts are the world’s data. Theories are structures of ideas that explain and interpret facts. — here

Because I haven’t been sewing all that much recently, I wasn’t really in the market for much shopping but, you know, it would have been just rude not to buy anything.there

Send now for my 426-hour audio course, Learn to Talk a Long Time, and be one of the people who get their way in life.here

Here in Oklahoma it’s easy to know that Spring has finally arrived when…there


I was getting a little tired of the brown background. It’s spring fercryinoutloud! This might be too close to the color of the links. I’m not sure I want them to be the same color as the background but I don’t know how to change the color of the links.

Thought about changing the picture at the top of the right-hand column too but I don’t know… I like that one. And the quote. I like that quote too, though other appropriate Firefly or other science fiction quotes might be considered.

Just a Few Links

Star Trek: TOS Photostream – Awesomeness!

Inventor of the Pet Rock – I always sort of envied this guy, (to come up with a simple idea that makes millions) even though I didn’t know his name until just a minute ago.

Staircase Models – Beautiful

Garage Sale of the Century – Oh! Wow!

Tiny Drill – I saw just a picture of this a while back. This is an article about how it was made, with more pictures and a video.

Mid-Week Music Break

As I’ve said before, I stopped paying attention to popular music over two decades ago. So I don’t know how embarrassed I’m supposed to be that I had never heard of this band until a few days ago. We were watching The Graham Norton Show (an episode we had recorded earlier) and as he introduced the band I braced myself for the usual assault on my senses (I could have fast fowarded through that part. See, I am open to new experiences.) but, within the first 30 seconds I went from, “Okay, these guys are not too bad,” to “Hey! I think I really like these guys.”

Yes, It Is Time For New Eyeglasses

My bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper has an ad on the label for Avengers: Age of Ultron. When I first looked at it I could have sworn it said “Ass of Ultron”. After taking off my glasses, holding the bottle closer, and squinting and staring at it for a few seconds I was able to make out that the word is actually “Age”. It seems to me though, that Ass of Ultron has possibilities as a movie. “Age of” is so overused.

It just so happens that I did already have an eye Dr. appointment scheduled.

Office Jargon

A-Z of Modern Office Jargon. If I worked in an office I would stay in trouble for making fun of the way my bosses and co-workers talk. “Let’s take this offline.” “But we’re not online right now.”

Some of the words on the list have been in use so long they seem like just normal, ordinary language: heads-up, no-brainer, and even “issues” are all common and not just in the office. It’s more a matter of how these words, and some others on the list, are used in an office or political setting to mask what is really being said that makes it jargon. Some, however – “thought shower”, “upskill”, “backfill” – are merely ridiculous.

This list is from a book, Who Touched Base In My Thought Shower?: A Treasury of Unbearable Office Jargon by Steven Poole. I’m thinking it might be a great idea if everyone who works in that kind of office sent a copy of it to their boss. Anonymously, of course.


Lists exist for the purpose of giving us something to criticize and disagree with. How could one possibly make a list of Top 10 Greatest Symphonies and honestly believe that these are, inarguably, the top 10 greatest? It seems to me that it would take a shockingly high level of arrogance and excessive regard for one’s own opinion. And, honestly, you do run into that quite a bit among “serious” classical music fans. On the other hand, I suppose those who are more knowledgeable about music composition have detailed criteria for deciding greatness that I am not aware of. Still… I only know what I like and it seems to me that being liked, by millions of people for hundreds of years, is a pretty good criterion for greatness.

I have not heard all of these symphonies. I like most of the ones that I have heard but I am a little surprised that some of them made it onto this list. Haydn’s Symphony #104. I know I’ve heard it but I’m not very familiar with it and can’t recall it. I rarely see Haydn on “greatest” lists for some reason. It seems most people just think of his music as merely nice or pleasant. Mozart’s Symphony #40. Very popular and undeniably great but, but personally, I like #41 a little bit better. I’ve never warmed up to Beethoven’s Eroica symphony. It is the one I like the least of his nine symphonies. Schubert’s Unfinished I love this one. Brahm’s #1, Tchaikovsky’s #6, and Sibelius’ #5 – all okay but not among my favorites.

So, what would I add? I’ve already mentioned Mozart’s #41. I’m also very fond of his #25. All of Beethoven’s but if I had to pick just one it would be #6, the Pastoral Symphony. And of course, Dvorak’s New World Symphony.

Quotes From Here and There

So yeah, if you like annoying people, the airport’s the place for you.here

We need more of those oddball houses at the end of the street that neighbours complain about because it doesn’t look anything like the other houses.there

Shielded from the horrors of raised eyebrows and any hint of incredulity, the ladies continued to address the great issues of the day.here

Oh, apple trees! My favorite of the flowering trees. So humble and sweet and pretty. And their scent. My gosh, I love them.there

What in the deep dark recesses of Freudian hell did such a thing emerge?here

With a flourish, Spring opens her petals and waves her branches in a cheery hello.there