Quotes From Here and There

Social media just lets people be awkward to a bigger audience.here

This spring, I haven’t done a whole lot of relaxing in the sun: the weather has seen to it that I am none too relaxed, and, well, there’s hardly any sun.there (slightly TMI?)

Ms Wentzy was never asked to chaperone the 8th grade dance again.here (Probably NSFW. (Wow… TMI followed immediately by NSFW. I’m on a roll this week. Too bad it’s downhill.) )

Because I have that kind of time, and am so very very susceptible to clickbait, I often read stuff like thisthere

Why Didn’t Somebody Tell Me?!

We never watch CNN. I don’t even notice what’s on it when we’re scrolling through the listings. I just assume it’s all news. But this evening, after we had finished watching Life of Pi which I had recorded a few days ago, while I was looking for the cats the husband picked up the remote and when I got back I heard a delightfully familiar voice: Mike Rowe! Must be a Dirty Jobs rerun, I thought. But it wasn’t one I remembered and nothing about it looked particularly dirty. Even more strange, I noticed the CNN logo in the lower right corner of the screen. Hmmm… interesting.

Finally, at a commercial break we learned that the name of the show is Somebody’s Gotta Do It. And it’s in its second season and I had never heard of it before! How can this be? Never mind; what’s important is that OMG! MIKE ROWE IS BACK ON TV EVERY WEEK! Let it rain.

Lame, Lazy Weather Blogging

Yeah, I know… I’m a terrible blogger and that’s why no one reads this nonsense anymore. But the only thing that’s going on in my world is that it’s raining. Well, it seems to have stopped for the moment but the weather forecasts show no real break in sight. I’m trying to think about the drought years and be thankful for the rain but all I can think is, “Just give me three days without any rain. Just three days.” Okay, seriously? I would like a week or two but even just three warm, dry days would be glorious.

Go look at this satellite image of flooding on the Arkansas River and the one from a year ago for comparison. They’re not terribly impressive until you really start looking and realize the large areas covered. I live on top of a small hill, myself, and have not actually seen any flooding personally. Even the lower part of my yard is just wet with a few puddles, not totally under water like it has been in previous wet years.

So… not too bad here, really. But I really, really, really, really would like to be complaining about the heat for a while instead of the rain.

Thought for the Week

This one isn’t a quote (At least I don’t think it is) it’s just something that came to me.

No matter what you do or how you do it there will be people standing in line to tell you you’re doing it wrong. If you really don’t need any help just smile and ignore those people.

A Few Links

DuckDuckGo – Search engine that promises not to track you. I have tried a few searches and it seems to work as well as Google. Not that I have anything against Google or that I even care, especially, that they are tracking me and are basically taking over every aspect of my life… Well, maybe they do creep me out just a teeny bit sometimes.

Star Trek Gnomes – I want to hate these but I just can’t.

True Face of Shakespeare? – Probably not but some people want to believe.

20 of the Creepiest Places on Earth – I’ve always wanted to see Winchester House and there are several other places on the list that would be fun to explore. Not the Island of the Dolls though. [shudder]

This Is Why I’m Broke – Possibly the best name for a store, ever. They have some very cool stuff and a few seriously creepy items.

Words I Need to Remember

I actually did already know six of these 13 Useful Words You Didn’t Know Existed. I had seen “overmorrow” somewhere fairly recently but had forgotten about it. I want to remember to use that one. I really do. I also knew tintinnabulation, ferrule, philtrum, pooh-bah, and vamp. Seriously? Who doesn’t know those last two?

How do you pronounce eigengrau? It means, “The dark grey color seen by the eyes in perfect darkness, as a result of signals from the optic nerves.” That’s interesting because the color I see is not dark grey; it’s a color but I never can pin down exactly what color. Orange? Green? Teal? Mustard yellow? And it’s not that it changes. It’s strange and hard to explain. It’s a color that only exists in my eyes in the dark but it’s definitely not grey.

Other words that I like from the list: Eyesome. That sounds old fashioned (probably because it is) and you can immediately tell what it means. And, because most people haven’t heard of it, if you used it they would think you just made it up on the spot. Pandiculation. Come to think of it, I think I might have seen that one before. That’s a fun word.

Several of these words would be really fun to use but I probably never will due to my chronic lethologica, a truly frustrating condition. And by the way, the Firefox spellchecker did not know most of the words on the list.

Random Linkage

Street Art – Several of these are very cool and clever.

Dr. Pepper Cherry Marshmallow Cake Recipe

Kids’ Meal – Second graders’ reaction to a fancy NY restaurant meal.

Australia’s Stonehenge – Interesting

Freebook Sifter – thousands of free e-books organized by category

Sandwich Knife – good idea

R2-D2 Bus

Just Pics – a little collection of odd, interesting and funny photos

Owl Myths and Superstitions – Weird

Distances in Lord of the Rings – a series of maps comparing Lord of the Rings distances with the real world

First Attempt

This is my first try at making shoes using the ballet flats pattern from LivingDIYStyle. They’re really just slippers using this sewable soling fabric for the soles. (which, by the way, I highly recommend if you want to make slippers) Everything else was just scraps I had on hand.

Handmade shoes

They don’t look too bad, I guess but they don’t fit. My toes are very crowded. They are supposed to be my normal shoe size. Also, the lining showing… That was not on purpose. It might look sort of cute if it was showing evenly all the way around. But this was only supposed to be a test pair anyway so I’m not terribly disappointed. Back to the cutting table. (I made the jeans too, in case anyone cares.)

Rules and Such

You know, sometimes it’s hard to tell whether a social media “rule” is actually a generally accepted social convention or merely the opinion of the author of a list of rules like this list of The 29 Rules of Social Media. Now, to start with, I have a rule for blogs and other websites that I wish everyone would follow and that is, DON’T have weird features on your website that make it difficult or confusing for first time visitors like, for example, like having the content not appear until you move your mouse to the right. What the F, dude? Seriously? Why?

But anyway, moving on. Some of the 29 rules are site specific so I’ll skip over the ones for sites I’ve never visited, and I’ll skip over some others because I simply don’t have anything to say about them. First, for all sites:

Share several times a day, but space out your posts every few hours. – I’m not good with scheduling. Well, I’m okay but I share when I have something to say or when I have a few minutes when I have nothing better to do. It’s social media, dude, not like a job.

Respond to all comments as quickly as you can. – I would like to respond quickly but sometimes I just don’t have anything to say and sometimes I don’t think of anything until hours or a day or two later.

Know the art of the hashtag. 1 hashtag is fine. 10 hashtags are not. – Agreed. I don’t use hashtags much anyway.

Always keep the 80/20 rule! Entertain and inform your audience first, sell to them second. – I hadn’t heard of the 80/20 rule. It depends on what I’m looking for. If I’m looking for entertainment I expect it to be 100% entertainment. If I’m looking for shoes or fabric or something it’s okay if you’re trying to sell it to me.

These are for Twitter:

Don’t automatically direct message people that follow you. – Shouldn’t that be “people who follow you”? Anyway. Not sure about this one. Seems like a good rule but I can see how this might seem polite to some people.

Don’t use all 140 characters. Give people room to retweet with a reply. – Ridiculous! Sometimes 140 characters is barely enough and you expect me to limit myself to even fewer?

I haven’t been on Twitter regularly for a long time. I like it, maybe better than Facebook, and keep thinking I want to get back on it but for some reason I just don’t.

For Facebook:

Don’t Like your own post. – Do people do that? Actually, I wouldn’t do it but I don’t see how it could hurt or inconvenience anyone. So someone’s post has 4 likes instead of 3, or 1 instead of none. Is this really a problem? Sure it says something about you if Like your own posts but other than that…

Don’t post or tag photos of fans, customers, or employees without permission. – Probably a good idea for legal reasons.

Don’t tag people or pages that aren’t relevant to your post. – Agreed. I haven’t experienced this myself though.

Don’t ask for Likes, Comments, or Shares. – OMG! YES! Please, please, please stop doing this! I get so freaking tired of the “Share if…” you love your mom, dad, kids, husband, wife, brother, sister, America, Jesus, or puppies images on Facebook. This is one of those things, though, that I was talking about that are probably opinions more than social conventions because almost everyone seems to think this is okay.

I’m not on LinkedIn or Instagram so I won’t comment on those. I signed up for Pinterest but I’ve never used it because there were no instructions or “getting started” guide or anything like that. Or at least not an adequate guide. I can’t remember exactly. Sure I could have figured it out but I hate being a newbie and not knowing how to do anything and having to figure it out as I go along. The rules? I’m not sure. I was interested in Pinterest mainly as a way of keeping track of things I see online that I want to be able to find again so I don’t have to keep bookmarking things and have an endless list of bookmarks which I will probably lose again because I always do eventually. But that was just my idea; I’m not sure how Pinterest really works and it’s kind of annoying to think that if I ever started using it I would have this social obligation to use it a certain way and follow certain rules when all I really want to do is keep track of stuff.

I’m on Google+ but I rarely use it. I think I might (not sure because I haven’t used it that much) like it better than Facebook if anyone I know was actually on it and actually used it but the few family and friends I have that use social media prefer Facebook so that’s where I go too.


This ‘n’ That

I really fraking hate upgrades! Yesterday I got a notice on my phone that an upgrade needed my approval. It was from AT&T so I figured it was something I needed to do and usually it’s no big deal; nothing changes that I notice. But this time it changed practically everything. Most annoyingly, how to mute the phone or put it on vibrate. Before, I simply held in the right button and a menu popped up that had the options, Power Off, Restart, Airplane Mode, Vibrate, and Mute. Now it just has Power off, Restart, Airplane mode, and Emergency Mode. What the hell is “Emergency Mode”? And where are the rest of the options? I know there must be some way to at least put the phone on vibrate but I have no idea how. Now my only option when I need for it to not make noise is to turn it off completely and that is not acceptable. I am going to look at the AT&T website and see if I can figure it out but this really pisses me off. It should be obvious, or at least easy to figure out own your own.

UPDATE: Okay, I got it. You have to use the volume button. Just turn down the volume down all the way, which makes sense but it’s more “work” and more annoying than the old way.

* * *

Did I already mention this? It’s still in my bookmarks. Wearing a Suit Changes the Way Your Brain Works. People who resist dressing up for anything need to know this. I don’t know… Maybe it wouldn’t make any difference to someone like that. Probably they would see it as another reason to not dress up. I mean, who wants to feel more confident and powerful, right? It’s not all good though. Wearing a suit supposedly also makes you less detail oriented, which would explain a lot about what goes on in the corporate world.

* * *

Did you know that there is an Eat What You Want Day? It was yesterday. I missed it but that’s okay. I pretty much ate what I wanted this past weekend. And the weekend before that. What I really need is a Stop Eating Everything in Sight You Crazy Fool Day. Oh. I guess that should be every day. Seriously, I did really good yesterday and I didn’t even feel especially hungry. I’m planning a really light-eating week and a hopefully not too crazy weekend.

* * *

I am really happy that we have been getting so much rain lately. We need it. But, at the same time, I’m really getting tired of it. It’s been raining almost every day and when it’s not raining it’s still unseasonably cool. Yesterday was sunny but it barely made it up to 70° F. Today is supposed to be the same and tomorrow the rain returns. I’m trying not to be too down about it because rain is good but I am very impatient for warmer weather.

* * *

Last week I found something for a “Thought for the Week” but then I forgot to post it yesterday like I intended so here it is:

“The beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can take it away from you.” — B.B. King


Yay! Back to space opera for a while! I very much enjoyed Starhold by J. Alan Field. There is a brief description of what the story is about at that link so I will just say that this book has well-developed characters, adventure, mystery, space battles, political intrigue, and a touch of romance – everything I expect in good space opera. I am looking forward to the next book in this series.

(Sorry for such a short post. I guess I’m just not into this whole blogging thing right now.)

Quotes From Here and There

“Blasphemy should be so widespread that it’s boring”here

Its ridiculousness is precisely the point.there

Today is Mr. Orson Welles’ hundredth birthday, and you really ought to celebrate by watching Citizen Kane, or by hiding in the basement from Martian invaders—whichever is more appealing to you.here (That was May 6th)

And a little piece of me whimpered and died inside, and I crawled off the the bathroom to weep and lick my wounds, and to despair of the world yet to come.there (Probably NSFW)


It’s raining. Nothing special is happening in my world. I’ve got nothing to rant about, nothing to brag about, nothing to… just nothing. So here are a few rain pics from Flickr. None of these are mine.

All About That Base

So, have you had enough of All About That Bass to last you for the rest of your life? Well, too bad because here’s one more version that you absolutely, positively MUST listen to. I didn’t see it in time for May the Fouth (be with you) but I don’t care. Star Wars isn’t just a one day a year thing.