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The description on YouTube: “…hole from Covão dos Conchos, in Serra da Estrela, [Portugal] is made of concrete and granite, has 4.6m high, 48 meters crowning was built in 1955 and serves to forward the Naves river waters to Lagoa Comprida. It has 1519 meters in length and is able to reach 120 thousand cubic meters.”

Random Linkage

Color Thesaurus – Of course one could argue about the accuracy of many of these (and of course different monitors render colors differently) but it was a nice attempt.

Secret Society Art – Some of these are interesting. I like Where Hideous Things Slither and Climb and the Independent Order of Odd Fellows poster, among others. The other magic lantern slides especially.

Amazing Embroidery – Mushrooms, forest creatures, insects. Beautiful!

Old-Style Map of Mars – Love it!

Chicken Legs – Too funny!

Gina Kalabishis – Strange and beautiful art

The man in the Alien costume

* * *

Quoting Myself, 2015

Today is the day we’re supposed to look back on the year past and… something. And all of us bloggers must post a Year End Review post. Or is that Year In Review? Pardon me folks; I think I need more caffeine. Or maybe more sugar. Or perhaps, less. Nah.

Anyway, for my end of the year post I thought I’d just quote myself and that’s not as easy-way-out as it seems. I have to go through a whole year of my nonsense and pick out something quotable.

January: I like holidays and vacations; I think most of us do; but sometimes I think one of the best things about major holidays and vacations is that they make us appreciate our routine, everyday lives.

February: The world was coming to an end and I had to get up and fix it.

March: Star Trek premiered when I was 8 years old so I am old enough, just barely, to remember a world without Star Trek and old enough to remember when it was just another popular TV show but it’s not easy to remember. It seems like Star Trek and its characters have always existed and they have a kind of reality beyond mere fiction.

April: I stopped paying attention to popular music about 30 years ago so I am so out of the loop pop-culturally.

May: …there’s a distinct possibility that in another ten or twenty years I might turn into the kind of old lady who doesn’t hold back from giving other old ladies a good tongue lashing when I think they need it.

June: You know what I mean? Chill out; get over it; get a grip; take a chill pill; get a hobby; go kiss some puppies.

July: By the way, why is it that, it seems like, the purpose of “improvements” is to make websites run slower?

August: It just goes to show it’s true what they say: “Calories are what they put in food to make it taste good.”

September: Seriously, what is with all the gray everywhere lately? It seems like every time I turn on HGTV someone is doing a gray kitchen. Is the whole world suffering from depression?

October: I want to send some people to their rooms and tell them not to come out until they learn to stop bothering people about nonsense.

November: … if I wanted a $200 Egyptian cotton ladies shirt I would make myself one for $30.

December: Funny how we always think of people in the past being more “straight-laced” than in the present.

Well… looking over these I’m not sure they’re really representative of my year. Maybe a little bit but there was so much more to it. Overall, not a bad year.


This morning my computer went to sleep and refused to wake up. I’m waiting for my personal computer hero to come home and fix it. I’m typing this on my phone and it’s really slow and tedious. I don’t know how the kids thumb type so fast, which suggests to me a topic for discussion.

I love computers and smartphones, which are, of course, small computers and I tend to get impatient with people who can’t or won’t learn to use them but we all have our limits. What new or proposed technology goes beyond your willingness to adapt? What would make you say, “That’s it. I’m done. From now on I’m gonna be a stubborn old geezer, forever living in the past. Screw you, modern world.”?

So far I haven’t seen anything that makes me feel that way but I am really not liking the idea of self driving cars. That might be it for me.

Ten for Tuesday Wednesday

I had not seen the Ten for Tuesday meme before but I think it’s a great idea, especially this one: 10 Seemingly Ordinary Things That Bring You Joy. So, here we go.

1. Dandelions (in both their bloom and seed phases)
2. Fabric (especially cotton prints)
3. Pretty glassware (especially carnival glass and milk glass)
3. Colorful or unusual coffee (or tea) mugs
4. Morning sunlight shining through tall trees
5. The blooms on mimosa trees
6. Birds around my bird feeder
7. Being the first to use something new (new book, new bar of soap, new jar of peanut butter, etc.)
8. Cats
9. Night sounds (crickets, frogs, etc.)
10. Fireflies

What? I’m done already? I could do another 10. The world is so full of wonderful little things.


I was getting a little tired of the brown background. It’s spring fercryinoutloud! This might be too close to the color of the links. I’m not sure I want them to be the same color as the background but I don’t know how to change the color of the links.

Thought about changing the picture at the top of the right-hand column too but I don’t know… I like that one. And the quote. I like that quote too, though other appropriate Firefly or other science fiction quotes might be considered.

Post Holiday

I usually enjoy the week after Christmas. It’s quiet, relaxed, everything is getting back to normal. But I always feel like I should be doing something but, at the same time, not at all motivated to do anything. Including blogging and blog reading. To be honest, after about 12 years of blogging I think I might actually be ready to give it up – at least the nearly-every-day blogging. I think I will always want to have some site where I can connect with people and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter just don’t suit my style. I might switch back to a free platform like Blogger later in 2015 though and just do intermittent blogging and I might also start a couple of single topic blogs – one for sewing and one for collecting recipes. This week might be very intermittent because, as I said, I’m not feeling motivated.

We got our first snow of this winter Saturday. It wasn’t much, only just enough to cover the ground and more than half of it melted yesterday. That’s the kind of snow I like – here and gone in a couple of days. Unfortunately it is going to stay cold and possibly rain later in the week, which means ice. [sigh] I was hoping for an unseasonably warm winter. We are due for one.

My weirdest cat has suddenly become even weirder. She won’t eat her cat food – same brand she has been eating and it is a high quality, grain free brand – and prowls around the house eating any crumbs she can find on the floor and she tries to eat out of the dog’s dish. (Usually the dog doesn’t leave anything) She has also started jumping on countertops, something she has never done before. She is driving me absolutely around the bend. Fortunately, she still sleeps most of the day. It’s only in the evening when we are all here trying to relax and watch TV that she goes nuts.

I have some sewing related stuff to share and books and maybe TV and current events but I might not get around to it until next year so don’t go away. I promise I will quit being lame soon.

Space Mission Coverage, European Style

I tuned in to watch the Rosetta comet landing on NASA-TV but I did not see it. Apparently NASA-TV picked up a British broadcast. I was immediately struck by how different it was from typical American coverage of big events. There was a female anchor interviewing people then they switched to a view of the mission control center and all commentary stopped. At first I thought how refreshing it was compared with American TV with anchors and commentators constantly talking regardless of whether or not they have anything to say. It would have been even better if they had actually shown the comet landing.

I expected that they would alternate between views from the probe and views of mission control but they continued to show nothing but mission control with nothing very interesting (to the average viewer) going on – just people doing their jobs and waiting while the suits stood on one side of the room watching. I thought that when it got close to the time for the actual landing they would switch to that. But no. Suddenly everyone in the control room cheered and then they switched over to an auditorium where VIPs were making speeches. After about 15 minutes of that I gave up and turned off the TV. I suppose I’ll get to see some pictures eventually but I was looking forward to seeing it live.

There was probably a live stream of it online but we have limited Internet service out here in the sticks and “streaming” often includes as much buffering as actual streaming. Besides, why have a 50 inch HDTV if you can’t watch live space landings on it?

Technology Is Annoying

We are having an annoying little computer issue that is just bad enough to make me think, “Why bother? I have other, less annoying, things I can be doing,” so if you don’t see anything new here for a few days that’s why.


Oh warm, beautiful Spring why hast thou forsaken me? ‘Tis the first day in May but ’twas freezing this morning. (Literally 32°F) The dogwoods are in bloom and the irises just beginning but they merely tease. ‘Tis winter still and I am indoors clothed in flannel. Tomorrow? Tomorrow you say? Oh cruel tomorrow, always a day away. The oak trees know. Those great noble plants, which in saner years would be fully leafed out by this date, are are only now showing the first cautious buds of new growth. Get thee behind me Winter, and Spring, oh Spring, I beg thee to stop teasing us and finally come to stay.

Color Change

I did a little redecorating for spring. If you’re still seeing pink try refreshing the page. I already sort of miss the pink background. Chances are it will be back someday but for now I wanted something to go with the dandelions.


Yesterday I finally, after procrastinating for months, uploaded an updated version of my infamous links page. This morning I discovered a mistake. A mistake of the “How the hell did that happen?” variety. Oops. I don’t have time to deal with it right now but hopefully it won’t be months this time before I get around to fixing it.

A Hill With a Name

Whenever a section of roadway has a name – an unofficial name given by the locals – you know it has to be interesting to drive on. I posted this on Facebook this morning and then decided to post it here also. As I said on FB, this video doesn’t do it justice. The camera is too close to the ground. It needs to be near driver and passenger eye level so you can see what we see when we drive up or down the curséd thing. But it’s the only one I found so here it is.

I have a dream…

…that one morning, amongst the dozen or so comments awaiting moderation, there will be one genuine, non-spam comment – a new, first-time commenter! Well… it has happened a couple of times so it’s not an impossible dream.

Pumpkin Recipes

These 15 Mind-Blowing Pumpkin Recipes are unusual and some of them sound awesome. I am interested in the pumpkin pasta and the enchiladas. Well, I’m interested in all of them but those two stand out as being especially unexpected.

The one that I definitely want to make soon is the pumpkin ginger cheesecake. I’ve made something similar to that only the pumpkin and cheesecake fillings were layered, not swirled and it just had the standard graham cracker crust.

Three PC Pet Peeves

PC = personal computer not politically correct. We don’t do politically correct around here. Also, these are not all specifically related to the personal computer itself. One (or two) are website things. Anyway… enough babbling.

1. I hate it when I log out of Facebook and get a message that says “You must log in to continue.” You mean I must log in to log out? I’m already logged out thank you very much. Why do I need to log back in?

2. I hate it when I close Firefox and get an error message that says “Firefox has stopped working”. (and some other stuff that I don’t remember) Really? Firefox has stopped working? Maybe because I just closed it?

3. I hate when I close a tab and it doesn’t close immediately. It’s only a few seconds delay but to me that is unacceptable. When I click the little X the tab should go away instantly. Until recently that is the way it always worked but now some websites seem reluctant to close.