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Random Linkage

Soviet Future – how Soviet artists imagined life in space

There’s a name for it – Names of things that you might not have known have names. I actually knew several of these.

Weird Food Flavors – I would try both the ice creams because it’s ice cream. The ginger ale Kit Kat and the cheese Kit Kat don’t sound too bad. We eat cheesecake so why not cheese candy bars?

Solar Phone Charger – Neat, if obvious, idea: it has a suction cup so you can stick it to a window.

Retro Board Game Curiosities

Space Colony Concepts – From the 50′s thru the 90′s

Winning Portrait – Wow!

Easter Egg Diorama

Wizard of Oz Illustrations – Wonderful

Beautiful Abandoned Castle

Random Linkage

Giant Arrows – Fascinating.

New Orleans Pharmacy Museum – I haven’t been to this one but there is a pharmacy museum in Guthrie, Oklahoma that is quite fascinating. I could spend hours in there just reading all the labels on the old bottles. There’s some scary stuff there.

The Secret to Happiness – Well, temporarily at least. But we knew this already.

Fuel from seawater? – Interesting, but experience tells me there will be a catch.

Kitschy Living – Oooo! Kitsch! An awesome Tumblr!

It’s Funny to Me – A funny pictures blog. Some actually are funny, like this one.

Rock stars and their pets

Cherry Blossom Watching

Button Globes

Nerd Approved – A blog of cool, nerdy stuff.

Quotes From Here and There

You people are so crunchy, I can’t even keep up with (Ha! Reference to people being crunchy reminds me of this tshirt)

After consulting many blogs and wardrobe planning books, I have learned that I am what is called a “table top dresser.”there

But let’s be honest, it’s impossible to study the past without feeling something. Confusion, fascination, excitement—this is what motivates historians to spend their days poring over obscure

Word spacing, one assumes, was not quite so high on their list of priorities.there

In one of those crazy coincidences that can fuel an entire cottage industry preying up those easily duped by conspiracy theories, April 22 also happened to be the birth date of the leader of communist revolution in Russia, Vladimir

Yeah, More Sewing Blogs

See, here’s the thing. I’ve got these in my bookmarks and I can’t remember if I’ve linked to them already or not so here they are, possibly again. I need to just add them to ye olde links page but I keep telling myself, “You can’t keep them all.” Packrattery happens in cyberspace as well as realspace which is why I have a links page instead of just a few links in the sidebar. (And yes, Firefox spellchecker, “packrattery” is a real word and I spelled it correctly. I should know because I just now made it up myself.)

Anyway here are the sewing blogs, each with an additional link to my favorite recent(ish) post.

Wanderlost – Ooooo! 40′s

u&mii – Nice! An American dress in Britain

Lucky Lucille – And more 40′s fashion and fabrics appropriate for sewing them.

Cashmerette – It’s tea time dahlings. I think I’m really going to like this post if I can ever get all the photos to fully load.

Seamstress Erin – Wow. She sews, she knits, she even strings pearls.

Lin3a Rosa – Ah, you know I can’t resist sewing links.

Inside Out Style Blog – Actually not a sewing blog and not really a blog. It’s all about style, like How to Style Print Pants. I don’t know if I could ever do print pants myself but I do sort of like some of those print pairings.

Oops, almost missed one…

Sew Smitten – She finds wisdom from a tea bag.

Random Linkage

Zoological Atlas – Lovely 19th century illustrations

Vintage Ads – That first product is hilarious.

Itchy Feet – “A Travel and Language Comic” – These are really good.

Wound Man – a middle ages medical illustration

10 Inspiring Bookshops – Ooooo! Want to visit that one… Want to visit that one… Want to visit that one…

15 Famous Landmarks Zoomed Out

Who Would You Pick? – Well… Beethoven. Duh!

Angkor Wat on Google Street View – Wow

Ancient Stories Linked With Geological Events

Foodiggity – food art and culture

Wine Barrel Hotel – Cozy

Mini Star Wars Adventures

12 Famous Shipwrecks You Can Visit

15 Bizarre Human Body Related Facts – I already knew #6. #15 is especially interesting.

25 Things You Might Not Know About the Web – Yeah, I knew most of these and a few, like #25, are just opinions anyway.

The War Between Butter and Margarine – Interesting history. I buy Land O’ Lakes Light Spreadable Butter. My mother only used margarine and I did too until a few years ago when I started seeing articles that margarine might actually be more unhealthy than real butter. I like the idea of using something real (even if it’s really only half real)

Quotes From Here and There

Dr. Boli hardly knows what to say, not least because he seldom thinks about what he is doing when he writes. This reader’s question has led him to undertake an exhaustive analysis of his own handwriting for the first time, and he has concluded that his goal in forming letters is the same as his goal in everything else: to achieve the greatest effect with the least

Like an ice skater, the Earth leans into its curve, tipping its northern continents towards the Sun, packing more sunlight into every square inch of surface.there

Sorry. Only two this week. I’ll try to make up for it next week. Or the next. Maybe.

Spring Miscellany

Today is a big day. Well, not really. Today is the first time this year that I am wearing a spring/summer dress. It’s this one, since I’m not planning on going anywhere today. I briefly considered wearing the crazy pink one. Anyway, I love dresses. They feel so free. That’s why this is sort of a minor big deal to me. It’s supposed to be cooler tomorrow though so it’s not quite time to put away the slacks yet.

It is definitely time to start summer sewing (I’m almost finished with a long sleeve cotton blouse, which I hope to be able to show off tomorrow but probably won’t get around to until early next week.) but I just realized that I do not have anything to sew that does not require some notion or trim or lining or something that I do not have yet. So I will have to either go to Tulsa in the next day or two or order stuff and wait a week. The latter is probably what I’ll do. I suppose it’s not a bad thing to take a short break from sewing. I can still work on that darned quilt that I’ve been stalled on for what seems like forever and I’ve got a couple of quilt tops I could be working on. But I’ve got the bug. I have pretty pieces of fabric that I want to sew now.

Remember I was talking about homemade shoes yesterday? Well, I was looking for the soling material and found these Xero Shoes kits. They’re very minimalist sandals. I don’t know… I don’t really like the look. I did also find the Vibram soling sheets at Amazon. That stuff is EXPENSIVE but there are some other brands. I’m not sure I’m quite ready to jump off into shoe making yet but I’m thinking about it.

Interesting article about the Hobby Lobby case. I don’t know what to think about this. I’m not familiar with the site but I’m sure it’s not exactly unbiased. (I saw this on Facebook) I’m not normally a very politically committed person. I don’t make purchasing decisions based on politics. It just gets too complicated. But I have to admit this thing with Hobby Lobby has really bothered me and made me not want to go there anymore. I don’t shop there very often but they have a small sewing department that is a little better than Walmart’s and there’s one closer to me than Tulsa. If what the article says is true it’s still not enough to make me completely change my mind about the case but it goes to show that the issues are more complex than the talking heads make them out to be and people on both sides of the political fence ignore anything that is inconvenient for their side.

Well, I don’t want to end on a political note but I’m fresh out of relevant and interesting [/sarcasm] things to say at the moment so how about a couple o’ cats. All together now: AAAWWWWWWWW….

Just a Few Links

Eye Placement in Portraits – Interesting. Could apply in photography also.

Chateau de Gudanes – Restoring an abandoned French Chateau

Shoppe – “inspired goods by independent makers” I haven’t looked around much yet but my first impression is “awesome!”

The Doorstep Railway – Wow. Talk about living next to the tracks.

12 Essential Peppers – A few of these are new to me.

Wanderlost – An excellent sewing blog

Quotes From Here and There

I kind of love it. A lot. Maybe because the wings are FULL OF POCKET, but probably mostly because I’ve always wanted a

I personally have always considered committees as proof that human beings evolved from animals that had tails and liked to chase them.there (via)

” My theory with dresses and fashion is all about everyday is a celebration, everyday is worth dressing up for, everyday is awesome.”here

While melody is certainly important in classical music , nice hummable melodies alone do not great music make . What matters is what the composer DOES with those melodies or themes. This is what creates masterpieces.there

If you’re wondering what that repeated thumping sound is, it’s echoes of me hitting my head against my

Now I can’t even afford my third yacht!”there

Sewing Things

A long, lovely yellow skirt – I love it but that much yellow on me is probably not a good idea. I might have to get that pattern though. It looks interesting.

Lampshade – Love it!

Flowers and Frocks – A San Francisco Opera costume sale. Lovely! I would love to be an opera singer just to get to wear these things in public.

Windows 2 Wearables – an excellent sewing blog I recently discovered

Fat Quarter Challenge – Make an adult garment using 9 fat quarters. Wow. I kinda want to be in on the fun but I already have more than half a dozen projects screaming, “Make me next! Make me next!” and the whole idea is sort of making my head spin.

Random Linkage

Heads Will Roll – Headlines that didn’t make it into print, mostly for obvious reasons. I think they should have used the one about the bells. If you dumb things down for your audience, your audience will just keep on getting dumber.

Mystery Machine – Awesome! I would totally press the mystery button. At least once a week. Which is why it’s probably a good thing there isn’t one of these in my area.

Tolkien’s translation of Beowulf will be published for the first time this coming May.

The World of Tomorrow, 1939

ZZ Top Plays High School Prom, 1970 – Can you imagine being a member of that class? You could tell the story but no one would believe you.

Unusual Flowers – A few of them are not unusual at all but there are some that I haven’t seen before. I love the blue ones with the white edges and the next to the last picture.

The Awesomer – A site full of awesome stuff. Well, at least interesting stuff.

Not surprisingly, Oklahoma’s “coolest invention” is not really cool but what would we do without them?

Quotes From Here and There

Trains Are Wonderful And People Are Garbagehere (First seen here)

…it’s easier to outsmart people than it is to outdumb them.there

For all that I bitch about going to work in the dark, I do love being able to skip normal people driving

And once again, man is done in by his obsession with quarterly revenue reports.there

All is well, but nothing is complete. It goes on forever and I can only stand, watch and

A Few More Links

I had a post in mind for today but my stupid brain failed to transfer it from short term memory to long term memory so here are a few more links.

Lost Sleep Leads to Lost Neurons – Hmmmm… sounds pertinent but I really don’t think that’s my problem. I don’t have many wild, sleepless nights in my past.

Ultimate Guide to Quilting

70 Abandoned Buildings – Sad. They don’t build them like that anymore.

Flip Flop Recycling

Frocks and Frou Frou – a very nice sewing blog

10 Unsolved Mysteries

The Coolest Things You Can Buy – Weeeeelllll…. Some are cool, some are WTF and some are a little bit NSFW.

The Zeigarnik Effect – You know that thing your brain does all the time? There’s actually a name for it. (and now we’re back to where we started… talking about brains)

Random Linkage

Zoological Atlas – Wonderful 19th century illustrations

Japanese Deco Railway Posters – Lovely

High and Low Tide Photos

ADCD – Ha! There’s a name for it now so it’s legit.

Roentgen Objects – Oh wow! Oh wow! Oh wow! Want! Want! Want!

Unicorns and Rhinos – New discoveries and fantasy vs. real animals

Wild Concrete – photos of nature taking over

The Essense of a Teapot – Beautiful, interesting, and weird

Japanese Movie Title Translations

Quotes From Here and There

It’s a shame that term fell into disuse, inasmuch as we now find ourselves with a surfeit of such

Maybe we can think of this clothing item as the equivalent of a slice of pie—it can be a simple diner treat or dressed up for an elaborate dinner party.there

You have to want it. And you have to be willing to sacrifice for it, if only for a


Quotes From Here and There

It is Ash Wednesday today and the start of Lent. God knows, I can’t give up chocolate or coffee. What can I say? I’m

… have you ever noticed how subtly offensive “flattering” can sound?there

One of the most distressing characteristics of education reformers is that they are hyper-focused on how students perform, but they ignore how students

Behold the creepiest damn thing in the entire world of sports, anywhere, on the ENTIRE PLANET.there

Random Linkage

Linguist’s ABC – Oooo! Want!

Pets and Furniture – just some cute cat and dog pictures

Antique cameras – I love these!

Positively Splendid – recipes and crafts

The Long Way Home – Wow!

Sugar powered phones? – This is it – the solution to the “obesity epidemic”! If we use all the world’s sugar to power our devices there won’t be any left to put in our chocolate. Also, a solution to overpopulation since some of us can’t live without chocolate.

Eyeball – a slightly creepy Internet toy

Cat Privilege Checklist

Pre-1900 Shoe Designs – Wow… the 1700′s. That’s when they really knew how to design shoes.

Quotes From Here and There

When I feed new sacrifices to the Textile Hoarding annex, I like to buy 5 yards of something. You just never know. Maybe I want a tank top, maybe I want to make a car cover. I will not be limited!!!here

Darlene: Oh, my goodness. I can’t believe it.

Marlene: So you’re seeing it too? I thought I was hallucinating.

Darlene: No — she’s actually wearing a dress without any pockets.there

Oh good, I’m sharing crazy-people conversations I have with myself online, nowhere

I kinda had a theme going there, but then I found this:

…you simply cannot apologize quickly or profusely enough to obtain the forgiveness of people who derive their identities from being easily offended.there

Random Linkage

Avacado Cranberry Bread – I might try this. I’ve recently heard of using avocado as a substitute for shortening or butter. I am intrigued.

What key? – A musical mystery!

India Deco – Art Deco architecture of India

Bacteria could make us smarter? – C’mon scientists! Hurry up and figure this out. We need it now!

Artificial Muscles – Interesting.

A Clerk of Oxford – Awesome history blog

Sploid – a blog of very interesting things

Classic signs

Mklshk – Another very interesting blog. Lots of images.

Cats – Obviously Photoshopped but really cute anyway.

Dogeweather – another one of those odd/cool/why Internet things

License Plate “Canned Ham” Trailer – a neat project

Contemporary Art Accidentally Trashed – How about this for a definition of art? If the cleaning lady can’t tell it’s art then it’s not art.

Things Fitting Perfectly Into Other Things – Another thing to do if you have way too much time on your hands

The Best Punctuation Mark – A poll. Various writers on More Intelligent Life make their cases for their favorites.

Quotes From Here and There

I want my brownie points for not using the huge claw hammer I had at my

As is so often the case, our eagerness to invoke Eurocentrism displays a certain bias of its own…there (via ALD)

Orange is The New Blackhere

“I suppose many authors do write fiction with a message in mind, but I’ve always thought that to be the straight road to fictional wrack and ruin.”there

Quotes From Here and There

…they’re convinced that if they can spout the right platitudes, they too can drive women off bridges in the dead of night and be lionized for

All of the hugger-mugger about how the human race will curl up and die without the goad of getting out of bed in the morning and dragging its ass down to the ditch or the office is, of course, hysterical hooey.there

During this time, I have come to believe that expressing and accepting one’s self fully, be it understated or outrageous and everything in-between, improves well being, decreases fear and changes lives for the

“One of the quickest ways to make people think differently about something is to change the visuals around it.”there

I’ve “hated” Evgeni Plushenko for years…not really, but in that sense of “hate” in which, if you were a Bills fan during the 1980s and 1990s, you “hated” Dan Marino, or in the way I “hate” Tom Brady now. You “hate” the guy who wins a ton while committing the crime of not being your

… researchers from the University of Amsterdam accidentally ended up mapping a severe case of snack addiction.there

Random Linkage

Easy-Bake Evolution – Mine was aqua, like the picture of the 1963 model though I think mine was a couple of years later than that. It worked just fine but I was a little disappointed that it didn’t look more like a real oven.

Art of Overwhelm – An interesting art site

10 Stars Banned From SNL

10 Very British References in Beatles Songs – There’s one in there I wish I still didn’t know but mostly interesting.

Full Pollen Basket – the artwork of Noel Badges Pugh. Wonderful! Awesome!

Musical Notation As Described by Cats – I am reminded of the quote by Albert Schweitzer: “There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats.”

10 Hidden Innuendos in Animated Film – Some of these are probably only in the minds of some viewers.

If someone from the 1950′s suddenly appeared – Yup. Kinda sad, when you think about it.

Solar Orb – Hmmmm… Not sure I want to see these things everywhere.

TV Upcycling – something to do with an old console TV

Celebrate Every Day – crafty things

The Sochi Project – Sochi before the Olympics

World’s Oldest Flamingo – Wow. I had no idea they could live that long.

Star Trek rings – I love the first one. The other one looks dangerous.

Dragon Scales Wall Covering

And a reminder for those of us who have been complaining about the weather… it could be worse.

Quotes From Here and There

Also, I’m yet to understand the equation: Somebody wearing these shoes in a magazine = They Work. I’ve seen pictures of Katy Perry attempting to wear clothes in a magazine, doesn’t mean it (via)

If I get caught shaking my head in bemused wonderment once more, the sherrif’s department will probably arrest me for ‘Mocking Texas’.there

Can someone tell me just what the last panel there is demonstrating, by way of Things They Don’t Want You Doing In Their Bathroom?here

Everyone needs a Holy Grail.there

UPDATE: Oops. Found one more that I must add.

It’s okay now to be an alpha male because of your geekiness — to have swagger because you’re good at using your brain. You don’t have to be humble and self-effacing because your achievements aren’t

(I haven’t seen the episodes that led to this tempest-in-a-teapot but I must say I’m not fond of “swagger” or especially rudeness. That’s not being an alpha; that’s just being a jerk.)