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Quotes From Here and There

Overalls are life!here

…I continue to be kind of oddly convinced that it says something about America that a book and its resulting movie about a fetish that involves pain and torture and bondage and the like is a runaway hit and that very fetish is socially acceptable while people who dress up as fuzzy animals are somehow giant weirdos, but that’s not what I’m thinking about

(Well, darn. That’s two from the same blog. I never do that but I can’t give up either one so I’ll just make both of them a “here”. Onward…)

…when it seems like every single other one of my town’s 15,000 residents are at the same store, and they’ve all run across their oldest and bestest friend, and they have to park their carts diagonally across the aisle while they talk… there (I really hate when people do that.)

But there’s something about driving an SUV through a foot of unplowed snow on a long driveway that approximates the feeling of remoteness. here

This was all rather depressing news to me because, until fairly recently, while listening to the music, I’d always pictured a snaggle-toothed Mother Ann Lee, Shaker supremo, striding around the hills in her bonnet exhorting the birds and bees to make chairs, not love; a mental image I found quite amusing.there

It’s really hard to exorcise the 1939 MGM film from your mind and to do something originalhere

It’s easy for those whose dreams have come true to say that anyone can achieve their heart’s desire, but for every one of them I suspect there are thousands who have not and will not make it, no matter how much they dream and how hard they work.there

Quotes From Here and There

There’s a lot to be said for “dumb”

Let me assure you, I’m doing my best to refrain from using expletives.there (Warning: Turn down your speakers)

Contrary to what seems to be the orthodox futurological opinion, self-aware machine intelligence will not take over the world and destroy us

It was then that I really began to appreciate that in order to understand change you really have to sit still.there

And More (lazy blogging) Links

UPDATE: I have to add this one: Best! Typo! Ever! (Seems a bit questionable though. The S and the Y are nowhere near each other on the keyboard.)

Old UK Photos

Paintings by Rob Gonsalves – One of my favorite artists. I have seen some of these before but more than half of them are new to me.

Reclaimed Mines – Useful things to do with abandoned mines.

Strange and cool things found while hiking

Photoshop Your Dreams

Random Linkage

Wondermark – Exceptionally well-drawn social commentary comics. I like this one. And this one.

Rotary Snow Plow – Scary/cool! And Train Fanatics is a pretty cool site.

Open Domesday – I was going include a link to this in my post yesterday but I forgot. It’s “the first free online copy of Domesday Book,” an 11th century census of England.

The Bayeaux Tapestry – Something else I meant to link to yesterday. Very interesting.

No Big Bang? – New origin-of-the-universe hypothesis. It will be interesting to see if this goes anywhere. The Big Bang has become such a firmly fixed idea.

InsectaAwesome kinetic lamps!

Millennium Falcon Quad-copter – Admit it; you want one.

13 Things – In particular, #2. I don’t want to live in Paris but if I did I would want that to be my home.

Icehenge – Beautiful!

If you’re squeamish about bugs you might want to skip this video but I hope you’ll watch it because it’s seriously awesome.

Quotes From Here and There

With the stroke of a pen they had repealed every law in

…throughout history, cheese has proven to be the most stolen food item in the world.there

I would have thought it difficult to keep up, not to mention boring for your partner and confusing for your children. — here

Did you know the average eight pound cat in the prime of her life can exert 1700 PSI in the flexed extensions of her feet, each of which has 96 claws apparently sharpened daily to a fine-honed razor point? Science is so much fun.there

Random Linkage

Amber and Teal – I like limited color movies but it was more fun when it was a novelty, not every other movie you see.

Encyclopedia of Pasta – Actually, it’s a pasta chart showing what all those different shapes are called.

Rescued Film – Undeveloped rolls of film from WWII.

Frozen Lake in Siberia – Beautiful and amazing! (via)

Ned Hardy – a wide variety of photos, gifs, and videos; some cute, some beautiful, some funny, some weird

Outdoor Murals – Wow. Some of these are wonderful. Favorites: San Basilio, Sicily, ETAM Cru Psychedelic Wall Mural, and the two in Philadelphia.

Quotes From Here and There

An instant Doofus award to the criminal for what Massad Ayoob terms “A sudden and acute failure of the victim selection process.”here (BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)

…it’s almost as if Bach didn’t so much create his music as present it, as found, from some primordial realm.”there

German slang for light bulb is “die Glühbirne,” or “the glow pear.”here

Always before in their nomadic life there had been a goal — a sanctuary of hollow tree, snug heart of bamboos — surely this terrible grind must end somehow.there

Quotes From Here and There

This clock may not be exactly “steampunk”, but it certainly tickles the dials-and-knobs delight!here (Oh my! I really do need to win Powerball.)

“A pedant or grammarian, I think, is the worst possible judge of literature—except the general public.”there

That flash of light is the first clue that the technology is too good to be

Plagued by an apparently incurable case of idiot’s whimsy, yesterday I decided to perform all my household chores as though I were creating a work of art.there

Random Linkage

What Happens When You Stick Your Head Into a Particle Accelerator – Don’t try it.

Wonuts – Dear Internet, please stop showing me food. I’m trying to quit.

All That Is Interesting – A site that perfectly lives up to its name.

17 Aerial Photos

23 Solutions to “First World Problems” – a few good tips in there

The Rise of the Spider Goats – Longish article that I want to read later.

I may never eat another Cadbury Creme Egg after seeing this

ITFM – Funny and odd stuff. I like this. And this. (I’m pretty sure the gray building is in front.)

Quotes From Here and There

Well, maybe Mr Fashion Designer might have benefited from reading about how he treated the help, but then again, it’s my experience that a certain type of person never comes to realize when they are in the

This is…ironic? Yes? The definition of irony has always eluded me, but I think that’s what we’ve got here.there

…and for one brief moment, I achieve a status in their eyes that is absolutely Gandalfian or

Once the skies had been thronged with gods.there

It dawned on me this morning that the most obvious difference here is between respecting practice rather than product. This doesn’t mean that product doesn’t matter, far from it, but by achieving the ends desired by using similar or identical means we offer a greater degree of respect for those who produced the products that we admire or are influenced

Quotes From Here and There

Forget parking spaces — I’m not sure these men have the intellectual depth to handle (Wow. Really?)

Which, in the end, proves that just having access to an encyclopedia won’t make anybody smarter. … The Internet has just allowed us to be who we already were on a much grander scale. It hasn’t changed us. It’s magnified us.there

If you are so scared of life that you have to cling to your world view despite proven facts, then I don’t need to waste time talking to (and thanks for the link)

The avalanche of novelty quilting cotton holiday wear that invaded my blogroll last December irreversibly infected me on Christmas Eve. I raced to Hancock’s, and had a skirt for dinner the next day.there

Random Linkage

Why some stars won’t talk to the media – Sheesh!

Anthrocentric – an awesome Tumblr

Physics Girl on the Loose – a lot of sewing, some cooking, and other cool stuff

Most Amazing Science Images of 2014 – Wow!

Pop Culture Trivia – and some nice vintage images. I only knew one of these. Guess which one.

History of Virgin Births – Interesting.

Free Books – a categorized list of 100 sites where you can legally download free books

There’s another (shorter) video of the same dog with a toy helicopter

Quotes From Here and There

I don’t much do “resolutions”, because it always seems slightly unrealistic to suddenly expect to adopt an entirely new approach to life or something based merely on the flipping of a calendar

One of the gifts I gave the DC* for Christmas was a low-temperature Stirling engine kit that, much like us, runs off a cup of tea.there

Happy New Year, people. And animals. Okay, yeah, and sentient plants and ghosts and any alien stopping by for a quick read before it’s time for a probing appointment. Let’s just get ‘em all in so no one writes to me, calling me a “species-ist” or

My friends R, JC and I have always preferred to set a theme for the upcoming year rather than individual goals. Themes like “Expand Horizons”, or “Take Chances”.there

One of Those Silly Year-End Review Things

Everybody does it: a big Year-End Year In Review post. Well, I thought about going through each of my categories and picking one favorite post from each but then I thought, “That will take a long time.” So I settled on just two favorite topics: Books and Sewing Projects. Then I thought, maybe a few favorite quotes of the year. And then I thought maybe… but no, I’m getting into too much work. It’s a lazy time of year. So, anyway, here we go.

Favorite Books Read in 2014

When I think about all the books I have read this year I am a little disappointed that I did not manage to read more. I normally spend only about 15 to 30 minutes a day, before bedtime, reading so it takes me a couple of months or even longer to get through a book but in the last few months of the year I have been reading more, maybe an additional hour a day and I hope to continue that trend in the coming year. But, even though there have been relatively few books read, it is still hard to pick just a few favorites. They were all good. But there are a couple or three that stand out.

My favorite books that took me somewhere I was interested in but knew little about was This is Not That Dawn by Yashpal and Daughters of the River Huong by Uyen Nicole Duong.

Well now, if I started listing every book that I enjoyed this year I would soon have listed all of them but there’s one more I have to mention. I read less science fiction and more history and travel books this year than ever before but science fiction is still my favorite genre and of course the book I must mention is the one written by one of my cyberspace neighbors, the closest I’ve come to reading a book by someone I actually “know” – I’m talking, of course, about Stardancer by Kelly Sedinger. Was it my favorite of the year? That’s hard to say; I have a hard time picking favorites and I have read several very good books this year, but this one is definitely good and definitely one of my favorites.

Favorite Sewing Projects of 2014

Oh my! I have made some lovely clothes this year. I love them all. Well, maybe not all. There are a couple that I don’t love quite so much and a few that I really do love but for some reason have not worn very many times but we won’t talk about those right now. I’m here to list favorites. So, first of all, there was this paisley top. Love the colors, love paisley, love the rick rack. In May, I made the lovely roses and lace dress. Then in early June (or perhaps late May and I only got around to posting in June?) was the simple dandelion dress, one of my most often worn dresses of those made this year. In between those I made this adorable romper for my granddaughter. Honestly, I love this so much I have been tempted to make a blouse or something for myself with this fabric and eyelet trim. I bought it at a local store and I know it’s still available.

Oh, so many. You need to just go look at them all again. Okay, okay. Just two more. My true favorite dress to wear, this orange and teal batik dress and my most complimented garment of the year, the brown gingham shirt. (Darn, I wish hadn’t screwed up those buttonholes.)

And finally, Favorite Quotes of 2014

All is well, but nothing is complete. It goes on forever and I can only stand, watch and wonder. (link)

I personally have always considered committees as proof that human beings evolved from animals that had tails and liked to chase them. (link)

My theory with dresses and fashion is all about everyday is a celebration, everyday is worth dressing up for, everyday is awesome. (link)

…“if you cannot walk more than a block in your shoes, they are not shoes; they are pretty sculptures that you happen to have attached to your feet.” (link)

I thought I wanted a pair of trousers with a fly front, but turns out I don’t have man parts that necessitate a zipper in the front. (link)

Why do we want to celebrate our main events with foot sprains and blisters? (link)

If I had a dollar for every time a middle class, white, lesbian with a Women’s Studies degree tried to tell ME how to appropriately respect MY OWN CULTURE AND HERITAGE, I could probably buy a goddamn reservation and turn it into a theme park. (link)

I hope that it’s not just me who thinks that having speed bumps in front of a JoAnns is funny! (link)

Okay, this is getting to be more than just a “a few” and I’m only halfway through the year and I haven’t even had breakfast yet. You people – bloggers – write too much profound and quotable stuff.

Happy New Year everyone.

Random Linkage

Everybody Happy – Interesting. I haven’t fooled around with it very much.

Old 7-Up Ads – Mostly from the early 70’s. I don’t remember any of these.

Bionic Bra – Anyone else a little creeped out by this?

Gemstones, through the microscope

Holiday Sweaters – I have never understood why so many people claim to hate Christmas sweaters but after seeing these pictures I think I get it. It’s not really the sweaters; it’s the people who wear them.

Christmas Suits – Oh, you thought the sweaters were bad? (Actually, I think the idea is pretty cool and I would secretly admire anyone who had the nerve to wear one of these in public.)

Science Fiction Christmas – Vintage Christmas themed sci-fi covers

The Myth of The Twelve Days of Christmas

Random Linkage

Scientific Paper by Maggie Simpson and Edna Krabappel – Gotcha!

Burt Reynolds’ Stuff – Burt’s auctioning off a bunch of his stuff. So far some of the bids are not out of reach of the average person. Still got Christmas shopping to do?

10 Common GMO Claims Debunked

Archi/Maps – Oooo! I love this. An excellent historic architecture Tumblr.

Tasmanian Tiger: Extinct or Extant?

Snow Fort for a Cat – I think my cat would actually like something like this but I’m hoping we won’t get enough snow this winter to try it.

Leonardo da Vinci’s To-Do List

100 Shades of French Fry – a tasty exhibition. Well, maybe not so tasty, since you can’t actually eat them.

Film Summary T-Shirts

Christmas Ornament Dioramas – How to make your own

Sweet Potato Chili – Ooooo this looks SO good! I don’t think anyone else in my family would agree though.

11 “Unhealthy” Foods That Really Aren’t Bad For You – The key is to eat them in moderation, which means nowhere near as much as you want, and without all the unhealthy accompaniments that are a big part of the reason you wanted to eat them in the first place. So, nothing new here.

Quotes From Here and There

…it’s amazing how many years a big chain business can be “circling the drain” and still hang

I’ve come to the conclusion that there is a point here, about synchronicity and serendipity and the strange and magical nature of the creative mind of man.there

Schlitzie was a ray of sunshine, and his smile and unconditional love shined on all those around

Mythology offers multiple explanations of the origin of the cornucopia.there

I had no idea it would be this exciting and charming and funny and delightful and really, just utterly incredible, watching someone learn to

Litotes and bathos wrapped in a subjunctive mood hidden inside a false indicative: my regular manner of imparting information, either verbally or typed into an email’s oblong box.there

Random Linkage

Snake Oil Supplements? – A handy chart showing which health fads might be worth spending your money on and which ones are probably worthless.

Look down – beautiful and interesting floors

Unknown Kingdoms – Perhaps I should start my own kingdom, er, queendom. Empire, perhaps. Yes, I think I like the title, Empress.

Post Apocalyptic VHS Cover Art – [sigh] It’s disturbing how dated stuff from the ’80s looks now.

Top 5 Cold Remedies That Do Not Work

Long Lost Painting Found – What a neat story!

How to make your last name plural – This is different from what I was taught in elementary school [mumble mumble] years ago. I hate misplaced apostrophes probably more that most people do but I can’t help wondering if this person knows what she’s talking about. Has this rule actually changed?

Slow Service at Restaurants

The Neurological Side Effects of 3-D – I don’t know if I’m supposed to take it this way but I find this hilarious.

Ancient Origins – Oooo! This looks like a fascinating site.

Catwalk – Neat art

Awful Library Books – Hmmmmm… I think there’s a good chance that if I keep looking I will find one that makes me think, “That doesn’t seem so awful.”