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A Few Links

Salad Cakes – What an evil idea.

1930s Travel Posters – Look at how people dressed on vacation back then.

Inappropriate Asian English T-shirts – I actually like #12.

Minimalist Aquariums – Nice for modern minimalist decor but I sort of feel sorry for the fish.

Interesting Things – A collection of little known facts, with explanations.

Dog Wool – Does your dog shed enough to make a sweater? Well, why not? Go ahead. These people did.

The Invention of the Flat-Bottomed Paper Bag – Interesting history

This ‘n’ That

Pardon my language but some people just really suck I mean What! The! Hell!? As I said in the comments over there, I have a strangely powerful desire to somehow get revenge on her behalf.

Speaking of things sucking, it is cold and gloomy and raining today, same as yesterday. Yesterday it didn’t even make it up to 60°F. Usually by this time in May a few people are starting to complain about the heat. It’s good that we’re getting rain. I don’t mind the rain (very much) but couldn’t it be at least 75° while it’s raining? I guess we had our May weather back in February so now we’re having February weather in May but right now I feel like we’ve had four whole months of February and I’m tired of it.

We have planted tomatoes. I think they’re safe from frost (you never know, as weird as the weather has been) but I’m pretty sure Mother Nature is overwatering them.

Carmel-by-the-Sea Municipal Code Chapter 8:44: “The wearing of shoes with heels which measure more than two inches in height and less than one square inch of bearing surface upon the public streets and sidewalks of the City is prohibited, without the wearer’s first obtaining a permit for the wearing of such shoes.” It’s a liability thing. Many of the streets and sidewalks are uneven, making high, narrow heels unsafe, and that’s considered part of the charm of the place. Apparently, it’s not enforced; just don’t try to sue the city if you fall and break your ankle because you were wearing stiletto heels. Personally, I think if you fall and break your ankle because you were stupid enough to be walking around in stiletto heels it’s your own fault no matter where you are.

That’s all I’ve got today. Here’s a cute cat and dog video.

Random Linkage

Ancient Apples – Very interesting

Victorian Teenagers – Photos of teenage girls from the mid to late 1800’s. Interesting. Most of them look pleased to be having their pictures taken but a few have that typical teenage bored face that we all know so well.

1:12 Scale 19th Century Photography Studio – Amazing

Best Stores – I have never seen one of these!

1950’s French Chocolate Wrappers – Very cool!

More Accurate Toy Dinosaurs

The Life of Oney Judge – Fascinating life story of one of George Washington’s slaves.

Random Linkage

Health professionals’ stories – Never ask “How stupid can people be?” You really don’t want to know. (Warning: Some of these are disgusting or disturbing.)

History of Roses – Ah… that’s better.

360Cities – Panoramic photography. Not just cities. This site is awesome.

28 Household Tips – Some of these are helpful.

10 Bizarre Things That Fell From the Sky – What the h…?!

Abandoned Fotomats – Amazing that these are still standing. How hard would it be to demolish them? A few were repurposed and then abandoned again.

Best and Worst – Maps showing what each state is best and worst at. Of course, in some cases it’s a matter of opinion as to whether a quality is “best” or “worst”, for example, how did “nerdiest” end up on the “worst” map?

Playlist From Another Dimension -Science fiction novelty songs, list of links to Youtube videos

Random Linkage

Soviet River Rockets

Metal Sculptures – Animal and insects made from car, bicycle, and motorcycle parts. Way better than most of the scrap art we see occasionally.

Top Ten Funny Moving Videos – I haven’t watched all of them yet.

Historic American Currency – The appearance of our money has changed before. No point in getting worked up about it.

Hurricane-Proof Architecture – I’m generally not a fan of modern architecture but, strictly for beach homes, these are nice. They look like they belong.

Random Linkage

Castle for Sale – It’s not much of a castle, actually, but it’s cute. A weekend getaway place maybe?

Famous art for cats – Clever

Amusing Fun – Beautiful photos and art. I like these

Flower and Vegetable Tiles – Beautiful

Cats Who Collect Things – Funny story: I used to give my cat those plastic rings off of milk jugs to play with and she would always lose them under the refrigerator so I figured we would find a hundred of the things someday when we had to move it but when we had to replace our old refrigerator we did not find a single ring. Our homes definitely have interdimensional portals that stuff disappears into.

Rainbow Nests – What happens when you give wasps colored construction paper

Chroma – Playing with color in city photographs

A Few Links

Colorful abandoned places – A lot more photos on the photographer’s website. The thumbnails are not loading right now but just click on the first space where there’s supposed to be a picture and you’ll get the full size pic and you can click on the arrow to go through the whole bunch. (a little slow)

Bugs on the walls – An art exhibition; either creepy or fascinating depending on how you feel about such things. Maybe both.

Ma’agalim – Wonderful!

And the most purely silly thing I’ve seen in a long time. I envy both the imagination and the technical skill it takes to come up with something like this.

Peter William Holden Presents [ The Invisible ] from 686f6c64656e on Vimeo.

Random Linkage

Cookbook Title Generator – Just keep refreshing the page. My favorite so far is “The Ingredient-Free Body Revolution.”

Vintage style Segway ad – This greatly appeals to my appreciation of the ridiculous as well as my appreciation of vintage advertising.

Retro-future space tourism posters – These look familiar. I might have linked to this before. I’m thinking I might print out one or two as t-shirt transfers.

Field of Light – Beautiful!

Stump that looks like… – Nature is awesome. (It looks like an octopus to me.)

Welcome, Aliens – Never mind that the guy’s wacko, trying to attract little gray men; this is a pretty cool work of art.

Vintage Underwater – Antique diving suits and submarine concept art.

Eastern Bluebird – Just a lovely nature poster

Architectural and Ethnographic Museum of Kostroma – Large log house with some nice architectural details.

Grub – uh… No thank you.

The XKCD Garden – Haven’t tried it yet. Looks cool.

X-rated decor – OMG! I’m so sorry about this but I can’t resist. In spite of the text it took me a couple of minutes to see it. NSFW? It depends on how observant your boss is.

Quotes From Here and There

Sometimes doing the right thing does not make everyone happy; just the people who need it the

I know a little man both ept and ert.
An intro-? extro-? No, he’s just a vert.

I’m a firm believer that writers should read poetry in order to get a sense of what can be done with language, and to learn other ways of expressing

Everything happens for a Raisin.there

Random Linkage

Trash/Treasure – Photos of the New York Sanitation Garage trash collection. Wow – the stuff people throw away!

Sticky Nightmares – Creepy drawings done on Post-It notes

Storybook GIFs – Normally, I’m not a big fan of GIFs. In fact, I kinda hate them. Pictures should not move unless I tell them too. But I’ll make an exception for these. They are wonderful!

Geek Tyrant – All sorts of geeky goodness

The Cookie Muncher – Fine Art for the Famished – Just go look; I don’t want to spoil it.

Odd Jobs – British jobs, 1801

Wipebook – Nifty idea

Barcelona Floors – Beautiful tile floors. I will be so glad when American designers get over the dirt colored earth tone everything fixation.

Tiny Drawings

RealRuler – an online ruler that you can calibrate for accuracy.

Quotes From Here and There

My parents were good parents, but by today’s standards they would have been arrested for child endangerment—numerous

…the design of any structure always implies a way to break into it.there

After centuries of the ancient Greeks worshipping reason and evidence, after the debating clubs at the peak of the Enlightenment, we are now a world filled with conspiracy theories and optional
(I suspect that there have always been conspiracy theorists; the only difference is that the ancient Greeks didn’t have the Internet.)

When it comes to culinary invention, I’m a fan of the “Let’s throw some stuff together, bake it, and see what happens!” approach.there

Random Linkage

Color Thesaurus – Of course one could argue about the accuracy of many of these (and of course different monitors render colors differently) but it was a nice attempt.

Secret Society Art – Some of these are interesting. I like Where Hideous Things Slither and Climb and the Independent Order of Odd Fellows poster, among others. The other magic lantern slides especially.

Amazing Embroidery – Mushrooms, forest creatures, insects. Beautiful!

Old-Style Map of Mars – Love it!

Chicken Legs – Too funny!

Gina Kalabishis – Strange and beautiful art

The man in the Alien costume

* * *

Quotes From Here and There

In some way I knew that my grandma was sending me a sign…here

I suspect if he could speak to us from the grave, he’d have a few choice words for these special snowflakes about what being ‘hurt’ or ‘offended’ really means.there

It seems Blacky the emu has just discovered the holy

Every time I come up with a bright idea and introduce it to the story, it usually get complicated. Why? Because this is science fiction and the two guns talk, belong to a psychopath, and hate each other.there

Random Linkage

Sneaky Vine – Interesting

Canary Girls – Weird! I had never heard of this before. Too bad there aren’t any color photographs.

The Golden Years – Well, at least we haven’t done this yet.

Tin-foil hats? – Well, not exactly but in effect…

George Washington’s “real” date of birth – I knew about the calendar thing but I had never thought about the effect on birthdays and such. It all must have been pretty confusing at the time.

La Culture Physique – Some very nice 1920s exercise illustrations.

The Ultimate History Project – Really GREAT history site.

Chalk Art – Fantastic!

Quotes From Here and There

Apparently having solved cancer and world hunger, the Internet is moving on to wondering why McDonald’s mozzarella sticks contain surprisingly little (via)

Was I really placed here by an all-knowing Providence in order to struggle each day to eat more vegetables and fewer french fries? Even setting aside my tendency to the grandiose, it seems a little petty.there

In reality, the optimists are consistently correct over the medium term. As with the weather, if you don’t like current events, give it a little time and they will change. But chances are the pessimist will have latched on to something new that spells doom for us

A president doing president stuff in his final year?! TYRANT!there

Yes, alright, almost any teapot can be used to kill if you swing it hard