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Random Linkage

Everybody Happy – Interesting. I haven’t fooled around with it very much.

Old 7-Up Ads – Mostly from the early 70’s. I don’t remember any of these.

Bionic Bra – Anyone else a little creeped out by this?

Gemstones, through the microscope

Holiday Sweaters – I have never understood why so many people claim to hate Christmas sweaters but after seeing these pictures I think I get it. It’s not really the sweaters; it’s the people who wear them.

Christmas Suits – Oh, you thought the sweaters were bad? (Actually, I think the idea is pretty cool and I would secretly admire anyone who had the nerve to wear one of these in public.)

Science Fiction Christmas – Vintage Christmas themed sci-fi covers

The Myth of The Twelve Days of Christmas

Random Linkage

Scientific Paper by Maggie Simpson and Edna Krabappel – Gotcha!

Burt Reynolds’ Stuff – Burt’s auctioning off a bunch of his stuff. So far some of the bids are not out of reach of the average person. Still got Christmas shopping to do?

10 Common GMO Claims Debunked

Archi/Maps – Oooo! I love this. An excellent historic architecture Tumblr.

Tasmanian Tiger: Extinct or Extant?

Snow Fort for a Cat – I think my cat would actually like something like this but I’m hoping we won’t get enough snow this winter to try it.

Leonardo da Vinci’s To-Do List

100 Shades of French Fry – a tasty exhibition. Well, maybe not so tasty, since you can’t actually eat them.

Film Summary T-Shirts

Christmas Ornament Dioramas – How to make your own

Sweet Potato Chili – Ooooo this looks SO good! I don’t think anyone else in my family would agree though.

11 “Unhealthy” Foods That Really Aren’t Bad For You – The key is to eat them in moderation, which means nowhere near as much as you want, and without all the unhealthy accompaniments that are a big part of the reason you wanted to eat them in the first place. So, nothing new here.

Quotes From Here and There

…it’s amazing how many years a big chain business can be “circling the drain” and still hang

I’ve come to the conclusion that there is a point here, about synchronicity and serendipity and the strange and magical nature of the creative mind of man.there

Schlitzie was a ray of sunshine, and his smile and unconditional love shined on all those around

Mythology offers multiple explanations of the origin of the cornucopia.there

I had no idea it would be this exciting and charming and funny and delightful and really, just utterly incredible, watching someone learn to

Litotes and bathos wrapped in a subjunctive mood hidden inside a false indicative: my regular manner of imparting information, either verbally or typed into an email’s oblong box.there

Random Linkage

Snake Oil Supplements? – A handy chart showing which health fads might be worth spending your money on and which ones are probably worthless.

Look down – beautiful and interesting floors

Unknown Kingdoms – Perhaps I should start my own kingdom, er, queendom. Empire, perhaps. Yes, I think I like the title, Empress.

Post Apocalyptic VHS Cover Art – [sigh] It’s disturbing how dated stuff from the ’80s looks now.

Top 5 Cold Remedies That Do Not Work

Long Lost Painting Found – What a neat story!

How to make your last name plural – This is different from what I was taught in elementary school [mumble mumble] years ago. I hate misplaced apostrophes probably more that most people do but I can’t help wondering if this person knows what she’s talking about. Has this rule actually changed?

Slow Service at Restaurants

The Neurological Side Effects of 3-D – I don’t know if I’m supposed to take it this way but I find this hilarious.

Ancient Origins – Oooo! This looks like a fascinating site.

Catwalk – Neat art

Awful Library Books – Hmmmmm… I think there’s a good chance that if I keep looking I will find one that makes me think, “That doesn’t seem so awful.”

Thanksgiving Week This ‘n’ That

I’m not in the mood for the Internet. Actually, it’s not that I’m not in the mood for the Internet at all; it’s just that I’m more in the mood for other things, mostly sewing and reading. And then there’s Thanksgiving and the day after, the infamous Black Friday. Today I need to go to the store and I’m in a bit of a panic about what to get and about remembering everything I need for the whole week so I won’t have to go back out on the day before Thanksgiving, or worse, the day after. Although, the grocery stores shouldn’t be too bad on Black Friday? Also, I’ve noticed in previous years when we drove past Walmart later in the afternoon on Black Friday that the parking lot is almost deserted so I guess all the craziness happens early in the morning then everyone goes home and passes out or something.

Anyway, I’m not saying no blogging this week but maybe not every day. I will definitely – well, I will try to – find a nice music video for Mid-Week Music Break and I will try to come up with some quotes for Friday. I bookmarked several articles that I wanted to rant or preach about but I don’t know if I will ever get around to those. But maybe. I am being a lame blogger. Sorry. Here are a few links.

11 Unsettling World Mysteries – Well, they are interesting but they don’t really “unsettle” me. I’m not even sure I believe all of them even happened, particularly #’s 1 and 7.

And how about some recipes? (My online recipe collecting is getting totally out of hand)

French toast stuffed with Philadelphia Bacon Cream Cheese Spread

Family Friendly Sweet Potato Casserole – That name seems rather odd. Since when are sweet potatoes not family friendly?

Another sweet potato recipe. This one has cranberries.

Cheddar Stuffed Turkey Meatloaf Meatballs

Salted Caramel Cinnamon Rolls

Pumpkin Cheesecake

Quotes From Here and There

Every thing in the history of the world that’s been worth doing has had to start somewhere, and that the world doesn’t always make a huge deal of things doesn’t mean they’re not worth

Oh, love! let us love with a love that loves,
Loving on with a love forever;

To put it another way, in the twenty-first century’s speeded-up time and vast platter of choices, the past seems to have become

Because isn’t that really what we dream of? Not so much doing nothing but read all day but the luxury of being able to make that choice.there

Random Linkage

Books and Cats – Wonderful! If this place was anywhere in the U.S. I would go out of my way to visit it.

Abandoned Hat Factories – I like the sixth picture, the one of a chart of some kind with a picture of a sewing machine in the center. Of course.

13 Weirdest Types of Jeans Ever Made – I strenuously object to at least half of these being called weird. “Mom jeans” are not weird, they are normal, no matter how many skanky teenagers make fun of them. (Although, to be honest the ones in the picture are a bit weird somehow. They don’t fit right or something.) And overalls, weird? I know someone who might have something to say about that. That said, however, there are a few in there that are definitely weird.

Russian Winter – Lovely paintings by late 19th century artist Yulius Clever

Weirdest Tattoo Ever – Okay, maybe not the weirdest – the whole concept of tattoos seems pretty weird to me – but I dare you to try not to stare at this one if you ever see it in person.

Cats, Beavers & Ducks – Great animal photos. I didn’t see any beavers or ducks but I’m sure they’re there in the archives somewhere.

20 of the Most Famous Cats on the Internet – Awwwwwww…. I loooove #8. And #4. And #12. And the rest of them.

Quotes From Here and There

…I’d still like to punch the person who said, “The reward for doing good work is the opportunity to do more work.”here

One of the nicer news stories of a few years ago that made me smile? In my parents’ town, the members of the local Jewish synagogue went to the Salvation Army and offered to do the cooking for Christmas dinner for the people at the shelter there, so the usual cooks and servers could have Christmas with their families. I also remember the quote from one of the women from the synagogue: “We had to ask a lot of advice in advance; we don’t exactly have experience preparing hams.”there (Wow!)

Sorry, that’s it this time. I haven’t been spending much time reading blogs this week. I have been trying to hurry and finish an awesome book before the next awesome book arrives, which should be today.

Random Linkage

Cure for Drunks – Oh wow.

Ghost Town For Sale – a lovely place

e-Residency – hmmm… Interesting.

Touchscreen Landscapes – Oooo! Oooo! I wanna play with it!

Awesome Photo Collection – Wow. Really, just… wow.

17 Stupidest Facebook Statuses Ever – OMG! Really? #’s 11, 12, and 15… wow. #14 isn’t really stupid, just a funny misunderstanding.

Fallstreak Hole – Rare cloud formation. I think I’ve seen one of these before.

Contemporary Dance Cats – I’m thinking Photoshop but I don’t care; these are neat.

Distractify – Lots of great, distracting stuff.

Flowering Potholes – okaaaaaaay?

Quotes From Here and There

Also: the older I get, the creepier J. Peterman marketing copy gets. Is this happening to anyone else?here

Of course this entire narrative is utter nonsense from beginning to end, but that never stopped a good story.there

…but every sour review was met by the ringing of cash

Because of the way we are built, and because of the way we learn from our environment, we are all engines of misbelief.there

This ‘n’ That

Winter is here. Yes, I know, I know. It won’t be officially winter for more than a month, but when it’s below freezing when I get up in the morning – or even below 45°F – it’s winter!

I don’t know if there’s a name for this particular universal law of life but there should be: If you state anywhere on the Internet that you plan to finish a project by a certain date you will not finished it by that date. I did not finish it by the next day and I did not finish it by the middle of this week. So I’m not going to say that I only have to sew the buttons on and I will definitely finish it today. No, I did not say that, will not say that.

Yikes! It’s November. I need to start Christmas shopping already. I have lots of time even for online shopping but I usually start in October, “just in case” something is back ordered or out of stock for the rest of the year and I have to think of something else. I have bought one gift so far and I have two more ideas. That’s it. And there are also two birthdays in our family in December. People, plan ahead. Don’t have babies in December. Or the first week of January.

I can’t remember if I’ve linked to this or not. Found it in my bookmarks. 25 Strange Superstitions From Around the World. It amuses me that Tuesday, not Friday, the 13th is unlucky in Spain and the number 4 is unlucky in China.

[sigh] I have way too many bookmarks. But I will get around to visiting all those sites again eventually. I will! Stop laughing.

Quotes From Here and There

Advertising agencies understand that you can sell a product by making it a solution to an imaginary fear. “Better safe than sorry” sells a lot of

Often, movie-makers are not even aware that real science is often more amazing than the lame made-up ideas they come up with.there

… “you don’t necessarily need to get in the middle of some big dramatic fight at school, but just saying “Hi” to someone in the hallways or sitting with someone who sits alone at lunch can literally change their life.”here

…I had trouble finding a reputable source to confirm this nickname. I add this note in the interest of full disclosure, though I will retain the possible pseudo-nickname in the title on the basis of the sheer creepiness of the photo.there

Garlic is anti-bad-stuff. Viruses, fungi, bacteria, parasites, cancer, and vampires all hate

The execution could have been better but I like the idea.there (I love that first picture!)

Random Linkage

Facultative parthenogenesis – Interesting. I didn’t know they could do that.

Good for what ails you – I must try to use more turmeric. (How do you pronounce that anyway? I just discovered that I’ve been spelling it wrong my whole life.)

The world is ending – This is great.

Aron Wiesenfeld – Beautiful and fascinating art.

Beauty 30s-40s Style – How can anyone not prefer these over today’s living stick figures?

Don’t Mess With Twitter – Why Twitter is just fine the way it is and should not change.

Pointless Websites – Wow. Just wow. I must check out every one of these.

Weird Devices From the Past – Wow. (I keep saying that this morning.) I have seen a few of these before.

Twig Light Fixture – Want! But darn it, it’s a one of a kind. I have twigs in my back yard. Tempted to see if I can build one of my own.

Addams Family set in color

Space Colonies – Where should we build first?

Tea and Kittens

And finally… only football fans will understand why this is amazing.

Quotes From Here and There

To be a crackpot is not, however, enough in

The next time you see a light bulb used in a cartoon as an image of a bright idea, remember at which end of the bulb the genius really lies.there

Ah, that’s why I felt I’d heard the tune

It was a dark, moody night, I’d been chasing dead leads like a dog with a broken tail chases a rubber shoe down a blind alley full of tears and cynical calicoes.there

This deadly assassin claims hundreds every morning. It’s probably in your house right

Technology is not (just) a smartphone with an app for locating a flunky to make you a sandwich.there

This ‘n’ That

Comment spam has been really horrendous lately. I used to get, usually, no more than 20 a day. Since last Saturday it’s been 300 – 500 a day! The first time comment moderation is stopping it all but I still have to take the time to delete all of them.

Someone once said that spammers should be crucified along side the highways. Right now that seems like a pretty good idea. But then I think, why litter the countryside with so much garbage. Let’s just publish their real names and addresses. But then I think, no I have a better idea. Let’s make them pay. Literally. Someone needs to come up with a system to automatically charge spammers by the minute, with the proceeds going to the website owner, minus a small percentage to maintain the system. Five cents for each minute until the spam comment is deleted, even if it is held in the moderation queue for that time. I would be wealthy!

* * *

As you probably know there will be a partial solar eclipse late this afternoon. So of course it’s raining today. They do say that the clouds might clear out in time for the eclipse and I bought some eclipse shades so I’m ready just in case. I tried them out yesterday. These things are really dark. Put them on and you can’t see anything at all except a dim orange disk in the sky.

* * *

A new creepy high tech way to power high tech devices. Actually the article calls the devices “theoretical” and the inventor said she did it “to provoke the thought about how far will we go to in order to ‘feed’ our addiction in the world of declining resources.” Okay, yeah, whatever. Maybe I read too much science fiction (Come on, that’s not really possible.) but it seems like a reasonable idea. Not that I would ever use one of them myself.

* * *

I do like one of these 10 British Flavors Americans Will Never Widely Appreciate and there are a couple of others I would try. I went though an Earl Gray Tea phase for a several years, actually starting before Captain Picard made it popular. I still like it okay but not as much as I used to. Kedgeree doesn’t sound too bad except maybe the egg, though I could probably tolerate that part of it. I have always wanted to try Marmite just out of curiosity though I’m sure that I would hate it. But the one I really want to try is Irn-Bru – “sort of citrusy with a hint of ginger that leaves a long lingering finish”. That actually sounds very good.

* * *

I think most of these Forgotten Words should probably remain forgotten but I really like tardigradous – “Slow-paced; moving or stepping slowly.” It reminds me of one of my favorite animals.

Quotes From Here and There

Because of the way our brains work, something rare and exotic is much scarier than something that’s

I would be irresistible to the ladies if only I had bright blue inflatable throat sacs…there

… it’s “only drudgery if you’re reading it for school.”here

…we are constantly barraged with health claims in popular culture, and evidence based medicine is the science of how we know what does good, and what does harm. Every popular claim is an opportunity to learn about the relative merits and downsides of randomised trials, systematic reviews, cohort studies, laboratory work, and more.there

Random Linkage

Alexander Alland – Brief post about the photographer of “hyphenated Americans”

Emergent – Just headlines, true, false, or unconfirmed

Scrambled Eggs and Serifs – A history of typeface names

Fun With Oxygen – Chemistry is kinda fascinating, don’t you think?

Six Singing Sci-Fi characters

31 Useful Gadgets That Might Even Change Your Life – I don’t think any of these would change your life but there are a few useful ones, a few fun ones, and a few that might make you say, “Huh? What?”

Old Book Smell

Stain Solutions – Useful

They Wrote That?! Halloween Tales From Classic Authors – A very short list. I have read A Rose For Emily.

People Named Hitler – I have wondered about this. I always assumed most would have changed their names.

A bunch of cute comics

Historical Sass – a great collection of photos

Space Colony Art From the 70’s – I have seen a couple of these before.

Curious Places – I love this!

Endless Geyser of Awesome – Another really neat blog