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Random Linkage

African Art Village – Beautiful

42 Custom Kitchens – These are gorgeous. I couldn’t begin to pick a favorite. One thing I will say about all of them though is that they need more color. I will be SO glad when everyone gets over the “earth tones” thing. I mean, I know neutrals have always been popular but I can remember when you had a choice. Now you go into any home improvement store and all you see is 50 different earth tone tiles and 50 different earth tone countertops and so on.

46 Best Neil deGrasse Tyson Quotes – I need to get back on Twitter and start following this guy. Love the one about the chicken and egg. Also the one about Terminator.

Classified Oops – a few unintentionally amusing ads

Roman Limestone Quarry – the interesting history of an ancient hole in the ground

The History of Autocorrect – I disagree with the statement that, “Without it, we wouldn’t be able to compose windy love letters from stadium bleachers, write novels on subway commutes, or dash off breakup texts while in line at the post office. [...] Because we know autocorrect is there as brace and cushion, we’re free to write with increased abandon, at times and in places where writing would otherwise be impossible.” Not true! Not true! Not true! The first thing I did when I got my smartphone was to turn off autocorrect.

Neuroprosthetics – Science fiction keeps on becoming fact.

Animals in the News – long list of links

Elephant Octopus – a fantastic mural

Madewell Musings – a blog I want to take a longer look at later

Martin Bailey Photography – Wonderful.

Darth Stove – Awesome!

Just Add Monsters

20 Bizarre Flavors of Food – These weird food lists are always fun. I would try some of these. Ginger ale Kit Kat. I never eat Kit Kats but that doesn’t sound so bad. (and the cheese flavored Kit Kat) Bacon flavored soda? Oh I’d have to try that just once. And jalapeño flavored ice cream? You can get that at Sonic. (chocolate jalapeno shake. No, I haven’t tried it yet)

Quotes From Here and There

Weird is a wayward wordhere

No one goes to see movies about nonviolent conflict resolution. They see movies about robot dinosaurs destroying tall buildings.there

I am 100% certain that the hacking of entertainment industry’s security features provides better entertainment for these kids than the entertainment we’re trying to prevent them from stealing. Let that sink in for a second, then try not to bust up

This ‘n’ That

I’ve gotta get this book. Maybe. I need to somehow get other people to read it. Or is that the wrong attitude?

Interesting article about guiding the output of bees and silkworms to make art and materials. The “bee plastic”, produced by a specific species of bee found in New England, has a lot of potential. And of course we’ve all heard of spider silk from genetically engineered goats.

The idea behind I Know Where Your Cat Lives is a little bit creepy but it’s actually a fun site and I don’t see any way to search for a particular cat or even a particular country. I could get hooked on this site. This morning it keeps getting stuck on one picture from Japan that’s not even a picture of a cat. Thanks, Fillyjonk (via email) (UPDATE: By zooming and dragging the satellite view I managed to get to my local area and even find my house. (!) My cat isn’t on it.)

You’ve heard of “mommy blogs”. Well, No Idea What I’m Doing bills itself “a daddy blog.” There’s a lot of talk about poop, just like on mommy blogs, but mostly a really fun, interesting, and well-written family blog.

Random Linkage

“Average” Women Around the World – Oh, I am so below average.

Peachridge Glass – antique glass bottles

The Mystery of Blood Types – Longish article. Interesting.

CIA Style Manual – Writing tips from the CIA

Consume Consume – great photos

Bunny Food – a Tumblr devoted to silly animal pics

Cat Amusement – another clever way to entertain your cat

3-D Calligraphy

Rainbow Wasp

Fairy Sculptures – Lovely

Quotes From Here and There

Think about it—in science fiction and fantasy, isn’t invisibility a super power?here

I feel like people don’t tend to see the eighteen balls I’m successfully juggling, they only see – and point out – the one I happened to drop.there

“But nobody said we were not allowed to have points of view. The exercise of personal taste is not the same thing as imposing personal opinion.”here

I know it’s just a movie and just entertainment, but the bad things were just sooo bad I couldn’t get to my “fictional characters” place and enjoy it at all.there
(Unfortunately, (or perhaps fortunately?) usually when I am told a movie is “really bad” my curiosity demands that I see it, even if I had no intentions before reading the bad review. Besides, sometimes I like bad movies.)

Quotes From Here and There

And, in terms of even broader perspectives, the study brings to mind a quote from Blaise Pascal: “All human evil comes from a single cause, man’s inability to sit still in a room.”here

Existence itself is not a hack.there

I hope that it’s not just me who thinks that having speed bumps in front of a JoAnns is funny!here

Quotes From Here and There

There’s just something so creepily medieval about the way World War I

I am quite certain that dress is not microwavable.there

How come every time something simple gets popular, people want to make it more complicated? And less fun? And then eventually less popular?”here (via)

“That’s MY number.” (and how dare you speak the sacred numerals aloud, heathen scum!)there

This ‘n’ That

I had a post about the Hobby Lobby thing just about completely written in my head but when I sat down here to actually write it I thought, “Nope. It’s politics. Don’t go there.” (No guarantee I won’t change my mind later.) So what am I going to write about today? I decided to just start a “This ‘n’ That” and hope I think of more than one thing to say in the next few minutes.

This is cute. British parents, American kids. I can picture it. Kids are so funny. Kids, who just a few short years earlier could barely babble “Mama” and “Dada”, are always so confident that they know more about the language than their parents and this is true even when both kids and parents grew up in the same country.

I’ve been following Grammarly on Facebook for a while but just last night I discovered the Grammarly blog. It’s not the same stuff that’s on their Facebook page, which is really fun, by the way – lots of grammar related comics. The blog has articles.

Here’s a nice little discussion about “fear of color”. You know, I don’t get that. Never have. It’s not just that I’m getting older and don’t care anymore. If you like orange, wear orange. If you like hot pink, wear hot pink. Why does it take “nerve” to wear these colors or any colors you like? I’m crazy for colors but I also like brown and even gray. (Hey, those are colors too.) There is one particular shade of pale lavender that I think looks awful on me and I consider appropriate colors to wear for certain occasions but mostly I never think in terms of “my colors” or “not my colors”. All colors are my colors and they’re all your colors too.

Random Linkage

The First First Lady With Short Hair

WWI in Photos

Cities at Night Scarves – I’m not really a scarf person but I like this. Fortunately, it costs $295 so I won’t be tempted to buy it and then stuff it in a drawer and not wear it for years.

Flying Formation – Digital photo collages

Stair Art – Wonderful!

Three Odd GIFs

Native American Bread Recipes

The Fiercest Lilliputian – a vintage fashion blog

Space Cat – Great painting!

Blue Morocco

Quotes From Here and There

So the real question is not “Why is glass transparent?,” but “Why aren’t all materials transparent?”here

If I had a dollar for every time a middle class, white, lesbian with a Women’s Studies degree tried to tell ME how to appropriately respect MY OWN CULTURE AND HERITAGE, I could probably buy a goddamn reservation and turn it into a theme park.there (via)

Whoo- you know you can’t spell ‘flattering’ without ‘F, A and T!here

And I sort of feel that’s your responsibility as a person, as a human being — to constantly be updating your positions on as many things as possible. And if you don’t contradict yourself on a regular basis, then you’re not thinking.there

Random Linkage

Horrific Finds – I “Liked” the Horrific Finds page on Facebook some time ago. Now they have a website. Many of the things on it are not what I would call “horrific” at all, just very cool and unusual – like this dragon staircase or this melting table or the natural history leggings. (Okay, those might be a little bit horrific.)

35 Clearest Waters – #’s 3, 12 and 15 are very cool photos.

Banana Biology – Why bananas don’t have seeds. Also, inside a wild banana.

Where Children Sleep – Photos of kids from around the world and the places they sleep.

Sharing – Attempts to come up with a universal “Share” icon. I like the open share icon even though it might not be immediately obvious what it is supposed to represent.

Signs From the Near Future – A clever and interesting Tumblr

The 23 Worst Things About Being Good at Grammar – You see how we suffer?

A Letter From HG Wells – a rather strong opinion on Forteans

World Cup Facepalm Design – Ha!

Math and Romance – clever

Quotes From Here and There

But I have to wonder: what color is the sky in a world where size 6 — size six, fercrissake — is deemed “plus”?here

Why do we want to celebrate our main events with foot sprains and blisters?there

Honestly, it’s still hard to believe that we even got one new season of Cosmos in our current society, where science is all too often given false equivalency with misinformation, urban legends, and outright

…and Trek isn’t about defeating the villain-of-the-week. Sometimes it can be about that, but not always, and ever since Wrath of Khan, Trek seems to be fixated on this idea of “who will the villain be”…there

Quotes From Here and There

I thought I wanted a pair of trousers with a fly front, but turns out I don’t have man parts that necessitate a zipper in the front…here

…in the twenty-first century’s speeded-up time and vast platter of choices, the past seems to have become shorter. What might we do to prevent ourselves from completely becoming the prisoners of our own categories of time and place?there

When I was young and foolish, I thought I could learn all of history and have it all available in my head, or at least a lot of European history, or at least a lot of English history. Now I know that almost all this stuff will fall right back out of my head again. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not worth

I got to rescue a shark – a beached nursehound – and found a set of jaws of a quite different kind.there

Quotes From Here and There

By the way, is anybody besides me starting to get a little freaked out with how recent “100 years ago” is getting to be?!here

… i’d rather spend my time propping up than putting down. there’s enough putting down in the world.there

But according to reports, the guru’s aides have insisted that Ashutosh is not dead, he has just been holding his breath since

“I think that WWII is depressing and that humans are horrible and people should just go eat ice cream, cookies, cake, candy and drink tea and coffee. Mostly tea though.”there

Just a Few Links

North Brother Island – Abandoned place. OMG! All the books! I want to spend a day or two looking through those books.

Vintage library ads

All-in-One Breakaway Dress, 1944 – hmmmm

Candy Striped Snail – I never thought I would say this about a snail but… “Oooooo, pretty!”

Top 45 Armed Forces Movies – What? They couldn’t find five more to make it an even 50? I’ve seen several of those. I will never get tired of Mr. Roberts. I’m generally not a huge fan of military movies but some of them are quite good.

Quotes From Here and There

See, I’m not buying any fabric in the foreseeable future. Not because I don’t want any but because it’s started to crawl up the basement steps again and I just need to sew from the

He’s Out There, Watching Methere

That’s amazing to me, another milestone of a passage of time that just doesn’t feel that

…to illustrate the difference between a meaningful sentence and a grammatical one, Noam Chomsky offered the expression “Colorless green ideas sleep furiously” as an example of a grammatical sentence that’s nonsense.

Naturally, some readers took this as a challenge …there

Random Linkage

Book Pickings – Brain Pickings’ book page. Just a list of books.

General Store Museum – Wonderful and fascinating

18 Bizarre Phobias – Wow. This might be the weirdest phobia list I’ve ever seen. And I want to learn how to pronounce hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia.

Urban Cross-Stitch

Steampunk purse – Awesome. Probably too big and heavy to carry around all the time.

Broken Promises – Actually not so much “broken promises” as it is a series of overly optimistic estimates, but still… shut up until you’re ready to deliver.

Mirrors – Very interesting

Oops Cabinet – I suppose if you didn’t need all that much storage space…

Quotes From Here and There

Maybe that’s what Yoda was talking about in The Empire Strikes Back when he told Luke that the Dark Side is quicker, easier, more seductive. Anger is easy, and sometimes, it even feels good. Which is a bummer, because love is harder, but it feels so much

I acknowledged one boy who stated in complete seriousness and with an earnestness and thirst for knowledge “I thought there was no color until the twentieth century. Weren’t the uniforms grey and black?”there (via)

So if I’m reading this correctly, these batches of homeopathic remedies were considered defective because they actually

“And the most useful thought we can hold when all hell cuts loose again is that we are not members of different generations, as unlike, as some people would have us believe, as Eskimos and Australian Aborigines. We are all so close to each other in time that we should think of ourselves as brothers and sisters.there

Random Linkage

Dr. Seuss’s adult book – I knew about the political cartoons but not this.

Dali’s Erotic Cookbook – a little bit NSFW

Queen of the Shirtwaist – Oooo… The dress on the left is interesting.

Birds of Asia – Beautiful!

Letters From Abroad – Signs around the world

Mother’s Day Cards from kids – Very funny

Super powers from brain implants – Sort of scary but cool.

33 Amazingly Useful Websites You Never Knew Existed – My usual immediate reaction to these sorts of lists is, “Oh really, I bet I have heard of at least half of them.” Surprise! #21 is the only one I had heard of before and yes, many of these could be very useful. I got that gates-of-Heaven-opening-angels-singing feeling the moment I saw #8. Oh my! The Internet is so wonderful!

25 Things You Should Know About Life With a Toddler

Ark in Space – A wonderful science blog

Quotes From Here and There

To solve a problem, you first have to recognize what it is, not what it’s

…“if you cannot walk more than a block in your shoes, they are not shoes; they are pretty sculptures that you happen to have attached to your feet.”there

I discovered the delights of the 18 miles of secondhand books at the legendary Strand Bookstore, and would frequent it just to stand besides the shelves and inhale all those words waiting to be

It really is amazing how much dirt and dust can accumulate underneath things when they don’t move for over eleven years.there

I observed the phenomenon and became curiously obsessed. I spent the next nineteen and a half weeks conducting many brick washing