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Random Linkage

Reflections – Beautiful photos of an abandoned fishing village

Space tourism posters – Love!

72 Seasons – A free app based on Japan’s ancient calendar, which has 24 seasons and 72 microseasons. My first thought was that they need to make an Oklahoma version because we have at least that many but here they don’t actually follow any calendar. Spring comes any time Mother Nature feels like it from January to April and after these little micro springs winter can keep coming back any time through the end of April. In fact, we once had snow flurries the first week of May.

Hesperus Press – Classic literature. Some of the big, important classics but also a lot of less well known older books. (UK site)

Restored Chateau – Lots of photos

Cloud Forests

Restoring the Starship Enterprise

How Bacteria “See” – Fascinating

The Neurologist Who Hacked His Own Brain – Interesting

Introducing the Rotary Dial Telephone – A 1936 newsreel

Quotes From Here and There

If you don’t like ice cream, you probably have some sort of mental issue that needs to be checked

When I feel like pretending I’m a Mad Scientist, I tell people I have a closet totally devoted to the distribution of hot, maybe even scalding dihydrogen monoxide.there

The Face of Age greets the new day like a vampire at sunrise. It staggers out into the world, arms outstretched like The Mummy in search of a secret lost in the sands of

Random Linkage

The Band Name Everyone Gets Wrong – I never noticed that before. I went and looked at my CDs and there is no “the”.

Heels – OMG! I just really don’t know what to say about these. Charles?

Air Bonsai – Want! But if I had one it would die so I guess I really don’t want one.

NY Public Library Menu Collection – Restaurant Menus from the 1800s to the 2000s, listed in reverse chronological order. (It’s a bunch of thumbnail links that take forever to load.)

UK Filmmaker Trolls Censors – Brilliantly “evil”

Darwin Awards Twitter Feed

Lewis Carroll’s Scrapbook

What the… – Business and website names based on “What the F***?”

The original inspiration for Barbie – Oh myyyy!

The Curse of Winnie the Pooh – Sad

R2D2 Humidifier – Yes! R2D2 is still the best cute little droid.

18 Absurdly Expensive Toys – I love the Alice in Wonderland toy box but not that much.

Quotes From Here and There

… if you repeat something often enough, even something blatantly false, it can become true in the minds of the people who say it and hear

So let’s give a hand to the people who actually get off the couch and TRY. After all, we don’t all have magic wands at our disposal.there

No idea should be above scrutiny, just as no people should be below

… and according to the artist himself the deal had a little help of some wine, which quite frankly comes to no surprise.”there

Random Linkage

Only the punctuation – Weird

Police Sketches of Literary Characters – Sometimes Hollywood gets pretty close, other times not so much.

Fabric Factories – Great series of photographs

Art by Robert S. Connett – Beautiful! I love these.

Saturniidae Moth Caterpillar – Beautiful and fascinating. Here’s the saturniidae moth. Nice but not the same wow factor as the caterpillar.

Hood Ornament – Interesting and amusing

Quotes From Here and There

Call me old school but I wear sweatpants for sweating not

You might think that Welsh myth and Star Wars ships don’t really go together, but it’s my library and I say, they do.there

Back in the day, few of us could aspire to these heady heights of technology, but oh, how we dreamedhere

…but then I had to go and cover the world gravy wrestling championships in Bacup (try explaining that one to someone whose first language isn’t English)there

Random Linkage

The Paradox of Unanimity – Beware of unanimous agreement.

NY Public Library Public Domain Images Archive – 180,000 high resolution images free to download and use as you wish. I think it will be fun just to explore.

Mixed Media Sculptures – Fantastic. The first few look more like paintings or drawings.

CSS Jokes

Unusual McDonald’s Locations – There is some criticism but I would like to see more of this kind of thing if it means preserving old buildings and having fewer ugly, modern look-alike buildings.

The Kingdom of Girls – Um… shouldn’t that be “queendom”?

Science of Deja Vu

Bigger Luke – Wait… What?

Random Linkage

Uh… what? – I want a copy of this because weird. This is like those bizarre, poorly designed, eye searing websites you come across once in a while but it’s an actual dead tree book.

Embroidery Art – Wonderful!

Butterfly Tops – Oooo sparkly!

Desert Baths – These photos look like surreal artworks but it’s a real place.

Leopard Bread – Oh wow! This site is Portuguese and when you use Google translate the list of ingredients goes away but I’m tempted to try to figure this one out.

Composers Doing Normal Sh*t – Tumblr devoted (mostly) to photos of composers doing everyday things, such as John Cage cooking and Benjamin Britten talking on the phone.

The Fabulous Weird Trotters – a great Tumblr featuring all sorts of fascinating art and photos.

Baroque Architecture Backpacks and Purses

#ExplainAFlimPlotBadly – Brilliant!

Lumberjack Cake – Wow

Random Linkage

Go hug a tree – I question the “scientific research” (Vibrations? Auras? Really?) but go hug a tree anyway, or just sit under one for a while. It will make you feel better.

Holiday Book List – None of the obvious classics; some books you might not have heard of.

Fiber Content of Foods – A large alphabetized chart. Someone might find this useful. Unlike most such charts this lists soluble and insoluble fiber separately.

Religious Test – Sure to offend someone, but very revealing.

Bird Nests – You won’t believe what was found in some old bird nests.

1970s Soviet Architecture and Interiors – Site is Russian but there are lots of pictures.

Rhads Deviant Art Gallery – Beautiful and fascinating. I love these. I wish I had known about the 2016 calendar before I ordered my calendar for next year.

Quotes From Here and There

Some Americans seem to think that a robust safety net somehow nullifies the distributed planning of (Long article; I haven’t read the whole thing yet but I will. Maybe in January.)

It’s the rare and horrifying thing that motivates people, not the mundane but far more likely thing.there

(Sorry, that’s all folks. I haven’t been doing a lot of Web surfing lately and it’s probably going to be like that for a while.)

This ‘n’ That

Here’s something I should have mentioned a long time ago and by “a long time ago” I actually mean a couple of weeks. That’s a long time in the Internet. Anyway, I read The Wisdomfold Path. I loved it. Great adventure. I sort of feel bad for not writing a real review but that’s really all I can think of to say. It’s well-written, an interesting story and I enjoyed the adventure.

I love The Mountain t-shirts and here are all of them. Well, 29 pages of 12 per page. I’m just assuming that’s all of them. Actually, I don’t love every one of them. I’m just not into gorillas, bears, dogs, horses, and sharks and a few others are just weird or ugly but they do have a lot of really awesome designs. Krakitten is a new one. Adorable. And possibly my favorite shirt ever – The Witching Hour. Lots of others I like. I do like other things besides cats.

These Crazy Star Trek Theories are all ridiculous and make me sad. Except #2. That’s awesome and must be true.

23 X-Rated Historical Facts – Possibly NSFW but not really all that bad. I knew some of these – the ones about Mozart and Ben Franklin and a a couple of others. Funny how we always think of people in the past being more “straight-laced” than in the present.

I actually have most of my Christmas shopping done, which surprises me a little. I only have a few more things to buy and a little Christmas sewing to do and that’s it. And except for some wrapping paper and one other item I’ve done it all online. That makes me just a teensy bit sad because I have this romantic ideal about old-fashioned shopping in stores but in reality that can be not so much fun this time of year.

Random Linkage

Sleeping Chinese – Photos of people in China sleeping in odd places.

World’s Narrowest Office Building – The claim is disputed but only by a matter of inches.

WikiFeet – Site devoted to celebrity feet. Also, Weird Facts About Feet (not really all that weird)

Female Impersonators – Brief history and photos, mostly from the 1800s.

Christmas 100 Years Ago – Christmas photos, 1900 – 1916

Bent Trees – Interesting! I didn’t know this.

Winter Fun – Not my idea of fun but since we’re stuck with it we might as well make the best of it.

Quotes From Here and There

But if the Internet has taught us anything, it’s that crazy people have a great deal of free time on their

We can all walk outside and look up and admire the same stars, regardless of the stories we inscribe upon them.there

…it’s madness to demand free speech, even as we demand silence from those who say things we don’t agree

Quotes From Here and There

…I will confess it irks me that an “old lady craft” becomes interesting to people when a man does

It is sort of remarkable to me how much grief can well up when a pet dies, until one remembers that they are in fact people, who just happen not to be human.there

So if the Devil is handing out tasks willy-nilly, I’d bet my immortal soul he’s giving them to impatient hands

I checked the actuarial tables, and the lowest death rate is among six-year-olds. So I decided to eat like a six-year-old.there

Random Linkage

The Ladybird Book of the Hipster – a fun kids’ book for grown-ups.

Autochrome – early 20th century color photographs

The Still Room – a great history and culture blog

Map Portraits – I love these.

Paranormical – Looks like something I might want but I haven’t watched the video yet.

More early color photographs – These are from England.

Misunderstandings – People admit facts they learned embarrassingly late.

English Names for Fungi – Interesting and sometimes funny names: pink disco, earpick fungus, flea’s ear, chicken run funnel…

Random Linkage

The Year 2000 – as seen from the year 1900. Charming illustrations. Interesting that they didn’t foresee fashion changing. That is rather hard to predict.

Edelweiss Pirates – Anti-Nazi youth gangs. Interesting history.

Float Paintings – Beautiful!

Be a Doll – Get an action figure that looks like you. Or anyone else. Fun idea but too way too spendy for me.

Textless Movie Posters – Just the art, no words.

Rhads – A beautiful collection of paintings on Deviant Art. I love these.

Insect Eyes – Amazing close-ups.

Four Facts About Bagpipes

Colorful Felt Collages

Quotes From Here and There

Fundamentally, conspiracy theories haven’t actually changed much over the course of hundreds of

For years I dwelled inside the walls of my inadequacies, attempting to dismantle them brick by brick.there (Lots of annoying ads but worth it)

How is it possible, with so many able-bodied people not working, to feel “embarrassed” by choosing to learn a skill that’s actually in demand? We simply MUST eliminate the stigma currently attached to a host of worthwhile careers. If we don’t, we’ll get exactly what we deserve – a workforce with no balance, a crumbling infrastructure, a widening skills gap, and a country that can’t make or fix

I am troubled by the increasing levels of hostility toward science in America today, and part of this is the general dearth of real science coverage in our major news media.there

Random Linkage

Fashion Controversy – A 1959 “propaganda goof” that now seems bizarre and hilarious. Be sure to click the link to the old Life magazine article.

Masks – a collection of Halloween masks

Teepee House – Interesting architecture. I don’t think I would want to live in it myself; I’m more traditional when it comes to housing, but it is nice.

Vintage Travel Posters – Very nice. I think my favorite is the German one with the train, because of the train, of course, but there are a lot of nice ones. For some reason the Cheverny one is appealing and another French one – the one with the boats.

It’s all in your pocket now. – If you think smartphones are expensive…

Alien Structures – Haven’t read the whole article yet. Looks interesting.

Storybook Buildings – Wonderful folk-art collection. (article and slideshow)

Glass Creatures – Beautiful. Call me weird but I like the spiders. And all the others too.

Knitted Food – Impressive.

Kinetic Steampunk Cafe – Awesome! Someone pleeeeease build one of these in the U.S. Somewhere near me.