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Quotes From Here and There

If you don’t like ice cream, you probably have some sort of mental issue that needs to be checked

When I feel like pretending I’m a Mad Scientist, I tell people I have a closet totally devoted to the distribution of hot, maybe even scalding dihydrogen monoxide.there

The Face of Age greets the new day like a vampire at sunrise. It staggers out into the world, arms outstretched like The Mummy in search of a secret lost in the sands of

Quotes From Here and There

… if you repeat something often enough, even something blatantly false, it can become true in the minds of the people who say it and hear

So let’s give a hand to the people who actually get off the couch and TRY. After all, we don’t all have magic wands at our disposal.there

No idea should be above scrutiny, just as no people should be below

… and according to the artist himself the deal had a little help of some wine, which quite frankly comes to no surprise.”there

Quotes From Here and There

Call me old school but I wear sweatpants for sweating not

You might think that Welsh myth and Star Wars ships don’t really go together, but it’s my library and I say, they do.there

Back in the day, few of us could aspire to these heady heights of technology, but oh, how we dreamedhere

…but then I had to go and cover the world gravy wrestling championships in Bacup (try explaining that one to someone whose first language isn’t English)there

Quotes From Here and There

Some Americans seem to think that a robust safety net somehow nullifies the distributed planning of (Long article; I haven’t read the whole thing yet but I will. Maybe in January.)

It’s the rare and horrifying thing that motivates people, not the mundane but far more likely thing.there

(Sorry, that’s all folks. I haven’t been doing a lot of Web surfing lately and it’s probably going to be like that for a while.)

Quotes From Here and There

But if the Internet has taught us anything, it’s that crazy people have a great deal of free time on their

We can all walk outside and look up and admire the same stars, regardless of the stories we inscribe upon them.there

…it’s madness to demand free speech, even as we demand silence from those who say things we don’t agree

Quotes From Here and There

…I will confess it irks me that an “old lady craft” becomes interesting to people when a man does

It is sort of remarkable to me how much grief can well up when a pet dies, until one remembers that they are in fact people, who just happen not to be human.there

So if the Devil is handing out tasks willy-nilly, I’d bet my immortal soul he’s giving them to impatient hands

I checked the actuarial tables, and the lowest death rate is among six-year-olds. So I decided to eat like a six-year-old.there

Quotes From Here and There

Fundamentally, conspiracy theories haven’t actually changed much over the course of hundreds of

For years I dwelled inside the walls of my inadequacies, attempting to dismantle them brick by brick.there (Lots of annoying ads but worth it)

How is it possible, with so many able-bodied people not working, to feel “embarrassed” by choosing to learn a skill that’s actually in demand? We simply MUST eliminate the stigma currently attached to a host of worthwhile careers. If we don’t, we’ll get exactly what we deserve – a workforce with no balance, a crumbling infrastructure, a widening skills gap, and a country that can’t make or fix

I am troubled by the increasing levels of hostility toward science in America today, and part of this is the general dearth of real science coverage in our major news media.there

Quotes From Here and There

“People say that I am old, but I think of the trees and how they are hundred of years old. They recycle themselves each winter. I recycle myself like the trees every winter to get ready for the spring so that I can dance my way through life.”here

One autumn years ago I saw the first snow at Algoma.there

Did you know that there’s a native elephant in Iceland?here

I read them so I have someone to argue with.there

Quotes From Here and There

No one wants to be the caboose on the Moron (via)

I can now expect to hear about some type of conspiracy, cover-up, or otherwise nefarious activity at least several times a week, ranging from the ridiculous (The Reptilians, a race of humanoid reptiles who are the secret rulers of the Earth, spring immediately to mind) to the extremely unlikely (The “Government” is secretly watching you…an idea most often expressed to me by meth addicts) to the outright racist (The Islamic Center is actually a training camp for ISIS run by the Zionist Occupational Government who control the media to keep people stupid. Yes, I really had that conversation.)there

I feel obliged to tell you that few things are less persuasive than these virtual spasms of self-righteous indignation brought about by a flurry of facts not in

Quotes From Here and There

Any child anywhere knows that Lego’s little plastic bricks are an integral part of life, and any parent anywhere knows that stepping on Lego’s little plastic bricks are an integral part of vicariously teaching your kids to

Vegetarianism is obviously not in the stars for me because I would die before giving up sausage, bacon, and carnitas.there

How much do you think it would cost to send a paperclip to the surface of the Moon?here

Quotes From Here and There

Some are born bored, some achieve boredom, and some have boredom thrust upon

So, among my many tools at work, I have one that we lovingly call the Staff of Ra.there

And then suddenly the picture and text make a mad dash for the left edge of your screen. Before you can catch them, they are gone, and you had not even finished the first paragraph. In their place appears something else—something about new fashions in organic fertilizer or six International Style gas stations to see before you die. What happened to the okapi?here

The phrase “I am not programmed to respond in this area” comes immediately to mind.there

Quotes From Here and There

Just like there is no more fervent believer than the recent convert, there is no more willing spender than the recently

People are people, man. Some are famous, some are not. There are many Wondrous People worthy of a brief interlude, or a photo, in every walk of life.there

And I get that I’ll eventually not be able to outrun the Grim Reaper, it’s not that…’s the whole fact that medicine in some sectors seems to be coming back to an idea not unlike the “you sinned, so you got sick” idea of the medieval erahere

Millions of people tune in to watch TV series and docu-dramas with a questionable grip on facts about the past.there

Quotes From Here and There

It doesn’t matter how well he played. If Thelonius Monk himself decided to set up a solo show in the middle of Chestnut Ridge on a Sunday morning, it would have been every bit as annoying and

This has the awesome implication that someone could actually plant this: a typographic forestry of Borges translations.there

At this stage in my life I’m having a lot more conversations with vegetables, particularly eggplant and

Quotes From Here and There

“Smith fails to mention how the IC will handle purging news stories about the news stories about purging the news stories about purging news stories, or how it will handle purging news stories about purging news stories about the news stories about purging the news stories.”here

The movie, however, is rather hard to follow without either the appropriate amount of revolutionary fervor or, perhaps, hallucinogens.there

Alice Sheldon was born 100 years ago today, which means that in a certain sense, James Tiptree, Jr. is 100, because Sheldon wrote under that

If the great composer Rossini were alive today , he would no doubt have suffered heart failure during one of the opera’s ballet sequences in this production.there

Quotes From Here and There

Never do when you can (Very similar to one of my favorite Mythbusters sayings but totally different context)

I’m sorry to admit, however, that if a spider happens to end up on me in some way, my instincts kick in way before my “Be nice to spiders” moral view does.there

Guys, I hate salons. I FRICKIN FRACKIN HATE SALONS. I’ve been their unwilling victim for years due to the cut/color/yaddayadda requirements of various jobs. Every time, I drag my heels like I’m going to the dentist. (Actually, my dentist’s office is a way more pleasant experience.)here

We look out at the universe through a metaphorical chink in the wall.there

Quotes From Here and There

This has to be one of the more unusual reasons for road resurfacing that I’ve ever

…just how tall are stormtroopers, anyway?there

In terms of my own hometown, I am at the point now where if there are any warnings beyond the most routine, I have to say something on Facebook just to reassure everyone that I am not in fact

Honestly, people, my brain has gone on vacation and left me behind, like the odd sock in the laundromat dryer of life. Just tumbling around all hot and cranky, then kicked under the washer to commune with the dust bunnies.there

Quotes From Here and There

I am a multi race annoyance, looking past color, creed, or gender to bug the hell out of any person or creature I deem worthy of aggravating, or if I’m just bored and want to get on with killing Siths (OMG! Seriously?)

There seems to be a confusion here about what women want, along with more than a touch of the old maxim about designing for The Ladies — shrink it and pink it.there

But some folks don’t listen to naysayers -they just keep at it until they get a chance to show their

This is municipal lip service of the most collagen-injected kind paid to idealistic notions of contemporary urban living.there

As I’ve said or intimated more than once in these scribblings, my mind knows more than I do. I should pay deeper attention to

Quotes From Here and There

“Until we can get out of this ‘me’ culture of ‘my wants, my desires come before everything else,’ I think we’re going to have clashes like this,”here

It turns out that there is no correlation between homework and achievement. According to a 2005 study by the Penn State professors Gerald K. LeTendre and David P. Baker, some of the countries that score higher than the U.S. on testing in the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study—Japan and Denmark, for example—give less homework, while some of those scoring lower, including Thailand and Greece, assign more. Why pile on the homework if it doesn’t make even a testable difference, and in fact may be harmful?there

Superman isn’t good or special because he’s an alien who crashes on Earth and ends up being incredibly powerful. He’s special because after all that he becomes someone who always does the right thing because he was raised by a couple of decent people from

We live strung between either the naïve fantasy of pure choice or the absurd determinism of none.there (This is long and I have only read about half of it so far.)

“Not everything has to be useful because some things are allowed to just make me happy too.”here

Quotes From Here and There

I figured if they were going to judge my skin, I might as well adorn it appropriately. Give them some color atop my offending

First, it’s true that the issue is complicated. But the deeper you dig, the more fraud you find in the case against GMOs. It’s full of errors, fallacies, misconceptions, misrepresentations, and lies. The people who tell you that Monsanto is hiding the truth are themselves hiding evidence that their own allegations about GMOs are false.there

…“flavorful,” that popular foodie term, does not, I believe, necessarily imply that the flavor in question is at all

…we like to buy from producers who offer sermons with which that we want to identify, even when the connections between product and sermon are very weak.there