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The Truth About “Superfoods”

Here’s an interesting and useful article: A Closer Look at Dr. Oz’s 15 Superfoods. You’ll notice that many of the health claims made for these foods are at least partly true. It’s just that Dr. Oz and the many other people pushing the idea of “superfoods” have turned it up to 11 when it really needs to be turned down to about 5. And, you know, that seems to be a problem with much of what you see these days both online and in the the “real world” – everything is turned up to 11.

I know that’s not exactly an original thought; everyone says that. But it just seems like it keeps getting worse. There are so many people wanting attention and yes, I want attention too. I want 1,000 page views a day and 50 comments on every post. But I can’t bring myself to turn up the drama like some people do. I’m not even sure it would work for me if I tried.

Wow, that really went off track. This was supposed to be about food. If I could get the whole world to pay attention to me – if I could have my own TV show to tell everyone what to eat – my advice could be summed up with that ancient phrase, “All things in moderation.” Some foods are better for you than others but too much of anything can be bad, so eat just a little more of the good things and less of the bad things. But who would watch a show like that?


NFL football season is over. Oh, there’s that game coming up, that “Superbowl” thing. Big, fat, hairy, stinking deal. Oh, yeah, we’ll watch, with sad thoughts of what might have been. I am put in the position of having to root for the team that beat my team, because I certainly can’t root for that other team. You know… the P-P-P-P… Dammit, you know who I mean. Oh, well, there’s always next year.

Actually, I am ready for football season to be over. It’s funny… I enjoy watching some of the games and I always look forward to the beginning of the season but by December, if not late November, I am feeling overwhelmed by football and looking forward to there being no football. Then, sometimes, I get interested in the playoffs and start enjoying football again for a few weeks. And the Superbowl… I love that it’s kind of over the top and practically a national holiday. But this year… Blah. Yay! Football is over!

There Is No “Privilege”

Pardon me for getting serious for a moment. Adam Savage posted a link to this lengthy whine about “male nerd privilege” on Twitter. I have to confess, I tried, I really did, but I only managed to read about half of it before I decided, “I can’t take this nonsense anymore.” I am so very, very tired of “my suffering is worse than your suffering” screeds.

Listen boys and girls, suffering is always individual and very personal and is not necessarily proportional to the sufferers actual situation and the injustices suffered. What one person can easily shake off might be a deeply personal and hurtful attack to another and telling someone that “your suffering is nothing compared to mine” is just as hurtful as actual bullying.

Sadly, even with all our technology and sophistication, underneath it all we are still just educated apes. (Who was it who said that?) We form hierarchies and if we try to take away the hierarchies and make everyone equal we just form different hierarchies. We have alpha males and alpha females and the alphas and non alphas behave almost exactly like alphas and non alphas among our ape ancestors. More than 100 years of feminism and more than 200 years of democracy has not changed that and one thousand more years will still not likely change it very much. I don’t think that means we should just accept our ape nature though. We, as individuals, can behave like the higher beings we like to believe we are.

And we can start by holding our heads up and not whining quite so much no matter what our position in the hierarchy. We can show sympathy to other people who are suffering instead of belittling their feelings. We can refuse to play the game that keeps some people down while protecting those at the top.

And here’s one more thing. Each of us can choose not to suffer, not to be victims. To say, “just grow a thicker skin” sounds like exactly the opposite of what I said above. A lot of people would say it’s “blaming the victim” but it’s a fact that bullies pick on people who are the most fun to pick on so you can definitely help yourself by being less fun to pick on.

Bullies should definitely be severely punished when caught but punishing bullies will make other bullies more subtle and clever and harder to catch. It’s like fighting cockroaches and terrorists – there will always be more and you can’t ever stop fighting them. But the best way to help victims is to help them be tougher and the best help may come from other victims saying, “I understand; I feel your pain,” instead of, “Ha! you think you suffer? You don’t know suffering.”

6 Things We Never Want to See Lists of Again

Nicole asked for it so you got it. Sorry (no, I’m really not) I don’t know how to create one of those annoying slide shows but to be as authentic as possible I present these in reverse order of annoyingness. (Yes, it is so a real word. I know because I just made it up myself. Shut up, Firefox spellchecker.)

6. # Superfoods You Should Eat More Of – Actually, I sort of enjoy these good food lists a little bit because I like seeing that something I already like is “good for me” but at the same time the benefits they attribute to the listed foods are always way out in space. If it was really that easy to prevent cancer, lower cholesterol, improve memory, and live 20 years longer the medical profession would have gone out of business centuries ago.

5. # Books you must read before you die – I do like book lists but when they frame it as “books you must read” it’s a bit of a turn off. There are more books than any individual can possibly read in a lifetime and you have to choose according to your own tastes and interests. How about simply “Books Worth Reading” instead?

4. # Places You Must Visit Before You Die – You know, that “before you die” phrase is pretty silly isn’t it? You’re not going to do these things after you die are you? Anyway, on to my main point… What if I never get to visit these places? Does that mean my life is empty, wasted? And you notice that these lists never include places like Branson, Missouri or Eureka Springs, Arkansas. They’re always heavily biased in favor of exotic, expensive, and hard to get to places. Someday maybe I will make a list of “Things You Must Do Before You Die” that includes things like, “Enjoy a stupid TV show with your family” and “Sit outside on a summer evening listening to the night sounds and watching fireflies.”

3. # Things You Should Never Eat – We don’t need to be told what we shouldn’t eat. I think most people have figured out which foods are bad for you. We are told often enough. And even though it changes somewhat from year to year – sometimes things that were bad turn out to be good and vice versa – two things that will always be on the list are fat and sugar. But even these are not so bad in small amounts. The oldest advice is still the best: “All things in moderation.” We don’t need a list; we just need to remember that.

2. # Items Every Woman Should Have In Her Closet – Let me point out that “Every Woman” does not live in New York city, work in an upscale office, and attend fashionable parties every weekend. One item you always see on these lists is “the little black dress.” I have never in my life owned a little black dress. Where would I wear such a thing? Chili’s? Even if I did go to the kind of places where one wears a little black dress I probably wouldn’t because that’s what everyone else would be wearing, right? That’s what I call a uniform. Besides the LBD, there is usually nothing else on such lists that I either own or feel that I need.

1. # Things You Should Never Say To […..] – This is my top list pet peeve. There are dozens of different versions of it – Things you should never say to parents of young children, Things you should never say to a Teacher, Things you should never say to a woman, Things you should never say to a man, and so on. Honestly, there are a few things that you should never say (or that a polite person would never say) but these lists always go beyond the limits of what a polite person wouldn’t say and into the “Things we just don’t want to hear because we know it’s true but we don’t want to believe it,” and “Perfectly legitimate opinions that we disagree with,” categories. But it is really the whole idea of this type of list that is wrong. You can’t tell other people what not to say. To the makers of these lists and the members of the groups they represent I say, get over yourselves. You are not special and you don’t have any special right to be protected from the opinions of others.

Dustbury also has a list.

Real Women Don’t Need Your Advice

Here’s one of those things I bookmarked, hoping I would get around to it one day. (See? See? Sometimes I really do “get around to it”.)

9 Things Middle Aged Women Should Stop Doing Immediately. First of all, stop telling your elders what they should or should not do. “Middle aged” women have been there, done that. We’ve seen fashions come and go and we’ve tried silly fads and we are so over it. We know what we like; we know what looks good on us; and we know when it is okay to just not care and do whatever the hell we want to. That said, I have to admit that I agree with most of these. In fact, DO NOT WAIT until you are over 45 to stop smoking, tanning, wearing too much make-up, and comparing yourself to other women.

But, if you know me you know which one I have to say something about: “Mom jeans”. Now the really funny thing about this is that most of the rest of the list is all about “stop acting like a teenager” but about the jeans the author says: “Once a woman hits the age of 45, it doesn’t mean she has to start wearing unflattering, high-waisted jeans.” That’s right, ladies; you can show off your butt cleavage until you’re 90+. Okay, okay! I know they don’t necessarily have to be that low to escape the dreaded “mom jeans” title. (Do they?) But what is so wrong with jeans that come up to one’s natural waistline? Unflattering? That is always, always, always a matter of opinion and varies from person to person.

Personally, I actually don’t think high-waisted jeans look good on me but neither do the low-riders or the in between jeans. That’s why I never wear tucked in blouses with pants. Pants that fit at my natural waistline are simply more comfortable so that’s what I wear. Frankly, anti-mom-jeans articles make me want to get a t-shirt that says, “This Is What a Real Woman Looks Like” and tuck it into my properly waisted jeans and proudly walk down a busy city street. I generally don’t care what other people wear, however, I really don’t want to see your underwear or your butt crack. Sorry, (no I’m really not) I’m just old-fashioned that way.

The articles says, “Ladies, have a little pride!” Indeed. Do have a little pride. Have a lot of pride. Wear what you like; wear what you feel comfortable in and wear it proudly.

Class Has No Expiration Date

Oh, this might get me in trouble with some people but I’m going to say it: Yes, definitely, sexy does have an expiration date, though the photos of Tina Turner and Cher (the latter obviously airbrushed) seem to suggest otherwise. Seriously, Cher didn’t look that good when she was 30. She couldn’t because they hadn’t invented Photoshop yet.

I don’t have any particular problem with cosmetic surgery as long as it’s subtle and not overdone. If I had the money I would definitely go there myself someday. But “sexy” is not the only way to be attractive. Grace, dignity, charm, elegance, style, class – these are attractive alternatives to sexy at any age but older women should absolutely aspire to these qualities instead of trying to be “sexy”. And I think there might be some debate as to what, exactly, is sexy. Is Miley Cyrus sexy, or merely skanky?

Now I know someone out there is thinking “sex sells”. Don’t say it. Everyone knows that. But why does what sells always have to rule our attitudes and behavior? If seeing a sixty year old in her underwear makes you want to buy some like them for yourself, fine. Go ahead, buy. Then go home, put them on, then put a nice, modest outfit on over them and hold your head up and feel good about yourself, whatever your age, whatever your style. Don’t copy your style from a model in an underwear ad or from a celebrity who has cosmetic surgery done so often it could be considered a hobby.

We older women should be leaders, not followers. We should be setting the example for younger women not copying them. Not that they will follow, at least not immediately. They’re too busy following the latest trends. But eventually every normal woman gets tired of all that nonsense and just wants to be herself.

The Ice Bucket Challenge

I guess some people are getting tired of the Ice Bucket Challenge and saying “enough already”? To be honest I haven’t seen very much complaining or criticism. What I have seen a lot of is people getting indignant about people complaining about the Ice Bucket Challenge. Which is pretty much normal for this sort of thing. For every person who makes the tiniest squeak about anything there will be 10,000 people shouting about what a horrible person he is.

Personally, okay, I know it’s for a good cause and a lot of money has been raised because of it and that’s all a good thing. And people are having fun with it and that’s a good thing too. But the intimidation factor does bother me. “Either donate money or get ice dumped on your head and don’t you dare say anything against the great and wonderful Ice Bucket Challenge.” Perhaps calling it “intimidation” is a bit overly dramatic but it does definitely involve peer pressure.

A few people, however, are able to handle challenges with perfect class and style.

I Don’t Have Anything To Say But I’m Going to Talk Anyway

Some days I have absolutely nothing to say and other days I have too much to say and no energy to say it and I start to think, “Why am I still doing this? How much longer will I keep doing this?” If Blogger would make one or two more little improvements I might switch back to that. I would miss my links page though. But I need to work on that some so, I don’t know… maybe I’m just getting tired of the whole thing. On the other hand, I want to have something for those times when I do really have something to say. And I like being part of a “community” even if I am destined to always be the weird, lonely girl that almost everyone ignores.

This week is the hottest this year so far. They are forecasting triple digits for this weekend. Everyone is complaining and yeah, I am too a little bit, but I really don’t mind all that much. Now I feel like it’s really summer, not just a perpetual spring. I know I’m making that sound like a bad thing. Of course I am more comfortable when the temps are in the 70’s and 80’s, but it’s August and it’s supposed to be hot. It’s hard to explain. I guess I’m more comfortable (in a different sense) when things are the way they are supposed to be.

I have really slacked off on sewing. I haven’t started one of these yet like I had intended to do. I have been working for over a week on a baby dress that I could have finished in a day. But you know, it’s like that sometimes. Sometimes you feel inspired and feel an urgency (which in my case is almost always imaginary) and other times you just can’t stay interested. Maybe it’s because it’s August. Is this the lazy month?

It’s also the month that school starts. Not something I have to deal with anymore, thank goodness. It always seems wrong to me that school starts in the middle of August. It’s supposed to start in September, the day after Labor Day. Anything else will always be wrong.

We started watching The Strain. I have mixed feelings about this show. It has a little too much “gross horror movie” stuff for my taste but it is also interesting enough that I want to stick with it to see what happens next. The new season of Haven starts soon. I’ve been seeing ads for it. I sort of feel like they started to lose me last season but not completely. I still want to keep watching.

By far my favorite series that’s on right now is Defiance. Here are two behind the scenes videos.

It’s Almost Over!

If you live in the U.S. and subscribe to cable or satellite TV you already know that this is “Shark Week.” Shark Week isn’t an actual thing, of course. It’s just a stunt that The Discovery Channel came up with back in the 80’s and they’re still doing it every year in August. The first year we had cable I thought it was sort of a fun idea. The second year, still sort of fun but 75% of it was stuff we had seen the year before. The third year, pretty much over it. The fourth year, SO over it.

Most of the programs broadcast during Shark Week fall into one of two categories: 1. Trying to convince us that sharks are almost cuddly, and 2. Showing us horrible shark bite wounds and bleeding stumps and interviewing shark bite victims who say things like, “I don’t feel any malice toward the shark. He was just doing what comes natural. I was in his territory. Yes I still dive.” You know… that’s an admirable attitude I suppose but I would find it a lot easier to believe in the sincerity of those statements if just once in a while they would show someone expressing what would be entirely normal feelings after experiencing something like that: “I am afraid of sharks, I [bleeping] hate sharks and hell no I’m not going back in the water.”

In the last two or three years the whole Shark Week thing has gotten completely out of hand. Not to be left out, Nat Geo Wild decided to have their own version of Shark Week but they can’t call it that, of course, so they’re calling theirs Shark Fest. In addition, every other channel is dragging out and rerunning every shark related program they can find. SyFy was repeatedly showing Sharknado and another shark movie with a similar title that I can’t remember now. Almost everywhere you look it was sharks, sharks, sharks! Even locally they were having some kind of shark thing at the Oklahoma Aquarium. (saw it on the local news, wasn’t really paying attention.)

And then there’s this:

Okay, that is cute.

But it’s all educational, right? No, it’s not. No matter how many times they get caught doing this sort of thing they will keep on doing it, and they still have just enough legitimate shows to lure scientists into talking to them, thinking that they are interviewing for a legitimate educational program. It’s not at all surprising considering the masses of people who believe in ghosts, bigfoot, UFOs, alligators in the sewers, and that the moon landing was faked, but it is disappointing.

Finally, I have to ask, why sharks? Yeah, I suppose they’re interesting and TV producers can create a lot of drama with them, which is all most people want to see, but I think it’s sad that, of all the fascinating things in the natural world, sharks get a whole week every year. Why don’t we have bird week, or Insect Week? There are a lot more species of insects than there are of sharks. Wait! Let’s call it Creepy Crawlies Week then they could include arachnids too! Surely they could create enough drama with that.

“Digital Natives”

From Fillyjonk’s Progress:

There was the usual “OMG the upcoming generation are all such digital natives that they will REBEL if you want to use an actual, dead-tree textbook!” but the funny thing is, in my department, we have at least anecdotal information (from informally polling students) that many of them HATE e-books, and hate them more strongly than the e-book users dislike paper books. And the idea that we have to totally overturn models of teaching that have worked for generations because these new kids have shorter attention spans, and like to be entertained, and bla bla bla. And part of me is going, “But the good students in my department would consider that slander, and they’re in that age group”…

Any attempt to characterize a large group of people, whether it’s an age group, a race, members of a profession, or any other groups we choose to divide people into, will always be inaccurate and unfair. The characteristics you ascribe to the group may be true of a large number of members but never all and usually fewer than half. I keep reading this stuff about how today’s, kids, teens, and twenty-somethings are “digital natives” – that they have never known a world in which there were no computers or cell phones and therefore they are almost like a different species from us older folk who just don’t quite “get” all this new technology. The truth is that in all age groups there are both technophiles and technophobes, just as in every generation there are people who can work on cars and people to whom anything mechanical is mysterious and confusing.

People my age who grew up watching Star Trek have been waiting for these gadgets for over half our lives. I wanted a smart phone years before the things even existed. The smartest and most ambitious did not wait. They made it all happen. Digital natives? My generation created this digital world we live in now. What does that make us?

Yeah, I sort of get how if ebook readers have been around for all or most of your life (and really they haven’t been available for that long yet) that you might be just as comfortable with one as with paper and ink books and might even prefer them but, on the other hand, you might not. There’s no reason why you should. Books still have the same advantages no matter what your age. Oh yes, I like my Kindle. I like being able to store hundreds of books in the space of just one. I like the built in dictionary. I like being able to download books from sites like Project Gutenberg for free. But sometimes while reading a book on Kindle I really miss being able to flip back to a previous chapter to review something I read earlier. It seems to me that with textbooks the ability to do that would be needed even more.

The Real Answers

For some reason – I can’t figure out why – online quizzes are fun, even though the multiple choice questions rarely give me a choice that is anything close to what my real answer would be. So, just for fun, I’m going to give my real answers to a quiz. I’m thinking I might make this a regular or semi-regular “feature”. Or I might not. You know how that goes.

This morning’s quiz is What City Should You Live In? Oh, what fun! I already know the answer to that one but let’s go.

What is the background for your ideal walk? – Woodland trails, preferably with a few hills.

Which of the following seasons do you prefer? – Summer. (Strangely, the quiz left this season out of their choices.)

Which of the following means of transport suits you the most? – Ford F150. Or whatever brand of pickup we end up with next. It’s almost time.

What kind of music describes you? – Bach

Where do you like to eat? – At home. Or at someone else’s home. Or at a nice family restaurant. I don’t care, I like variety.

What is the main quality of every town? – I can’t pick just one. I like multiple good qualities.

What kind of tourist attractions do you prefer? – Museums

Which of these hobbies could be yours? – Okay, I have to admit, shopping is a good answer or I could have picked painting if I had any talent for that sort of thing. My real hobbies: sewing, reading, and spending too much time on the Internet.

What do you like to read? – Science fiction, historical novels, and classics, but if I have to pick just one… science fiction.

What is your ideal party? – A back yard barbeque with lots of relatives.

And, my real answer to “What City Should You Live In?” – You should not live in any city. You should live far out in the country on several wooded acres but near enough to a medium-large city to drive to it once in a while.

The Cream

I keep seeing these on Facebook: 58 Luxury Master Bedroom Designs, 51 Grand Living Room Interior Designs, 124 Luxury Kitchen Designs.

Do you notice anything about these? They are undeniably gorgeous but the majority of these rooms are overwhelmingly cream, ivory, beige, or similar boring colors. The conclusion is obvious. Wealthy people are boring and have no imagination. I just don’t understand this aversion to color that so many people have. Maybe I’m just a kid at heart because these look better to me, though some are a little too modern for my taste.

Summer TV

The second season of Orhpan Black ended a little over a week ago. [sigh] It seems like it just started. If you’re not watching this show I don’t know how to tell you how awesome it is. Tatiana Maslany recently won a well-deserved Critics Choice Award for her role(s) as the clones, seven at last count, all with distinctly different personalities. The technical people on this show deserve an award also, for the amazing job they do making it look absolutely real. We often see as many as four of the clones on screen at the same time and I have to keep reminding myself, “It’s only one actress, playing all those roles.”

While Orphan Black would be fun to watch only to marvel at the technical magic, there’s a lot more to it than that. Mysteries abound. Which one is the original? Why is Sarah the only one of the clones who has been able to have a child? What exactly happened to Helena to make her such a nut case? Can Cosima be cured? And Allison… wow, never underestimate a soccer mom. Which side is Mrs. S on? Oh, and I must not forget Sarah’s foster brother Felix, a very fun character.

Two things you need to know if you haven’t watched Orphan Black before and you want to start: 1. You must watch it from the beginning, and 2. Send the kids to bed. It’s a very adult show. Occasional nudity, but not very often, and use of the “s-word” at least once or twice per episode.

The second season of Defiance just started a couple of weeks ago. This is a very weird, complicated show. It is set on Earth some years after an invasion. There are eight races occupying Earth. Defiance is the name given to what was St. Louis. I can’t say I love this show but it is interesting enough that I want to keep watching it. Several of the characters are very entertaining. I don’t know… maybe I do love it just a little bit.

Longmire is a modern day western with some of the usual western cliches: old-fashioned sheriff (He refuses to own a cell phone but is always borrowing his deputies’ phones.) surly Indians, and one wise Indian sidekick who speaks without using contractions. But, aside from that, it is a very different and interesting show. It has been praised for its accurate portrayal of Native American culture and for bringing up a little known historical issue in a recent episode. I do really like this show a lot. It has some interesting characters and stories. Each episode is a stand-alone but there is also a continuing story arc. If you haven’t watched it you could probably start at any point.

We just started watching the new series, Dominion. I probably would have passed on this one but Number Two Son wanted to watch it. I’m starting to get interested but I’m worried that it might become one of those impossibly complicated stories that just goes on and on and on without ever going anywhere. (I can’t really say why I think that and I could be wrong. It’s just a first impression.) In Dominion angels are the enemies of mankind, except for one who is on the humans’ side. Human society has become somewhat medieval since the invasion of the angels. So far I’m not especially impressed by any of the characters. But it’s okay so I’ll keep watching for a while longer.

Grocery Store Rules

Oooo. I have to steal this. I’m not sure 10 Commandments for the Grocery Store is enough, so let’s go through these and maybe add one or two or five.

1. Thou shall not leave your cart in an empty parking spot. – Not much to say about this one. Too obvious.

2. Thou shall not walk down the center aisle of the parking lot. – Not sure about this one. You shouldn’t be driving any faster in a parking lot than a healthy person can walk and I am more worried about the people backing out of parking spaces than about the people driving forward who, I hope, are looking where they’re going.

3. Thou shall travel up and down the aisle like a civilized person. – I am a big fan of the old-fashioned “always keep to the right” rule. It just works out so well when everyone does that. But I usually go just one direction, not up one side and down the other. I keep to the right and reach across for what I need from the other side.

4. Thou shall obey the express line rules. – Yes! Absolutely! A thing that drives me crazy about the local Walmart is that they usually have someone walking around telling people in the regular checkout lines to go to the express lane even if they have more than 20 items. That’s crazy! Why have an express lane at all if you’re going to do that?

5. Thou shalt not decide against the frozen pizza you picked up in the frozen foods section and then place it on the shelf next to the shampoo. – I don’t see this very often but yes, another obvious one.

6. Thou shall respect the invisible checkout line bubble of personal space. – This includes not starting to put your groceries on the belt six inches behind mine if there is no divider. Sheesh, people! Do you really think that’s going to get you through the line any faster?

7. Thou shall treat the cashier with respect. – Yes. She’s probably been on her feet for hours and has put up with dozens of people who have no idea how hard her job is. You will be out of the store and getting on with your day in less than 15 minutes. Whatever it is, just chill.

8. Thou shall not stop at the exit to go over your receipt. – Oh, never mind stopping at the exit. If some people could just get that far. How about, “Thou shalt not stay in the way after you have been checked out, preventing the next customer from moving up to the checkout.” Your turn is over! MOVE! So you have to look at your receipt and put your money in your purse and dig around in your purse for Heaven knows what but take just three steps and be out of the way while you do all that. Just three steps!

9. Thou shall reconsider the self-checkout. – I don’t do self checkouts. Someone else is getting paid to check out my groceries. I do not. If I self checkout I will pay the same as the customers who go through the traditional checkout line. Give me a discount for checking myself out and maybe I will consider it. Maybe.

10. Thou shall not stalk for a parking spot. – I really HATE when people do this and I especially hate when people sit behind me and wait for me to back out. Whenever people do this (unless it’s a holiday season when there really are very few parking spots) I sit in my car and play with my phone until they go away. Sometimes it takes quite a while. It’s amazing how persistent people can be when they’re trying avoid having to walk an extra dozen or so steps.

So what can we add to these? I have several.

Thou shalt not stop your shopping cart diagonally in the middle of the aisle while you take 10 or 15 minutes to read labels and decide what you want. Most people are so apologetic when they realize they’re doing this and you know they do the same thing over and over again. People, why can’t you pay attention?!

Thou shalt not stop in front of the meat case for 10 or 15 minutes trying to decide between the package of hamburger that weighs 3.12 pounds and the one that weighs 3.18 pounds. Just put one in your cart and move on!

If you cannot control your children thou shalt leave them at home with Dad or Grandma.

Thou shalt not engage in private conversations or arguments in the grocery store or anywhere in public. Good grief, people! Have a little dignity!

Okay, your turn.

A Few Fashion Things

Are Leggings Really Pants? No they are not! Leggings are not pants no matter what skanky looking teenage girls say. Yes, they are comfortable but if you’re going to wear them at least wear a tunic that’s long enough to completely cover your butt. Is that so hard? Seriously?

Make your own tights. This is something I never thought of doing. They have seams, of course, but those are nifty. The problem would be finding the right fabric – something with spandex but not too thick, which leaves out most cotton because I have yet to find a lightweight cotton spandex fabric. So, I don’t know if I will ever make those or not. I’m not a big fan of being wrapped up in nylon.

Your Brain On Shopping. I do like to shop. Sometimes. I like shopping without a plan – the “just window shopping but I might buy something” kind of shopping. The author of this article says, about shopping for clothing, “I feel overwhelmed by all the choices.” I am the opposite. I make almost all of my clothes but on the rare occasions that I have gone shopping for RTW clothing I always felt disappointed and frustrated that there were so few choices. Oh yes, there are a lot of stores with a lot of clothes but none of them are what I want. It all looks alike to me.

A silly hat. Oh, I don’t know if I’d ever have the nerve to wear this but there’s a part of me that says, “Every woman should wear a silly hat at least once in her life.”


I have been looking forward to the season premiere of Longmire (A&E) for it seems like forever. Finally, this is the week. It was on Monday night. We recorded it. We were going to watch it last night and I could hardly wait so I started it but then my husband said he had something he wanted to do first so I stopped it. Later when we were finally going to actually watch it we discovered that I had somehow accidentally deleted it. [bad words; really horrible, nasty, bad bad words]

The cable/satellite channels usually rerun all their most popular shows several times in a week so I’m hoping we will get to see it soon.

A Brief Word to the Writers

SPOILER ALERT: If you have not seen the season finale of Castle stop now! Below the photo is a HUGE SPOILER.

Really? REALLY?! That’s your big season ending cliffhanger? Oh, it might have been seriously scary and dramatic if we hadn’t seen it, or something very similar, a thousand times before. There are only two ways this can go. On the season opener this fall either Castle walks out of the ditch and cracks a joke because he wasn’t in the car at all or managed to get out just before it blew up (That’s the one I’m betting on.) or he goes to the hospital and at the very end of the episode he wakes up and cracks a joke. So, my word to the writers (and/or producers or whoever came up with this idea): Dumbasses.