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Fascinating Fungi

We have had an unusual amount of rain recently so, even in the “dead of winter” mushrooms and fungi have appeared literally overnight. I am fascinated with the growth at the base of this dead tree.

Fungi at the base of a dead tree

Here’s the other side of the same tree.

Fungi at the base of a dead tree

And a different species on an old stump. I see these a lot but usually not this big.

Fungi on an old stump

Warm Thoughts, Cold Days

I have had this picture on my desktop this month. I took it several years ago.

Oak leaf, autumn

A happy, peaceful, and overstuffed Thanksgiving to all my fellow Americans and to everyone else a happy and peaceful week and weekend.

November Tomato

We’re still getting a few tomatoes. I took this picture last Friday.


As you can see this one has a huge crack but other than that these are really excellent tomatoes. The variety is “Celebrity”.

* * *

I’ve been busy this week and might be next week too so you’re going to be seeing mostly pictures here for a while and maybe a few links and maybe a few days with nothing at all but please keep coming back and please comment.

Autumn, Above and Below

It was very windy yesterday. Clouds started blowing in and soon it was almost overcast except for a couple of patches of blue.


But then, a short time later they were all gone, not a cloud in the sky.

The leaves stayed mostly green throughout most of October and even into early November but now it’s finally starting to look like the Novembers we are used to seeing.

Fallen leaves

What is this?

It’s not a guessing game. I have no idea what this is and I’m hoping someone can tell me all about it or at least tell me what to Google. I often find these clinging to oak leaves or just laying on the ground but I’ve never seen them on the plant they originally grow on.

I have no idea what this is

It’s hollow on the inside except for a clump of fibers. I assume there are tiny seeds in there somewhere.

I have no idea what this is

So, Say Something Already

I have been thinking I need a weekly “open mike” post. But I’m not going to call it that because, of course, it’s only open as long as you’re nice and you’re not trying to sell anything. Think of this is my front porch. Come on up and chat.

Late Summer Flowers

There are two species of flowers in the photo. Most of them are moss rose. I have no idea what the yellow one is – just something I found at Lowe’s.

Where were we?

UPDATE: Yes, it’s Hot Springs, Arkansas. More about it later.

Here are a few vacation pictures. Can you guess where we went?


Brick walking path

Stained glass skylight

Senic view

By the way, why is it that, it seems like, the purpose of “improvements” is to make websites run slower? Come on Flickr, you were better before you got so fancy.

Cat Envy

I’m sure it’s happened to all of us. We see another human’s Furry Overlord and fall in love. We have disloyal thoughts about how much prettier and sweeter he is than our own Furry Overlords and we wish we could be his human. We feel guilty and return home wondering if our Furry Overlords will smell our disloyalty on our hands.

This is my brother’s cat. His name is Garfield. He’s chubby and has a thick neck. He’s slightly long-furred but the fur on his tail is much longer than the rest of him. He came to me immediately for petting and cuddling and he didn’t make a sound the entire time I was there. Well, at least I get to visit him once in a while.

My Brother's Cat


It’s raining. Nothing special is happening in my world. I’ve got nothing to rant about, nothing to brag about, nothing to… just nothing. So here are a few rain pics from Flickr. None of these are mine.

Feathered Friend

This is a sample of what I’ve been seeing outside my window. I took this through the small window in our front door at maximum zoom so it’s not a very good photo but I sort of like it anyway.

The Cat Chair

Ah… what a life.

The chair used to sit on the back porch. I put it there where it would be convenient to go out and sit in on the porch or drag out into the yard when I wanted to sit out there with my tea. But it’s a little too small to be comfortable. For an adult human. The cats, however, soon discovered that it’s a perfect cat hammock. It sat there for years, until we got the puppy. It was immediately clear that the chair could not long survive her playful enthusiasm. And the cats didn’t seem to want to hang out on the back porch anymore. So I moved the chair to the front. It has faded in the sun. It used to be a much brighter blue. My little buddy doesn’t care.

Picking Flowers

When I was a kid I was fascinated with close-up photos of flowers, insects, and other small objects and I was frustrated that my mother’s camera and my first camera could not focus closer than about four feet. As an adult I have owned two 35mm SLRs and I’m now on my third digital camera. I love digital cameras. No worries about “wasting film”. I have hundreds of pictures of flowers. I sometimes think, “Why?” They’re just taking up space on the hard drive. I’m probably going to go through all the pictures and delete a bunch of them. “Someday.”

As to why I keep on taking pictures of flowers, a thought occurred to me as I was uploading these latest flower pictures: Taking a picture of a flower is a substitute for picking it. I get to pick flowers and leave them where they are, to live a little longer. So here are a few of the flowers I “picked” a few days ago.

Eureka Springs: Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge

The most expensive thing we did in Eureka Springs (besides eating at that one restaurant) was to visit the Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge. It cost $20 per person and I admit I did cringe a bit at having to pay that much but it is actually very reasonable considering the cost of caring for all these big animals. Turpentine Creek is a refuge for animals that someone thought they wanted as pets before they discovered what a handful several hundred pounds of cat can be. It survives on these entry fees and private donations.

Everyone who thinks they want a big cat as a pet should visit this place, see these animals and hear their stories. Some of the cats had been declawed and our tour guide told us about the effects of declawing, which include arthritis. One guy wanted to get rid of his cat (I can’t remember now if it was a lion or a tiger) and just let it go in a national forest 60 miles from his home. It found its way home in a surprisingly short time. There were a couple of bobcats. Many people think because they’re small they will make as good a pet as a house cat but they are wild animals and it is not possible to fully domesticate them.

The long-term pens that the animals live in are more or less the size of a typical suburban back yard. New arrivals are put in much smaller pens with concrete floors until a larger pen is available, which depends on having the money to build one.

There were also a few bears. My heart went out to this guy. The caretaker was trying to fill his pan with water and he kept playing in it and splashing it all out. He was like a big furry child and I wished I could donate a swimming pool for him to play in.

* * * * *