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Dream Doll House

This is all kinds of wonderful. I could do without the skulls and the dog skeleton but otherwise, WANT! And even more I want to have the talent and imagination to have created it.

Star Wars Art

Looking at these Star Wars concept paintings you realize that a man whose name most of us don’t remember was hugely responsible for the look of Star Wars. At the same time, they have an almost “retro sci-fi feel”.

There is a book, which, sadly, I will never own. Not that it’s not worth it but the price is way beyond the limits of my considerable self-indulgence. Or maybe I’m just too practical. When I see something like that I tend to think in terms of “How many other books could I buy for that price?” or how many CDs or how many yards of fabric.

Mid-Week Music Break

I think most of us here in the northern hemisphere are getting really freaking tired of winter, so I went searching for summer.

WARNING: One of the artworks in this first video is a nude. You can read about this composer on the Youtube page.

And this is lovely. I can picture myself sitting outside on a summer day, just daydreaming…

Two Unrelated Videos That YouTube Thought Were Related

I was going to embed this video, Worst Words in the English Language, but the embed code wouldn’t ever load. Then I noticed an even better video in the “related” column, If The Art World Had to Deal With YouTube Comments but the code for that one won’t load either. So it wasn’t just that one video.

Regarding the “worst words” video: My post title was going to be “Well, When You Say It Like That.” Most of those words never bothered me at all but the video makes them sound really “EEEWWWWWW”.

Regarding the art video: So true, but I kind of had to agree with the first two comments about Jackson Pollack.

High Chair

I would like for you all to know that I’m not the only maker in the family. My husband built this high chair. We have several other pieces of furniture that he built. This is just the most recent.

Now that’s impressive.

(He didn’t make the tray. That and the hardware came with the plans.)

Random Linkage

Soviet Future – how Soviet artists imagined life in space

There’s a name for it – Names of things that you might not have known have names. I actually knew several of these.

Weird Food Flavors – I would try both the ice creams because it’s ice cream. The ginger ale Kit Kat and the cheese Kit Kat don’t sound too bad. We eat cheesecake so why not cheese candy bars?

Solar Phone Charger – Neat, if obvious, idea: it has a suction cup so you can stick it to a window.

Retro Board Game Curiosities

Space Colony Concepts – From the 50’s thru the 90’s

Winning Portrait – Wow!

Easter Egg Diorama

Wizard of Oz Illustrations – Wonderful

Beautiful Abandoned Castle

Wait! This Is Not a Cat Blog


Uh oh. That was two cat posts in a row. We are in danger of being overwhelmed by the cute. So let’s just babble incoherently for a while. Or something.

So it’s November. The last couple of days have been rainy and cool but not really cold. It’s not bad. I prefer warm weather but this isn’t bad. It feels right for November. The fall colors peaked late. Until just a few days ago trees were still mostly green but now they’ve changed and leaves are falling rapidly. This colorful part of fall comes and goes so fast.

I found this collection of gorgeous steampunk images the other day. I have this one on my desktop now but it was really hard to decide which one I wanted to use.


We watched the Face Off (SyFy) season finale was last night. This was the first time I had watched an entire season of it. I normally avoid any kind of elimination competition show like a flesh eating virus but my son got us into this one and I actually enjoyed it. All of the competitors got along with each other very well and mostly had excellent attitudes. There were a couple of whiny women that I kept wanting to slap, or shake or something, but compared to most such shows this was a very pleasant group of people. And it was interesting to see their creations. The guy I was sort of rooting for (Tate, from Tulsa) did not win but I wasn’t dissatisfied with the outcome. The final three (of which Tate was one) really were the best three. I’ll probably watch this show again when it returns in January.

I have recorded two episodes of Naked Vegas, which was heavily advertised during Face Off. The rest of the family doesn’t seem to be very interested in it and I’m not sure when we will get around to watching it. We have quite a backlog of recorded shows to watch. That’s okay though. So far we are keeping up enough that we haven’t filled up the recorder and we will have a few shows to watch later when football is over and “Oh No There’s Nothing On TV” season starts.

It seems like most of the shows we’re watching (or recording) right now are on CBS: Elementary, Person of Interest, NCIS: Los Angeles, CSI and Big Bang Theory. Besides those, we watch Castle (ABC) and Grimm (NBC) And I think that’s just about all on the “Big Four”. We have nearly an entire season of Hell on Wheels (AMC) on the recorder and several episodes of Torchwood. (BBCA) Our former favorite cable/satellite channels (Discovery, History, Animal Planet, Nat Geo, Science) are mostly showing crap and re-runs right now. Of course HGTV and DIY are still my Saturday morning TV. Like a kid and cartoons, I can’t miss my Saturday morning home remodeling shows but most of the good shows are gone and the few that are left mostly show the same six episodes over and over and over and over and over.


Yes, I have been sewing and have a few things I want to show off but getting out the camera and setting up the tripod seems like such an ordeal for the lousy pictures I always get. But I will get around to it sometime.


I decided to try reading Andre Norton’s Witch World series again. I read the first two books years ago and lost interest with the third. I just finished the third book, Three Against the Witch World yesterday and I do intend to read them all (or at least all that I have) but I want to read something else now. I have ordered two more books by Neal Asher, which should arrive today or tomorrow so I want to wait and read one of those but I hate to not be reading anything. Because of the TV show, Grimm, I decided a while back to download Grimm’s Fairy Tales and I’ve been reading those, just one once in a while and I read another one last night to fill in the time between books.

Via The Middle Stage, an infrequently updated blog about Indian literature, I learned about This Is Not That Dawn, which looks very interesting to me. Since I discovered The Middle Stage, years ago, I have wanted to read an Indian novel simply because I haven’t ever read one, but it’s been very much a back-burner want and I had no book or books in mind. Well, this is the one. I plan to download it soon because the Kindle version is waaaay less expensive.

Oh, almost forgot… I also ordered the first book in David Weber’s Safehold series, thanks to this conversation. I was actually going to start This Is Not That Dawn next but then the linked discussion prompted me to order a few books and now I’m eager for those so I’ll probably read all three of them before I get around to TINTD. Or maybe I’ll try reading two books at once. I know some people do that but I never have.

UPDATE: I received Weber’s Off Armageddon Reef this afternoon but not the two Neal Asher books. (The latter are used.) I was planning to read The Voyage of Sable Keach first (kinda wanted to get to it before Number Two Son) but since OAR is here and I need something to read now, I started that one. You know… there is something extremely pleasing about being the first to read a brand new paperback – the unbroken spine, the clean, untouched pages, that new feeling. But used books are fine too. It’s what’s printed on the pages that counts.

Science Fiction Art

Daniel Rocal has a very nice photostream, which includes some artwork as well as photos. I love Sci-Fi vs. Fantasy. He has turned off sharing and I understand. I really do. You want to make money with your art and you don’t want random people posting it all over the Internet. But it’s disappointing. It’s kinda like when you’re a little kid and you point to a person who’s dressed funny and say, “Look!” and your mom just says, “It’s not polite to point,” and you’re all hurt and offended because you weren’t doing anything wrong, you just wanted to show her something interesting. It feels a lot like that when someone won’t let you share their stuff on the Internet. (See update below)

Anyway, I wanted to post a picture so here’s something totally unrelated except that it also came up when I searched for “science fiction” on Flickr.

Science fiction 1440 x 900 pixels desktop wallpapers

Lots more on Subarunio’s Photostream

UPDATE: (11/19/13) Apparently there was some kind of technical problem at the time I posted this. In fact, Mr. Rocal’s pictures are sharable.


Meet Hilda. Isn’t she delightful? I think the third pic, the one with the frog, is my favorite.

Some people will find this offensive but I think it’s cute and funny. I suppose it’s probably weird for a woman to like classic pin-up art at all but I do, for different reasons than the men who like it, I’m sure, and a cute, happy, plus-sized pin-up girl is a wonderful creation.

Pointing to a Picture (and changing times)

I like this.

I suppose this is evidence that nobody cares about blogs anymore: You can share that picture on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Google Plus but the old-fashioned embed code is not provided. Of course I could hotlink but that seems rude since they don’t offer the option. Even though I think not offering the option, since they do offer those more modern options, is rude.

It’s Pumpkin Season

It’s October (What? Already?) and just as sure as death and taxes there will be lists of Outside the Box Pumpkin Ideas. Once you get past the obligatory puking jack-o-lantern, which is actually one of the better ones I’ve seen, there really are some unique ideas – lots of painted pumpkins. I like #’s 4, 12, 17, 19, 23, 27, and 39.

Artistic Chaos

I see Web addresses on the backs of cars all the time. I ignore most of them but last week I saw and the words The Grand Lake Artistic Chaos Foundation on a minivan driving through The Nearby Small Town. You know I had to check that out.

So after looking at the website I’m still not entirely clear about what kind of place it is or if it’s something to go and see. They sell a few things online, including books, they have art workshops and dance classes, and there are some pictures of various animals on the website, but it doesn’t look like there’s anything intended for simply curious tourist/spectator kind of people such as myself. There was an “open house” on June 15th. It doesn’t look like they have updated the website since then. Anyway… sort of interesting.

Artist Mark Lang

I have found a new artist to love: Mark Lang. His paintings depict modern scenes but many of them reference classic paintings or include the classic painting within the painting. The one titled Marriage is interesting. I also really like Between for the statement it makes. I could go on, saying, “I like that one” and “I like that one,” until I had named them all so just go look. I like them all.

I also really like his website – simple, fast and easily navigable. Unfortunately there’s a note on the homepage saying that it’s only a temporary site. Darn. I hope he doesn’t fancy it up too much.

Via Phantasmaphile, where you’ll find a few more art links.