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Mid-Week Music Break

Saw this on Facebook.

“On a cold British morning a television crew filmed this unknown (to the British) African-American woman who, dressed to the nines, danced, sang, and played the guitar in such a fashion that it managed to inspire a whole generation of singer-songwriters. Her combination of gospel with early rock and roll shows her as “the link” between two categories of music which, over the years, evolved into the very different styles that they are today.”more


If you must be stuck on a delayed flight this is definitely the plane you want to be stuck on.

Mid-Week Music Break

I’m not a huge fan of Chopin. Well, at least not a passionate fan like some people. But sometimes it just feels like the right time for Chopin and that time is usually a hot summer day. Is that weird?

Mid-Week Music

I was curious about the NCIS: New Orleans theme song so I went to Youtube and, among others, I found this version.

All About That Base

So, have you had enough of All About That Bass to last you for the rest of your life? Well, too bad because here’s one more version that you absolutely, positively MUST listen to. I didn’t see it in time for May the Fouth (be with you) but I don’t care. Star Wars isn’t just a one day a year thing.


New Music Meets Old Style

First of all, in case anyone who doesn’t know me stumbles upon this, I stopped paying attention to popular music about 30 years ago so I am so out of the loop pop-culturally.

There’s a diaper commercial that I’ve been seeing a lot lately that shows several toddlers dancing around and playing while we hear a woman’s voice singing, “I’m all about that bass, all about that bass…” then another voice talks about the product then the singing again, “Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top…” So I saw that and thought, “That’s sort of a cute song. I’ve gotta look that up on Youtube sometime.” But I never did.

Then I saw this video at Fillyjonk’s Progress.

That arrangement totally works. Or at least it works for me. I still haven’t listened to the popular version yet. Really must do that someday.