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No More For a While, Please

I haven’t got around to saying anything about Alan Rickman’s passing. I didn’t know quite what to say. I never do. I looked at movie clips and couldn’t decide on one to post. But anyway, I always loved his bad guys. He first came to my attention in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and I also thought he was great in Quigly Down Under. But of course he was great in everything.

They say that celebrities die in threes and of course that’s nonsense. It’s just that we notice it when three celebrities die fairly close together. But I have to admit, when I heard that Dan Haggerty, the actor who played Grizzly Adams, had died I thought, “Well, that’s the third,” and kind of relaxed a little bit. But then Glenn Frey died. It’s a little unnerving. All I can think is “Dammit!” and “Damn! Who’s next?”

David Bowie

I was never a huge fan of David Bowie but he was so iconic… Well, that’s all I can think of to say right now.

There is so much of his music that I haven’t heard. Just listened to this for the first time this morning. I sort of like it.

For Mom

This was one of my mom’s favorites. This isn’t quite a tradtional performance but I think she would have liked it.

Carol of the Bells X 2

My usual feeling about this sort of thing is, “Don’t mess with Christmas songs!” but sometimes I hear something unusual that I like. Strangely, I am more likely to like arrangements that are really “wrong” than I am those that are just a little bit “wrong.”


Many NFL players have other talents in addition to (and unrelated to) football. For example… I am considerably put out by the fact that embedding has been disabled on this video but please trust me. This will be worth your time.

It’s Christmas Music Time

…and I haven’t been posting Christmas music. I used to love Christmas music when I was a kid but as an adult it has been somewhat spoiled for me. Partly because I have no one to share it with anymore since no one I know likes the same kind of music I do, and because of all the un-Christmasy modern Christmas songs and bad pop star renditions of old favorite Christmas songs.

So anyway, I’ll start with one of my childhood favorites, O Holy Night. Last year after years of searching I finally found the right translation of it, (only as part of this medley) and by “right” I mean the one I grew up hearing. Actually, I don’t think it’s exactly word for word the same – there might be a slight difference – but the line that has been driving me absolutely freaking bonkers for decades is “correct.”

Francesca Caccini

I found this list of Great Women Composers on Facebook (Yes, you do find worthwhile things there occasionally.) I’m going to be looking up and posting music by some of the more obscure ladies on the list, which is most of them, and then the more well-known.

I love this. Simple, lovely voice and lute.


Yes, I know you’ve heard it before, but have you heard it as a harp solo?


40 Years Ago Today

I have to admit, I have always loved this silly thing. Somehow it seems appropriate that it came out on Halloween, even though it’s not a Halloween song. But 40 years? How can it be 40 years? I can remember when it was new and I’m not even… Oh. Wait.

Music of the Spheres

I heard this on the radio a couple of days ago while I was driving. The DJ sort of mumbled the name of it and the name of the composer, as classical DJs tend to do. I guess they’re trying to sound reverent or respectful or something but I wish they would knock it off and speak up! Anyway, all I heard was, “Mumble mumble mumble by Michael Mumble.” So, later I looked it up on the radio station’s website. It was Music of the Spheres by Mike Oldfield. I haven’t heard that name in a while. Remember Tubular Bells? For some reason I’ve always had the feeling that Tubular Bells is one of those works we are supposed to hate to prove how sophisticated we are but I like it, which I think makes me more sophisticated; so there! Seriously, if you don’t like it you’re just not sophisticated enough to understand. 😉

I also like Music of the Spheres. This is just a sample. You can also listen to the full album, which I might do sometime. Or maybe I’ll just buy it.

How Low Can You Go?

Did you know that there is a such thing as a bass flute? I did but I had never seen one before. I like this a lot. Very serene.

There’s also a contrabass flute. This is lovely too.

And, if you want to get ridiculous, there’s even a subcontrabass flute.