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All About That Base

So, have you had enough of All About That Bass to last you for the rest of your life? Well, too bad because here’s one more version that you absolutely, positively MUST listen to. I didn’t see it in time for May the Fouth (be with you) but I don’t care. Star Wars isn’t just a one day a year thing.


New Music Meets Old Style

First of all, in case anyone who doesn’t know me stumbles upon this, I stopped paying attention to popular music about 30 years ago so I am so out of the loop pop-culturally.

There’s a diaper commercial that I’ve been seeing a lot lately that shows several toddlers dancing around and playing while we hear a woman’s voice singing, “I’m all about that bass, all about that bass…” then another voice talks about the product then the singing again, “Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top…” So I saw that and thought, “That’s sort of a cute song. I’ve gotta look that up on Youtube sometime.” But I never did.

Then I saw this video at Fillyjonk’s Progress.

That arrangement totally works. Or at least it works for me. I still haven’t listened to the popular version yet. Really must do that someday.

Mid-Week Music Break

I am not familiar with the music of Percy Sledge. I have only heard the one song that everyone has heard. So I went looking for something I had not heard and found this.

Mid-Week Music Break

This is sort of interesting. I’m not sure if it really “works” or not. I’m so familiar with the Mozart that I barely hear the Grieg.

Mid-Week Music Break

As I’ve said before, I stopped paying attention to popular music over two decades ago. So I don’t know how embarrassed I’m supposed to be that I had never heard of this band until a few days ago. We were watching The Graham Norton Show (an episode we had recorded earlier) and as he introduced the band I braced myself for the usual assault on my senses (I could have fast fowarded through that part. See, I am open to new experiences.) but, within the first 30 seconds I went from, “Okay, these guys are not too bad,” to “Hey! I think I really like these guys.”


Lists exist for the purpose of giving us something to criticize and disagree with. How could one possibly make a list of Top 10 Greatest Symphonies and honestly believe that these are, inarguably, the top 10 greatest? It seems to me that it would take a shockingly high level of arrogance and excessive regard for one’s own opinion. And, honestly, you do run into that quite a bit among “serious” classical music fans. On the other hand, I suppose those who are more knowledgeable about music composition have detailed criteria for deciding greatness that I am not aware of. Still… I only know what I like and it seems to me that being liked, by millions of people for hundreds of years, is a pretty good criterion for greatness.

I have not heard all of these symphonies. I like most of the ones that I have heard but I am a little surprised that some of them made it onto this list. Haydn’s Symphony #104. I know I’ve heard it but I’m not very familiar with it and can’t recall it. I rarely see Haydn on “greatest” lists for some reason. It seems most people just think of his music as merely nice or pleasant. Mozart’s Symphony #40. Very popular and undeniably great but, but personally, I like #41 a little bit better. I’ve never warmed up to Beethoven’s Eroica symphony. It is the one I like the least of his nine symphonies. Schubert’s Unfinished I love this one. Brahm’s #1, Tchaikovsky’s #6, and Sibelius’ #5 – all okay but not among my favorites.

So, what would I add? I’ve already mentioned Mozart’s #41. I’m also very fond of his #25. All of Beethoven’s but if I had to pick just one it would be #6, the Pastoral Symphony. And of course, Dvorak’s New World Symphony.

Random Linkage

Booze Under the Microscope – and a few non-alcoholic beverages at the end. Surprising and strange.

Coffee on Condensed Milk – A quick, easy ice cream recipe. Just one problem: coffee is the one flavor of ice cream that I do not like.

Hollywood “Ghost Town” For Sale – This place has been in TV commercials and movies.

The Vault – a very interesting history blog

Curbed – architecture and design

12 Worst Job Interview Questions – Wow. Really?

The One Rule… – Ha! What if this is true?

Beachcombing’s Bizarre History Blog – Haven’t spent much time on it yet; looks interesting.

Smartphone Microscope – Wow. Cool.

Mantis – Just a neat pic

Titanic Cat Condo – Hmmmm… Cute idea I guess but no thanks.

* * *

Mid-Week Music and Fun Break

My original intention was to look for something in a minor key to go with today’s weather. But then I saw this at Fillyjonk’s Progress and thought, of all the days to be appropriate this is not one of them. This is NOT one of my favorite tunes but it’s okay and it’s fun. Fun and sunshine, that’s what I need.

Mid-Week Music Break

I think most of us here in the northern hemisphere are getting really freaking tired of winter, so I went searching for summer.

WARNING: One of the artworks in this first video is a nude. You can read about this composer on the Youtube page.

And this is lovely. I can picture myself sitting outside on a summer day, just daydreaming…

Mid-Week Music Break

Another cold front is headed our way so how about a few minutes of spring? (To be honest, I picked this one mainly for the photos. The music is nice, nothing special, IMO.)