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This ‘n’ That

Pardon my language but some people just really suck I mean What! The! Hell!? As I said in the comments over there, I have a strangely powerful desire to somehow get revenge on her behalf.

Speaking of things sucking, it is cold and gloomy and raining today, same as yesterday. Yesterday it didn’t even make it up to 60°F. Usually by this time in May a few people are starting to complain about the heat. It’s good that we’re getting rain. I don’t mind the rain (very much) but couldn’t it be at least 75° while it’s raining? I guess we had our May weather back in February so now we’re having February weather in May but right now I feel like we’ve had four whole months of February and I’m tired of it.

We have planted tomatoes. I think they’re safe from frost (you never know, as weird as the weather has been) but I’m pretty sure Mother Nature is overwatering them.

Carmel-by-the-Sea Municipal Code Chapter 8:44: “The wearing of shoes with heels which measure more than two inches in height and less than one square inch of bearing surface upon the public streets and sidewalks of the City is prohibited, without the wearer’s first obtaining a permit for the wearing of such shoes.” It’s a liability thing. Many of the streets and sidewalks are uneven, making high, narrow heels unsafe, and that’s considered part of the charm of the place. Apparently, it’s not enforced; just don’t try to sue the city if you fall and break your ankle because you were wearing stiletto heels. Personally, I think if you fall and break your ankle because you were stupid enough to be walking around in stiletto heels it’s your own fault no matter where you are.

That’s all I’ve got today. Here’s a cute cat and dog video.

Creatures in the Mist

With what strange, unseen beings do we share our world? Scientists and engineers at the University of Eyewannabuleev have invented a full spectrum image analyzing device that, for the first time, reveals these creatures that have always surrounded us but have never been seen except, perhaps, by a gifted few.

[ahem] Not really. I’m just playing with the Deep Dream Generator again.

Trees in the fog

Trees in the fog w/Deep Dream Generator

Dream Generator

My son found this cool Internet toy – Deep Dream Generator. You upload a photo and strange things appear in it. I started with a pic of my cat. First the original image:

My cat, Dax

And here’s what Deep Dream Generator did with it:

My cat, with Deep Dream Generator

Don’t be surprised if I subject you to more of this weirdness. I took a picture of the fog this morning that I’m going to upload later.


Sorry about that title but that was all I could think of. This is one of the more bizarre situations I have ever read about. Rather than trying to explain, I’ll take the easy way and just copy and paste:

My house is on a corner lot. Two years ago a newlywed couple moved in to the one house that’s beside mine. Right away they started making weird comments about the color my house was painted (yellow) and soon switched to outright demanding that I paint it a different color. My house was painted yellow when it was built it, I like the color and there is no bylaw against it or anything. They have called the police on me about it as well as the city, both of whom told them to pound sound because I hadn’t done anything wrong and there was nothing they could do. They also tried suing me in court (the suit was thrown out and they had to pay my legal fees) and getting our other neighbors together to form a Home Owner’s Association in the hopes eventually I could be forced to paint my house a different color. Our other neighbors also told them to pound sand and they have basically alienated themselves from everyone else in the neighborhood at this point.

I recently had to go out of town for something. I was gone for two weeks. When I got back two days ago my house was gray. Seriously.

There’s more. It turns out that the painting company “did nothing wrong” because they had a “valid work order” and her neighbors (who shall hereafter be referred to as The Pissy Couple) can’t be charged with trespassing because they never actually set foot on her property.

There are a lot of comments and updates to this thread and I haven’t read it all (Originally seen here via Facebook) but wow… Can you believe that? I might have mentioned before that I am somewhat militant-minded regarding the subject of busybody homeowners associations but there was no homeowners association involved in this situation. It was just the Pissy Couple deciding they couldn’t live next door to a yellow house.

If I was in this situation I would definitely try to sue. Other than that, if the woman with the formerly yellow house is correct in that the Pissy Couple has alienated the entire neighborhood she could, perhaps, enlist the neighbors’ help in making the Pissy Couple’s lives miserable. And/or since it is, apparently, legal to have your neighbor’s house painted any color you like maybe she should have the Pissy Couple’s house painted a really loud, in-your-face yellow. But I suppose that would be immature. [rolls eyes]

Oh! Oh! You know what would be really fun? If everyone in the neighborhood painted their houses yellow. Yeah, that would be awesome. (Just fantasizing here.)

Mmmmm… Seaweed

This is just… just… I can’t even! Seaweed that “tastes like bacon”!. Even making that claim is a crime against nature.

Okay, seriously? I am a bit intrigued. Something that tastes like bacon but might be healthy? That’s like some kind of holy grail of the food world. The problem with this is that foods that people claim taste like other foods rarely do. I suppose I would try it. I think I would be less disappointed though, if they would just say, “This tastes pretty good; give it a try,” instead of telling me it tastes like something else when it really only has maybe a vague hint of that flavor at best.

“I’m First!” – “No, I’m First!”

The world’s first head transplant will be performed within the next 2 years. Or it has already been performed this past February. Oh, what to believe?! The answer, as always… Snopes. The “news” story at the second link is a hoax. No head transplants have been done yet. Darn. I kinda wanted to believe, especially since they said it was successful.

It seems Paul Horner is a name that has appeared in a number of unrelated hoaxes. My sympathy to any real Paul Horners there might be out there. You know there must be a few.

My Weird Brain

I dreamed a cartoon last night (probably early this morning actually) and quite a good one and I’m disappointed that it doesn’t really exist. Of course I don’t remember much now but it had animals and robots. They were like two “races” and there were “good” and “bad” characters among both. I remember some kind of encounter between a large black bird and a flying robot. The bird was “bad” (or maybe just mischievous?) The whole thing had sort of a Hanna Barbera feel to it, which makes sense because that’s mostly what I grew up watching. It’s been years though, so why did I dream that this morning? Brains are weird.

World’s Silliest Shoes?

I put a question mark in the title because I know that if I declare something “The Silliest” it will be only a short time until I see something even sillier because that’s just the way things work. But these… Wow. I saw the shoes in the last two photos on Facebook. Those are hideous and creepy and… and… Well… words fail me.

But what about the others? I think the snake shoes are the most wearable but of course I wouldn’t wear them.

I like these shoes much better (second photo also first seen on Facebook) though I probably wouldn’t wear those either, only because of the likelihood that I would take two steps and do a face-plant.

Wait! What?

OMG! Just when you think the Internet can’t get any crazier someone invents blue waffles. I first saw this image on Facebook.

This made my day, it did. It’s always nice to have a really good laugh first thing in the morning.

Actually, it’s possible that some organic waffles might be blue, if they were made with organic blue corn, but then some organic waffles are just regular waffle color. It has nothing whatever to do with “bleaching agents in Roundup”.

What this meme is really all about is to get you to Google “blue waffles” and take my advice when I tell you that you really DO NOT want to do that. (At least not at work)

Bizarre Things

I saw on Facebook this morning that Betty White had died. No, put away the tissues; Betty White is alive and well. Sheesh! I think someone needs to start an official Celebrity Life Status site. Sort of like the one for Abe Vigoda but for all celebrities. And by the way, when Abe Vigoda does really die will anyone believe it?

* * *

Oh here’s a good one: The Ice Bucket Challenge is a Satanic Ritual. And Oprah is Satan. Or something like that. I don’t even know what to say about this, folks, except that it’s really, really effed up. Someone please go dump a bucket – no, a trash can – full of ice over Selena Owens’ head. Maybe the ritual will reboot her brain.

* * *

Ah… perhaps it wasn’t the dryer that ate all the missing socks. And speaking of socks. Well at least there’s one place in the world where appropriate dress is still required.

* * *

99 bottles of… No, wait! They’re cans.

* * *

and finally…

How Lame! She’s Talking About the Weather Again

Yes, I know but seriously? This weather is amazing. It is the middle of July and it’s currently 63°F and last night one of our local meteorologists said that the temperature “might not make it up to 70°” today. Rain and a high of 69° in Oklahoma in July. It’s not unprecedented. I can remember one 4th of July cookout when we were all wearing sweaters or flannel shirts (or wishing we had brought one to wear) but still, on those rare occasions when we get summer weather like this it always feels amazing. (BTW, why does “meteorologist” not mean “one who studies meteors”?)

Aside from the unusual weather we’re having today, this summer has not been really hot hot, which is nice, but the other side of this nice weather is that every time we’ve had a pleasant summer it has been followed by a miserable winter. I would rather deal with a hot summer and a not too bad winter than have a cool summer and a horrible winter.

In other news, we picked our first tomato yesterday. I’m planning a big dinner salad with chicken and feta cheese tonight. It’s the kind of meal I normally plan for hot days. Tonight I should be serving soup of chili. But I have the tomato and I don’t want to wait. We’re not expecting another 90 degree day until next week.

Actual Grammar Nazis

Okay, this is creepy. I proudly admit that I am what some people might call a “grammar nazi” (though I prefer “grammar nanny” or even “persnickety old bat”) but it bothers me that, apparently, actual Nazis care about grammar. It does sort of make sense but… but… Darn it, I don’t know how I want to end that sentence. It’s just creepy. That’s all.

Stairway To…?

It’s a stairway to another dimension. It must be.

Actually, looking closely at the bricks, it looks like there might have once been another door there. Now, how to explain those other four doors?

From There I Fixed It

That Was Weird

When I was little my grandmother had a green parakeet (budgie) named Mike. In fact, he was a few months older than I was. He could say a few words but mostly stopped talking in his later years. He died when we were eight years old, which is more or less a normal lifespan for a parakeet.

Now here’s the weird thing. Last night I dreamed that Mike was still alive, right now in 2014 at more than 50 years of age, and he had grown very large, about the size of a chicken. There was some kind of gathering and I took Mike out of his cage to show him off. I carried him on my shoulder but held on to him so he wouldn’t fly away. I kept trying to get someone to take a picture of us but everyone was either too busy or they said they would do it but wanted me to do something for them first. I was going to have to leave soon and was running out of time to have the picture taken. And then I woke up and it was my pillow that I was holding.

At first I a little disappointed but then I thought, “Thank goodness! An over-sized parakeet is the last thing I need!”

Protect the Children!

This is a top contender for the title of Silliest Warning Label Ever. This is the back of a card of 7/8 inch Dill brand buttons.

“Not a toy. Not intended for use by children under 14.” Seriously? I mean… Seriously?! I sort of get the “This is not a toy,” part. I can see some mentally challenged, trailer trash type of mom thinking, “Oh, these pretty buttons would be a fun toy for my 2-year old.” (I’m not sure such a person would bother to read the label anyway but whatever.) But the “under 14” part is what I don’t get. The first time I sewed on a button I was 7 years old. Seven. Perhaps seven is a bit early but if a child reaches the age of 14 without ever having sewn on a button… well, bless her (or his) little heart.

I also played with buttons from my grandmother’s button jar when I was only five. It’s a miracle I survived childhood.

This ‘n’ That

We have temporarily and partially remedied our PC problem. It’s nice to be using a full sized screen and keyboard again but there is one thing I really liked and miss about using the Surface: I could look down at the screen. I never understood why computer screens are always raised so high up but since I got bifocals (actually I think what I have are called “progressive lenses”) it has become a slightly horrible situation. When we read books we don’t hold them up at or above eye level; when we write on a piece of paper we don’t tack it up on the wall at eye level; so why must our computer screens be so high? Why?! Maybe that’s one more reason why laptops are becoming so popular. Oh well, I guess the up-side is that it prevents me from wasting hours and hours in front of the computer.

* * *

Back in the 70’s we were encouraged to be “colorblind”. Well, someone has taken that old-fashioned idea to heart and perhaps demonstrated why that’s not necessarily always a good thing. Behold, the white Lt. Uhura. (One of several items in the post; scroll down)

* * *

I can’t remember if I linked to this before or not. The Amazon Milk Frog. Wow. Isn’t he a cutie? Such an interesting color scheme for a frog. Here’s more about the Amazon Milk Frog.

I have a lot of bookmarks. I need to do a bookmark dump sometime soon. But not this morning.