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A Quick Observation

Have you ever noticed that “getting the last word” on the Internet is not quite the same as getting the last word in the “real world”? It seems like everyone wants to have the last word but in cyberspace if you post the last comment you always wonder, or at least I do, “Did anyone even read that?”

This ‘n’ That

I don’t know who created this but it is perfect for me right now.

But, you know… I don’t know why I feel that way because I really only have a few things going on and none of them are a really huge fat hairy deal and there’s nothing that’s, “OMG! Do this immediately!” but… I don’t know… there are just all these things that I need to be sure and not forget and little things I need to do soon(ish) and things I want to do but I’m putting off for no particular reason except that I want to do them but not right now but I still keep thinking about them anyway and it’s just more than I want to have to think about and yes, I know this is one stupidly long sentence but that’s what my brain is like right now so I’m going to leave it this way. Oh, and also… I’m getting really freaking tired of cold, gray weather.

But, moving on…

I had one of these when I was a little kid but not exactly like these of course. I can’t remember what it was. A dog maybe? Mine was just cheap plastic but it’s amazing how much fun such a simple little toy can be to a little kid. It was easy to understand how it worked but I found it kind of fascinating.

Aren’t these beautiful?! Ever since I saw this sad old hand-crank sewing machine I have sort of wanted one. I say “sort of” only because I don’t know where I would put it if I had it. I have nowhere to display it like it deserves to be and nowhere at all that it wouldn’t be in the way. If I were to find one in an antique shop for a really good price though, I might not be able to resist temptation. I don’t necessarily even want a fully restored one, just one that is somewhat functional and not in too bad a condition.

Sew Cranky is another hand-crank sewing machine site. I do love a clever website name. This one makes me smile. And even more.

I love these glass tables. Actually, the tables themselves are really not my style but I love what they do to the room.

And finally… Apology Notes. It would be really hard to stay mad at #12.

Furry Alarm Clock

I’m a morning person. I am usually up by 6:30 but this morning the bed was feeling especially good and I had no urge get out of it. But then I heard a pitiful meowing in the hallway. The world was coming to an end and I had to get up and fix it. He usually wants to go back outside at that time of morning so, knowing it was cold outside, with several inches of snow and a layer of ice underneath that, I was having gleefully evil thoughts of letting him outside and making him stay there for an hour or two.

So I got up and got dressed and found my two furry friends standing around looking like something was wrong or like they wanted something but they didn’t want out and there was already food and water in their dishes. In no more than a minute they just went and laid down in their favorite spots and went to sleep. They didn’t want out; they didn’t want food; they didn’t even particularly want petting. They just wanted me out of bed. Some friends.

Here’s the guilty party himself:

And… I would say “his partner in crime” but she’s been unusually good this morning.

The Big Blue Valentines Day Gift

Most of our past car buying experiences have gone something like this: We tell the salesperson what we are looking for and add that we are not terribly picky about color except that we absolutely do not want white, black, silver, or gray. So the salesman shows us something in a nice color that has way more bells and whistles than we are willing to pay for. Then he shows us a less expensive model but it’s in one of our do-not-want colors. We buy it anyway because they don’t have anything in a nice color that’s in our price range.

But this time we decided to be “difficult”. You know what being difficult gets you? It gets you a lot of stress, a lot of waiting, a lot of failure to communicate on the part of the car dealership and, eventually, a dark blue, extended cab, 4X4 F-150. Our first choice was the “Flame Blue” (Actually, my first choice would have been yellow but F-150s don’t come in that color anymore.) but this darker blue – they call it “Blue Jean” is nice. It’s acceptable and I’m happy with it. And, aside from the color, this truck is kind of awesome.

We didn’t plan on it being a Valentines Day gift but it just happened that we finally got it two days before Valentines Day so we both agreed that this is it. Actually it’s perfect. I wasn’t asked this year but I had planned, when the question, “What do you want for Valentines Day?” came up, to say, “Something non-fattening.” And that’s exactly what I got.

The Truth About “Superfoods”

Here’s an interesting and useful article: A Closer Look at Dr. Oz’s 15 Superfoods. You’ll notice that many of the health claims made for these foods are at least partly true. It’s just that Dr. Oz and the many other people pushing the idea of “superfoods” have turned it up to 11 when it really needs to be turned down to about 5. And, you know, that seems to be a problem with much of what you see these days both online and in the the “real world” – everything is turned up to 11.

I know that’s not exactly an original thought; everyone says that. But it just seems like it keeps getting worse. There are so many people wanting attention and yes, I want attention too. I want 1,000 page views a day and 50 comments on every post. But I can’t bring myself to turn up the drama like some people do. I’m not even sure it would work for me if I tried.

Wow, that really went off track. This was supposed to be about food. If I could get the whole world to pay attention to me – if I could have my own TV show to tell everyone what to eat – my advice could be summed up with that ancient phrase, “All things in moderation.” Some foods are better for you than others but too much of anything can be bad, so eat just a little more of the good things and less of the bad things. But who would watch a show like that?

This ‘n’ That

* I’ve gone and done it! I started a sewing blog. Yeah, just what I need, another online thing to neglect but most of the sewing bloggers will not read this blog because it’s not exclusively about sewing. I might still post some sewing related stuff here.

A couple of problems already with the new blog: When I tried to create a blogroll it kept telling me to “correct the error in the form” but it didn’t tell me what error and I didn’t see anything wrong. All I know to do is try again later. The other problem is that photos I upload to Blogger appear on my phone and apparently cannot be deleted. (I took the photos with my camera, not my phone.) You know… Google has this motto, “We’re not evil” but they are into everything and everything is connected. They own Blogger now and gMail is on my phone so… Maybe this is just a sign that I’m over the hill but it’s all just a little bit creepy. Another thing is that anyone who sends mail to my gMail account appears in my contacts list on my phone so I have complete strangers in my contacts list. It tells me I can “hide” them but I can’t delete them. Good enough I suppose but I don’t want anyone in my contacts list – or any pictures – that I didn’t put there myself.

So anyway… I posted a question to the Google help forum but no one has answered yet. I guess I solve the photo problem by continuing to use Flickr instead of uploading photos to Blogger but it would be nice if everything would just do what I want it to do and not do anything I don’t want it to do.

* We are in the process of buying a new pickup. We’re getting another F150. We had our old one for over 18 years and it probably would have kept going for another 10, at least, but we thought it was time. Better to buy when there’s no urgency. That way you can tell the salesman to stuff it if he’s not being helpful. The salesman we are dealing with is very nice though, and not in that professionally “nice” salesman kind of way. He really is nice. Our truck won’t be at the dealership for about a week but they went ahead and took our trade-in and gave us a loaner to drive until our truck arrives. The loaner is a crew cab – really scary big truck. I quickly got used to it after driving it a little bit though and I can hardly wait to get ours. It’s so high tech I feel like I’m driving the starship Enterprise. Our truck will be just slightly smaller – a “super cab” which is just a little smaller than a crew cab, I think. Their terminology is a bit confusing.

Do you get emotionally attached to vehicles? Sort of like they’re one level below pets. You know… first human family members, then pets, then cars and trucks. Or maybe for some people it’s the other way around, especially here in Oklahoma. Family is just family but nothing comes between you and your dog or your truck? But anyway, 18 years is a long time to have something in your life. We’ve never had a pet that lived that long. The oldest was about 15 years I think. So it’s a little sad but I’m actually over it already. I’m thrilled about getting a new truck. It has an automatic transmission so not only am I happy, my left knee is ecstatic.

* It’s cool and windy today, after being nearly 80°F yesterday. But it’s still not bad, at least the temperature isn’t too bad – mid 40s – but I am getting very tired of the wind. For the most part I actually like Oklahoma weather. We rarely have the same kind of weather long enough to get tired of it (except maybe the heat and drought in mid to late summer) and it’s an endless source of entertainment, especially if complaining is your favorite sport.

Super Sweet Vanilla Butter Cookies (Beta Version)

I needed some cookies yesterday. Yes, needed. The grandkids were here and you absolutely need cookies when the grandkids come over. So anyway, instead of using one of the gazillion cookie recipes I have I decided to just throw some typical cookie ingredients together. (Inventing is fun and satisfying.) They turned out to be possibly the most awesome cookies ever. (With one little flaw that had nothing to do with taste)

2 sticks butter
1 1/2 cups sugar
1 egg
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
1/2 teaspoon orange extract
1 3/4 cups flour
1 teaspoon baking soda

I mixed all that stuff together in the usual manner (I know; I’m terrible at writing recipes.) spooned lumps of cookie dough onto cookie sheets and baked at 350°F for about 10-12 minutes. As I said, they were awesome! Everybody loved them, especially the husband. They were very sweet so if you like less sweet cookies you might want to cut the sugar to just one cup. The problem? They spread out and turned out to be extremely thin. I would post a picture but they’re all gone. So, how do I make them thicker without changing the taste or texture?

Back to the Everyday

I like holidays and vacations; I think most of us do; but sometimes I think one of the best things about major holidays and vacations is that they make us appreciate our routine, everyday lives. Much as I love the Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year season, it’s a relief and a pleasure to get back to normal and enjoy just an ordinary day. It’s cold and gloomy outside but I don’t mind. I did what little shopping I had to do yesterday and I have nowhere to go today.

Speaking of “normal”, my weird cat is back to her normal level of weirdness (I know you were all beside yourselves worrying about that, right?) – eating six times an hour as long as there’s food in the dish and yowling like she’s dying whenever her humans are out of her sight. [sigh] Why do the prettiest ones always have personality issues? Actually, she doesn’t really yowl every time we’re out of her sight, just randomly at times, most often at 3:00 AM.

One Day After Yesterday

The Earth circles the sun continuously, with no starting point and no end point but we humans, who so love to measure things, decided to divide time into years and decided that each year would start approximately ten days after the northern hemisphere’s winter solstice. Of course, other humans have used different systems to measure the years, starting the year on different days.

Today is just one day after yesterday. Like every other day of the year, it has no meaning except the meaning we decide to give it. The idea of a “new beginning” is appealing – useful even. So today we begin again. We make big important resolutions and small, perhaps even silly ones.

I don’t formally make resolutions. I don’t get very excited about the new year. This is just the day I get to start a new calendar. But even I can’t entirely keep from thinking about “what I’m going to do this year,” what I want to accomplish, what I want to do differently. And it’s always pretty much the same – eat less, exercise more, spend more time outdoors, read more, sew more, clean out closets, get rid of some junk. Will I actually do those things? Probably not any more than I did last year but it’s good to think about it. But not too much. After all, today is still just one day after yesterday.

There Is No “Privilege”

Pardon me for getting serious for a moment. Adam Savage posted a link to this lengthy whine about “male nerd privilege” on Twitter. I have to confess, I tried, I really did, but I only managed to read about half of it before I decided, “I can’t take this nonsense anymore.” I am so very, very tired of “my suffering is worse than your suffering” screeds.

Listen boys and girls, suffering is always individual and very personal and is not necessarily proportional to the sufferers actual situation and the injustices suffered. What one person can easily shake off might be a deeply personal and hurtful attack to another and telling someone that “your suffering is nothing compared to mine” is just as hurtful as actual bullying.

Sadly, even with all our technology and sophistication, underneath it all we are still just educated apes. (Who was it who said that?) We form hierarchies and if we try to take away the hierarchies and make everyone equal we just form different hierarchies. We have alpha males and alpha females and the alphas and non alphas behave almost exactly like alphas and non alphas among our ape ancestors. More than 100 years of feminism and more than 200 years of democracy has not changed that and one thousand more years will still not likely change it very much. I don’t think that means we should just accept our ape nature though. We, as individuals, can behave like the higher beings we like to believe we are.

And we can start by holding our heads up and not whining quite so much no matter what our position in the hierarchy. We can show sympathy to other people who are suffering instead of belittling their feelings. We can refuse to play the game that keeps some people down while protecting those at the top.

And here’s one more thing. Each of us can choose not to suffer, not to be victims. To say, “just grow a thicker skin” sounds like exactly the opposite of what I said above. A lot of people would say it’s “blaming the victim” but it’s a fact that bullies pick on people who are the most fun to pick on so you can definitely help yourself by being less fun to pick on.

Bullies should definitely be severely punished when caught but punishing bullies will make other bullies more subtle and clever and harder to catch. It’s like fighting cockroaches and terrorists – there will always be more and you can’t ever stop fighting them. But the best way to help victims is to help them be tougher and the best help may come from other victims saying, “I understand; I feel your pain,” instead of, “Ha! you think you suffer? You don’t know suffering.”

The Day After

We had a pleasant little Christmas, as usual. Nothing exceptional to report but I might have things to say about some of my gifts later on. Right now I am in “What now?” mode. I’ve been “getting ready” for Christmas and thinking about Christmas for the last month and now all that’s done; it’s over and now it’s time to… what?

The Christmas tree looks a little sad and purposeless now, as it always does the day after Christmas. I want to take it down and put all the stuff away but at the same time I’m reluctant. It’s only one day after Christmas. When I was a kid we always left the Christmas tree up until New Year’s Day so part of me feels like that’s the way it’s supposed to be but another part of me is impatient to get it out of the way. I had planned to take it down Sunday but I might do it tomorrow.

The house if full of food, fantastic, delicious food but I’m tired of eating. Right now I feel like I might not want to eat again for two or three days. But we have all this food… I made the Sweet Potato Cheesecake. It’s really really good but, I ate a piece, one of my sons ate a piece, my daughter-in-law, ate a piece; they went home and didn’t take any of it with them, and now nobody else wants any except me. I still have over half of it left. To eat. All by myself. It’s good but I really don’t want to eat it all by myself. And I’m really afraid it’s going to dry out before I get around to it and I’ll have to throw some away. There’s also apple pie and fruitcake and cookies and ham and some other stuff.

Anyway… a couple of things about the sweet potato cheesecake, in case anyone out there wants to try it. I made it in a spring-form pan instead of a 9″ X 13″ pan. I used a 9 inch, as recommended even though I thought that seemed too small. (I have a set of 3) I was right. It was almost too small. I think the 10 inch size would have worked better. I used two medium sweet potatoes (peeled, diced and microwaved) not canned. (My immediate reaction when I saw the recipe called for canned was something like this: “Canned? Really? Is there even such a thing? Oh yeah, I think maybe I’ve seen that. Ewww.) Also, I don’t know (if I ever make it again) if I will put marshmallows on top again. I’m not terribly fond of marshmallows. They’re okay if they melt, like when I put them on baked sweet potatoes and heat them in the oven for a few minutes, but I toasted these under the broiler, as recommended and they didn’t melt hardly at all. So, I might do something different. If I make it again.

Gift Wrap

Someone on Facebook expressed a strong dislike for wrapping Christmas presents. That surprised me a little bit. I know it shouldn’t. It’s obvious that not everyone would but it just never occurred to me that some people might not enjoy it. I’m not very good at it but it’s about the third or fourth most fun thing about Christmas. So, what about you? Love it, hate it, or somewhere in between?

I also wanted to mention, but never got around to it, that gift wrap is becoming more attractive again. I mentioned the gift wrap ugliness/attractiveness cycle during some previous holiday season. For a decade almost all of the gift wrap you can find is ugly and then it starts getting more attractive until one year you look around and think, “Wow, there’s some really pretty gift wrap this year!” and then it starts to decline again. Last year I managed to find some that was not totally hideous and this year, a few rolls that I actually like. I like the new double sided rolls, or at least I like the idea. I only found one that I liked both sides of. (I know, I know! Shut up.)

I might need to buy more. I’m almost done with wrapping gifts and almost out of gift wrap and wondering if I have enough or if I will have to go buy more and end up with nearly a full roll to start next year.

Thanksgiving Week This ‘n’ That

I’m not in the mood for the Internet. Actually, it’s not that I’m not in the mood for the Internet at all; it’s just that I’m more in the mood for other things, mostly sewing and reading. And then there’s Thanksgiving and the day after, the infamous Black Friday. Today I need to go to the store and I’m in a bit of a panic about what to get and about remembering everything I need for the whole week so I won’t have to go back out on the day before Thanksgiving, or worse, the day after. Although, the grocery stores shouldn’t be too bad on Black Friday? Also, I’ve noticed in previous years when we drove past Walmart later in the afternoon on Black Friday that the parking lot is almost deserted so I guess all the craziness happens early in the morning then everyone goes home and passes out or something.

Anyway, I’m not saying no blogging this week but maybe not every day. I will definitely – well, I will try to – find a nice music video for Mid-Week Music Break and I will try to come up with some quotes for Friday. I bookmarked several articles that I wanted to rant or preach about but I don’t know if I will ever get around to those. But maybe. I am being a lame blogger. Sorry. Here are a few links.

11 Unsettling World Mysteries – Well, they are interesting but they don’t really “unsettle” me. I’m not even sure I believe all of them even happened, particularly #’s 1 and 7.

And how about some recipes? (My online recipe collecting is getting totally out of hand)

French toast stuffed with Philadelphia Bacon Cream Cheese Spread

Family Friendly Sweet Potato Casserole – That name seems rather odd. Since when are sweet potatoes not family friendly?

Another sweet potato recipe. This one has cranberries.

Cheddar Stuffed Turkey Meatloaf Meatballs

Salted Caramel Cinnamon Rolls

Pumpkin Cheesecake

This ‘n’ That

It’s cold. It is gorram awful horrible effing freaking fraking damn cold. Should I have used commas? My brain is frozen. It’s 10 degrees outside… no wait, 13. Fahrenheit. Inside it’s up to… wait… 70 now. Really? It feels more like 40. Five degrees warmer than it was an hour ago but I’m not feeling it. I’m feeling… cold. Have I mentioned that it is cold?

I got a new phone yesterday. Samsung Galaxy S5. Not too different from my old one, which was also a Samsung. A little bigger, has a nicer camera but I haven’t used that yet. There’s just one thing. So far. Yesterday I put the apps I use most on my home screen – just four, I think, except I can’t remember now what one of them was – and a nice wallpaper, but when I looked at it this morning my apps were gone and there were a couple of new Google icons and the upper half of the screen had a different wallpaper. I hate you AT&T. Damn fraking, intrusive, control-freak corporation! Leave my effing phone alone! It’s mine!

While I’m bitching about stuff, can anyone recommend a good hand lotion? I did have a tube of some kind of gardenia scented “body cream” I bought at Walmart. It smelled nice but that was all I could say for it so when it ran out I bought a huge pump bottle (because huge bottles were all it came in) of Nivea lotion. Oh, I forget which one and I’m not going to go look. It has almond oil in it so I thought that meant it would smell good. It does not. It also does not do what lotion is supposed to do, which is make my skin be not dry and sandpapery.

And I’m cold. Did I mention that it’s cold this morning? Awful, horrible, effing, freaking, fraking…

Scary People

Last night’s episode of Criminal Minds was far from being the creepiest ever but it could be pretty scary for anyone who’s active in social media. The killer, whom the media dubbed The Selfie Killer, targeted people who posted selfies online, in particular those who displayed a certain arrogance or vanity.

If you’re paranoid you might be tempted to stop posting online. I know people who are afraid of social media anyway, for this reason. You could also lock your doors and windows and never leave your house but do you want to live like that? There have always been and will always be scary, crazy people in the world but the media, merely by informing us of their existence, tends to exaggerate in our minds the likelihood of ever coming into contact with these people. Sure, it’s possible and one must be reasonably cautious, but the majority of the people in the world will live their entire lives without ever coming into contact with or being affected in any way by a serial killer and it is no more reasonable to avoid all social media than it is to lock yourself in your house and never go out.

The best defense against crimes motivated by envy or revenge is to adhere to what has been the standard of behavior since long before the Internet existed. Be courteous, be humble, (not self-effacing because that’s annoying and always comes across as fake) do not make fun of or harshly criticize people, not even nameless people such as “anyone who likes Twilight or “people who don’t know the difference between your and you’re (I know… that’s really really hard) and only post pictures that you would be proud to show your grandmother. (Oh, and never, ever tell people on the Internet where you live.)

Yes, I know, I know… “freedom.” But I think we were actually more free when our concept of freedom did not include the freedom to be mean to each other. I never claim to be perfect or above anyone else. Believe me I know the temptation to give people a piece of my mind, to tell people how stupid they are, to preach at people (I guess that’s what I’m doing right now, isn’t it?) and it’s so easy to do on the Internet. But wouldn’t the world be a nicer, maybe even a bit safer, place if everyone (or at least most people) would just be nice?

This ‘n’ That

Winter is here. Yes, I know, I know. It won’t be officially winter for more than a month, but when it’s below freezing when I get up in the morning – or even below 45°F – it’s winter!

I don’t know if there’s a name for this particular universal law of life but there should be: If you state anywhere on the Internet that you plan to finish a project by a certain date you will not finished it by that date. I did not finish it by the next day and I did not finish it by the middle of this week. So I’m not going to say that I only have to sew the buttons on and I will definitely finish it today. No, I did not say that, will not say that.

Yikes! It’s November. I need to start Christmas shopping already. I have lots of time even for online shopping but I usually start in October, “just in case” something is back ordered or out of stock for the rest of the year and I have to think of something else. I have bought one gift so far and I have two more ideas. That’s it. And there are also two birthdays in our family in December. People, plan ahead. Don’t have babies in December. Or the first week of January.

I can’t remember if I’ve linked to this or not. Found it in my bookmarks. 25 Strange Superstitions From Around the World. It amuses me that Tuesday, not Friday, the 13th is unlucky in Spain and the number 4 is unlucky in China.

[sigh] I have way too many bookmarks. But I will get around to visiting all those sites again eventually. I will! Stop laughing.

I Want My Extra Hour

I like Daylight Saving Time but it has come to an end, as it does every year. Every fall you hear people saying that we will get an extra hour of sleep because we turn the clocks back. Well, it doesn’t work that way for me. I always wake up between 6:00 and 6:30. Sunday morning I woke up just before 6:30, like normal, except it wasn’t 6:30; it was 5:30. I was fine all day, didn’t feel tired because I had woke up at what felt like the normal time. I didn’t feel any need to go to bed “early” so I went to bed at the correct time to get used to Standard Time. No problem. Except, all day yesterday I really felt like I had missed an hour of sleep. I usually cannot sleep in so, yeah, I missed an hour of sleep instead of getting an extra hour.

This ‘n’ That

Comment spam has been really horrendous lately. I used to get, usually, no more than 20 a day. Since last Saturday it’s been 300 – 500 a day! The first time comment moderation is stopping it all but I still have to take the time to delete all of them.

Someone once said that spammers should be crucified along side the highways. Right now that seems like a pretty good idea. But then I think, why litter the countryside with so much garbage. Let’s just publish their real names and addresses. But then I think, no I have a better idea. Let’s make them pay. Literally. Someone needs to come up with a system to automatically charge spammers by the minute, with the proceeds going to the website owner, minus a small percentage to maintain the system. Five cents for each minute until the spam comment is deleted, even if it is held in the moderation queue for that time. I would be wealthy!

* * *

As you probably know there will be a partial solar eclipse late this afternoon. So of course it’s raining today. They do say that the clouds might clear out in time for the eclipse and I bought some eclipse shades so I’m ready just in case. I tried them out yesterday. These things are really dark. Put them on and you can’t see anything at all except a dim orange disk in the sky.

* * *

A new creepy high tech way to power high tech devices. Actually the article calls the devices “theoretical” and the inventor said she did it “to provoke the thought about how far will we go to in order to ‘feed’ our addiction in the world of declining resources.” Okay, yeah, whatever. Maybe I read too much science fiction (Come on, that’s not really possible.) but it seems like a reasonable idea. Not that I would ever use one of them myself.

* * *

I do like one of these 10 British Flavors Americans Will Never Widely Appreciate and there are a couple of others I would try. I went though an Earl Gray Tea phase for a several years, actually starting before Captain Picard made it popular. I still like it okay but not as much as I used to. Kedgeree doesn’t sound too bad except maybe the egg, though I could probably tolerate that part of it. I have always wanted to try Marmite just out of curiosity though I’m sure that I would hate it. But the one I really want to try is Irn-Bru – “sort of citrusy with a hint of ginger that leaves a long lingering finish”. That actually sounds very good.

* * *

I think most of these Forgotten Words should probably remain forgotten but I really like tardigradous – “Slow-paced; moving or stepping slowly.” It reminds me of one of my favorite animals.

Calories Don’t Make Sense

Dear Fiber One,

Regarding your “90 Calorie Brownies”: First of all let’s get our terminology straight. That is not a brownie. It is a soft cookie. Actual brownies are about twice as thick. The main point I would like to make, however…

WTF?! 90 calories? In that tiny little thing? How the heck did you manage to stuff 90 calories into a little cookie? (Yes, it’s a cookie, like I said, not a brownie.) And you put it on the box in great big letters as if it was a good thing. Wow. That’s some really audacious marketing.

Also, how do you expect a person to eat just one small cookie? Or even just one brownie if they were actual brownies, which they’re not. So two of these things would be 180 calories. That’s getting to be a bit much for a little snack. Might as well eat ice cream. Or real brownies. (I know, I know… fiber. So I’ll make it a banana split) And if you eat the whole box, which is what a normal person would do, (Thank goodness I’m not normal.) that would be 540 calories. Yeah, I’m definitely eating ice cream instead. I wonder how much fiber there is in a pint (okay, half a pint) of Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey.

Thank Goodness It’s Monday?

It was sort of a sucky weekend. There was no Big Bad thing that happened, just several small and medium bad things that felt hugely bad for some reason. I guess it actually started the middle of last week with the antique indigo stretch denim that I didn’t get. I did search to see if I could find it anywhere else. I couldn’t but even if I had found some the same color on another website there wouldn’t have been any way to be sure it was the exact same thing. The denim I missed out on had 35% stretch. Most online fabric retailers don’t tell you the amount of stretch and in my experience “stretch” denim is usually not actually very stretchy at all. Maybe 5%?

Anyway, as I said, I did order some of the light blue stretch denim. (20% stretch) It was supposed to arrive via US Mail on Saturday. But Friday, as I was headed out to go buy groceries, I noticed that our mailbox had fallen down. There used to be a huge problem with mailbox vandalism in our area so we made a super vandalism resistant mailbox. It totally worked for vandalism prevention but it weighed well over 100 pounds so I couldn’t put it back up by myself. We decided to buy a new, lighter weight but still sturdy mailbox to replace the old Superbox but didn’t have time to put it up until Saturday afternoon so we didn’t get any mail Friday or Saturday. This is not a big deal. I wouldn’t have got around to doing anything with the denim for several days or possibly a week or two anyway but still… I was expecting it on Saturday.

Saturday I went to a local quilt show. That should be fun, right? Well, it was nice. I did enjoy seeing all the gorgeous quilts. But there were two things that partially spoiled it for me. First of all, it seemed like I was the only person there who didn’t know anyone else and I felt alone, left out, and a little like I didn’t belong there. There was one woman there who started a conversation with me but she saw someone she knew and abandoned me mid-sentence. I can understand that. I really can. When you see a friend in a public place you don’t want to let her get away without talking to her, but still, it sort of made me feel like I was still that little girl who was only good enough to talk to if there was no one else around.

The other thing… I’ll be honest, a big reason why I even went to the quilt show was that a local quilt shop that I’ve been to a couple of times said on their Facebook page that if you stop by their booth at the show you could get a 25% off coupon for their store. 25% off? That’s huge! Well, I stopped by their booth and I didn’t see any coupons. The person attending the booth was talking to someone and I didn’t want to interrupt so I walked around a bit more and came back and she was still talking. I hung around for a bit and finally gave up and left without a coupon. It’s just as well. I certainly don’t need any more quilting cotton and yet I’ll probably buy some from eQuilter pretty soon because they have several fabrics that I’m finding particularly irresistible right now. But you see, this was a multi-level disappointment. Thursday I went to visit my brother for a while and I refrained from going to the the quilt shop over there in his town because I knew I was going to get a 25% off coupon from this quilt shop over here. And I like the selection of fabrics at Sager Creek Quilts better. (I don’t like their website and have never ordered from it because their images are too small and I can hardly see what I’m getting.)

The people who work at the local quilt shop are all very nice and one lady in particular is especially friendly and always seems so happy to see me, it makes it a pleasure to go there. Without the coupon as an excuse though, I probably won’t go there at least until next spring. Sager Creek Quilts, while they have a better fabric selection, the guy who is usually working there when I go there (I think he is the owner or is married to the owner) is sort of dour and reserved. Not really unfriendly but not fun and makes me a little uncomfortable to try to talk to him so it’s usually all business when I go there. It’s almost an hour and a half away so I probably won’t go there again anytime soon either.

Finally, to top off this less than fun weekend, my granddaughter was sick yesterday. She was supposed to have her 1st birthday party. I wasn’t excited about the party itself. There would have been a bunch of people there I didn’t know or barely know but I’m disappointed for her sake and sorry she’s not feeling well.

So that was my weekend. I’m actually glad it’s Monday but I’m a little nervous, wondering what else can happen.