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They’re Kidding, Right?

The National Hot Dog and Sausage Council says that there is one Proper Way to Eat a Hot Dog. I would like to believe this is tongue-in-cheek but I fear they are serious.

First of all, they tell us that we must use only “plain buns or those with poppy or sesame seeds”. I use whole wheat buns. Is that okay, Your High-and-Mightiness? I haven’t seen any sun dried tomato or basil buns but I would try them. Then they tell us the exact order in which the condiments must go on the hot dog. Sorry, I put the onions on first, then the chili. And I’m right; the Hot Dog Council is wrong. Putting the onions on first keeps them from falling off.

But they’re not done yet. They tell us what kind of dishes to use: paper plates or every day dishes. That makes sense and that’s exactly what I do but I’m wishing I actually had some fine china because I’m feeling rebellious right now and want to eat my hot dogs off of forbidden dishes.

I am a bit grossed out about this next part. They tell us that we should take no more than five bites to eat a hot dog, seven if it’s a foot-long. Seriously?! I just… I can’t even! I hardly know what to say about that. I suppose if you’re a really big guy and you normally take bigger bites than the average person just five bites might be acceptable but normally if I saw someone eating a hot dog like that I would think, “What a pig!” If you’re going to eat something that tasty and bad for you slow down and enjoy it.

Finally, there are notes on what to drink and what to do after the meal. You know… this is an example of one of the biggest things that is wrong with the world today: rules. Now personally, I like rules. We need rules. But we don’t need rules for everything and the fact that there are so many lists of rules for every aspect of our lives causes people to just give up and decide that it’s a good thing to break all the rules, even the good ones that we need. Want anarchy? Just start making rules for everything.

Summer Random

It’s the last week of July already? I was just starting to feel like summer is finally, really here now that it has stopped raining and we’ve had a couple of weeks of good, hot weather. I know officially, according to the calendar, we still have almost two months of summer left but Labor Day feels like the end of summer and the weather usually starts to cool just a little bit in September. Actually, September weather is typically just about perfect – still warm but not too hot – but psychologically September still feels like “the end is near.”

I’m starting to think about all the summer stuff I was planning to sew and haven’t done yet because I got distracted and sewed other summer stuff instead and I’m thinking there’s not much time left for summer sewing. Oh, there’s still lots of warm weather left but since I didn’t get all this stuff done early so I could wear it all summer I feel like I’m late and running out of time. I posted the latest thing I made on my sewing blog. I’m really loving it.

Saturday we dehydrated some apples. Everyone loved them and they’re almost gone. Must make more next time. We bought a huge commercial dehydrator because I could not make myself spend nearly $100 for something that is mostly plastic so instead we spent several hundred on a good quality, all metal dehydrator that we have to keep out in the shop (i.e. garage) because we have nowhere to put it in the house. I’m also thinking about drying strawberries and bananas.

We also dried some tomatoes. We have lots of tomatoes, more than we can use fresh. They came out okay and I used some of them in pasta last night. We have had the dehydrator for several months and haven’t used it all that much but now I keep thinking, “What else can we dehydrate?”

We watched Zoo for the first time last night. It was the fifth episode of the series but it wasn’t hard at all to catch on and I’m going to keep watching. I’m also thinking I need to read something by James Patterson, an author I never considered before.

Excuses and Complaints and Random Stuff

I was going to post some pictures but Flickr is being extremely uncooperative today. I swear sometimes I’m tempted to switch back to a Blogspot blog. At least I wouldn’t have to deal with Flickr when I want to post pictures. But then I think of the drawbacks and that in the past every time I switched platforms I lost half my readers. And then sometimes I think, “Maybe I’ve had enough of this.” But, I think I would always want some site that I am somewhat in control of where I can share and sound off occasionally. Facebook and Twitter just aren’t enough for me. And yeah, I could upload the pictures to my host’s server like I used to but that’s a whole different kind of hassle.

So, I have nothing to say today – at least not enough for a coherent and interesting blog post. Strange weather we’re having this year. * Donald Trump is a buffoon and that makes him different from the other Republicans how? * I have watched 9 episodes of Criminal Minds so far this week. * Watched a pretty good movie last night: Flight * Saw two rabbits in our back yard yesterday. Our dog slept through their leisurely visit and they got away safely. * I’m working on sewing another very pink dress. * And… That’s it. I’ve got nothin’.


Yesterday, July 13th, was my dad’s birthday. He would have been 90 years old. He passed away in the spring of 1984. He missed getting to meet his second grandchild, whom he correctly predicted would be a boy, by just six weeks.

Strangely, my dad was not a sports fan. In fact, he hated the very idea of professional sports. In his mind, kids should play sports; grown men should get real jobs. But he didn’t even watch high school or college games. And yet, he correctly predicted the winner of every Arkansas vs. Texas game during the years we lived in Arkansas. He always said he just knew. I think he also predicted presidential elections but I don’t remember that as well. Anything about which people around him were emotional and that involved just two possible outcomes, he always “just knew”. I once asked him, if he always knew, why he didn’t bet on the games. He said that if he did he would lose the ability.

It always used to drive me nuts that he could do that. From an early age, I was a skeptic about psychic or paranormal abilities. I knew it was all just a bunch of hooey and yet here was a guy who didn’t even like football, didn’t know a thing about it, and he could always predict the winner of this one important game. I was sure he was just guessing but how could he guess correctly every time?

I can’t say my dad and I were close. We didn’t really have the chance to be. He always worked second shift so during the school year I only saw him on weekends. When he was home he wasn’t very talkative. He watched all the country music shows on TV on Saturday afternoon. There were about half a dozen of them in the 60’s and 70’s – The Porter Wagoner Show, The Buck Owens Show – I can’t remember any of the others right now. He would joke and act silly sometimes. He embarrassed my mother in public, acting like he was “touched in the head.” And, of course, like all dads, he would occasionally get angry about childish misbehavior. But I don’t remember any serious conversations and he almost never talked about his childhood. But I wonder what kind of old man he would have been. Maybe he would have gotten around to it if he had had more time.

Random Linkage

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POSYDON – a proposed “positioning system for deep ocean navigation”

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Thoughts and Catchphrases and Such

A few days ago on Facebook I suggested that people who are getting way too worked up about certain issues should “just go kiss some puppies”. That slightly odd phrase had just popped into my head somehow and I didn’t give it even a second’s thought. But later it occurred to me that it’s actually a pretty good silly catchphrase. You know what I mean? Chill out; get over it; get a grip; take a chill pill; get a hobby; go kiss some puppies.

I’d love to see it catch on but I know it won’t because I’m me, not a famous Hollywood script writer but I’m going to use it whenever it seems appropriate. It will be my catchphrase and the way the world is now I’m thinking there will be many opportunities to use it.

It also occurs to me that it might be a good “Thought for the Week,” a cute way of telling people to just let go of whatever’s bugging them or a suggestion for a quick stress buster: Go kiss some puppies.

(I need a nice, shareable image to go with that.)

Oh No, She’s Talking About the Weather Again

We have every possible kind of weather here in Oklahoma. Literally every possible kind of weather. Rain, drought, tornadoes, blizzards and now we’ve got a freaking hurricane. Okay, honestly, by the time a hurricane gets here it’s technically a “tropical depression” (What an appropriate name: “depression”) and this one isn’t any worse than the weather we had for the entire month of May – nothing but more rain and not as heavy as they were saying on the news last night. But still – look at it on the weather radar and you can see that it’s a freaking hurricane. It’s not even raining at the moment; it’s just damp and gloomy. But I’m tired of it and, somehow, it makes me feel a tiny bit better to say, “It’s a freaking hurricane!”

Cat Envy

I’m sure it’s happened to all of us. We see another human’s Furry Overlord and fall in love. We have disloyal thoughts about how much prettier and sweeter he is than our own Furry Overlords and we wish we could be his human. We feel guilty and return home wondering if our Furry Overlords will smell our disloyalty on our hands.

This is my brother’s cat. His name is Garfield. He’s chubby and has a thick neck. He’s slightly long-furred but the fur on his tail is much longer than the rest of him. He came to me immediately for petting and cuddling and he didn’t make a sound the entire time I was there. Well, at least I get to visit him once in a while.

My Brother's Cat


My favorite holiday is coming up soon. The 4th of July (American Independence Day) is my favorite holiday. Not by a huge margin. I do love Christmas and Thanksgiving, but July 4th is the best because you get to just hang out with family and relax. And the weather is nice. No coats and snow chains required. And, although there is always lots of good food, it’s not such massive quantities that you end up over-eating for a month and a half.

Unfortunately, I have missed the past two Independence Days. Two years ago stuff happened and we didn’t get to go to the family party. Last year something minor but unavoidable got in the way and, again, we didn’t get to go and it was just like just any other day, which made me feel a little bit sad and upset. One’s favorite holiday should never feel like just another day.

By the way, of all the holidays the 4th of July is the one I would most like to host at my house but for a couple of reasons it’s never going to happen. One is that I live so far out in the woods that nobody wants to come to my house. The other reason – the most limiting reason – is the Oklahoma weather and our summer tradition of burn bans, which includes a ban on cooking outside. It depends on the weather and we don’t have one every year but we wouldn’t be able to plan more than a week, maybe two, ahead of time. Otherwise, here would be the perfect place because it’s legal to set off fireworks. (if there’s no burn ban)

But anyway, that was a bit of a tangent. I don’t want to be superstitious but it’s hard to not feel like the universe is conspiring to prevent me from enjoying my favorite holiday and I keep thinking, “What’s going to happen this year?” Two years ago I made a dress that I intended to wear on the 4th of July and when we didn’t get to go anywhere I decided to save it and wear it the next 4th of July but again didn’t get to go. This year I’m starting to think I might want to wear something else anyway, which kind of bugs me because I’ve been saving this dress for two years. It kind of makes me look fat, though (Shut up. Fatter) and I have other dresses I’d rather be seen in. I have pretty much decided to put off the decision until that morning but I know until then I will not stop thinking about it along with everything else.

Oh Sunny Days!

I have to mention this, because I was complaining about the rain last week and wishing for “just three warm, sunny days in a row”. Well, I’m getting my wish and more. But, of course, that puts a little pressure on to get out and do something. Weed those flower beds! Plant more flowers! Pick up that trash that blew in from the next county. But, you know, it’s really humid out there, plus, the mosquitoes and ticks are really bad…

Still, I’m really happy about the change in the weather. I love warmth and sunshine.

“Just Shoot ’em”

The husband and I spent this morning doing what we call “running around,” which means, “going to a lot of stores and only buying stuff at a couple of them.” When we were done with the running around, we noticed that it was a few minutes after noon and decided to stop at a fast food restaurant for some minimally nutritious tummy filler. Among the few other people who were eating in was a pair of not sweet, not little, old ladies who were forgetting to use their inside voices as they conversed about all manner of topics, about which they knew more than anyone else in the entire world, at least according to themselves. Though the volume made it a little difficult, we tried to ignore them and have a conversation of our own and were partially successful but a couple of sentences stood out: “Anyone who runs from the cops oughta be shot,” and “Just shoot ’em and get it over with.” One of the women repeated the last one several times.

Let’s start with the first statement: “Anyone who runs from the cops oughta be shot.” I’m not a saint. I will confess that the thought has crossed my mind that, “If you run from the cops of course you’re going to get shot. Don’t run! Duh!” But let’s consider the reasons a person might run. 1. He (or she; that’s the last time I’m going to say it) is guilty of murder. I don’t have any statistics to back this up but I’m guessing that this is the least likely reason. 2. He is guilty of a crime that does not carry the death penalty – for example, robbery, drug possession, being in the U.S. illegally, failure to pay traffic fines, etc. 3. He is not guilty of any crime but has been raised in an environment where he has learned to fear the cops. So, what these women were saying is that running from the cops merits the death penalty regardless of whether or not the runner has committed any other crimes. Further, they are saying that every cop has the right to be judge, jury, and executioner in all situations.

Now regarding the second statement, a notion which the woman seemed particularly proud of: “Just shoot ’em and get it over with.” In a certain kind of mind this is perfectly logical. If they’re obviously guilty why waste time and money on a trial? Make the world a safer place for law abiding citizens by taking the criminals out quickly and efficiently. But, aside from the obvious moral problem with this, in places where this is the way it’s done, the crime rate is not lower than in countries where it is left up to courts and juries to decide who is guilty and how the guilty are to be punished. Quite the opposite, in fact. I’m sure these two old bats are confident that they would never have to worry about getting shot by the police because, “obviously,” they are not guilty of any crime. This attitude is, at best, extremely naive. It’s been a long time since those two were in school and I’m thinking they have forgotten everything they learned in history class, if they were even paying attention in the first place.

As we were leaving the restaurant, the husband made dire threats of what he would do if I ever turned into that kind of old lady. He needn’t worry. However, there’s a distinct possibility that in another ten or twenty years I might turn into the kind of old lady who doesn’t hold back from giving other old ladies a good tongue lashing when I think they need it. Right now, I’m actually thinking it’s too bad those two old biddies will almost certainly never read this.

Lame, Lazy Weather Blogging

Yeah, I know… I’m a terrible blogger and that’s why no one reads this nonsense anymore. But the only thing that’s going on in my world is that it’s raining. Well, it seems to have stopped for the moment but the weather forecasts show no real break in sight. I’m trying to think about the drought years and be thankful for the rain but all I can think is, “Just give me three days without any rain. Just three days.” Okay, seriously? I would like a week or two but even just three warm, dry days would be glorious.

Go look at this satellite image of flooding on the Arkansas River and the one from a year ago for comparison. They’re not terribly impressive until you really start looking and realize the large areas covered. I live on top of a small hill, myself, and have not actually seen any flooding personally. Even the lower part of my yard is just wet with a few puddles, not totally under water like it has been in previous wet years.

So… not too bad here, really. But I really, really, really, really would like to be complaining about the heat for a while instead of the rain.

Thought for the Week

This one isn’t a quote (At least I don’t think it is) it’s just something that came to me.

No matter what you do or how you do it there will be people standing in line to tell you you’re doing it wrong. If you really don’t need any help just smile and ignore those people.

Rules and Such

You know, sometimes it’s hard to tell whether a social media “rule” is actually a generally accepted social convention or merely the opinion of the author of a list of rules like this list of The 29 Rules of Social Media. Now, to start with, I have a rule for blogs and other websites that I wish everyone would follow and that is, DON’T have weird features on your website that make it difficult or confusing for first time visitors like, for example, like having the content not appear until you move your mouse to the right. What the F, dude? Seriously? Why?

But anyway, moving on. Some of the 29 rules are site specific so I’ll skip over the ones for sites I’ve never visited, and I’ll skip over some others because I simply don’t have anything to say about them. First, for all sites:

Share several times a day, but space out your posts every few hours. – I’m not good with scheduling. Well, I’m okay but I share when I have something to say or when I have a few minutes when I have nothing better to do. It’s social media, dude, not like a job.

Respond to all comments as quickly as you can. – I would like to respond quickly but sometimes I just don’t have anything to say and sometimes I don’t think of anything until hours or a day or two later.

Know the art of the hashtag. 1 hashtag is fine. 10 hashtags are not. – Agreed. I don’t use hashtags much anyway.

Always keep the 80/20 rule! Entertain and inform your audience first, sell to them second. – I hadn’t heard of the 80/20 rule. It depends on what I’m looking for. If I’m looking for entertainment I expect it to be 100% entertainment. If I’m looking for shoes or fabric or something it’s okay if you’re trying to sell it to me.

These are for Twitter:

Don’t automatically direct message people that follow you. – Shouldn’t that be “people who follow you”? Anyway. Not sure about this one. Seems like a good rule but I can see how this might seem polite to some people.

Don’t use all 140 characters. Give people room to retweet with a reply. – Ridiculous! Sometimes 140 characters is barely enough and you expect me to limit myself to even fewer?

I haven’t been on Twitter regularly for a long time. I like it, maybe better than Facebook, and keep thinking I want to get back on it but for some reason I just don’t.

For Facebook:

Don’t Like your own post. – Do people do that? Actually, I wouldn’t do it but I don’t see how it could hurt or inconvenience anyone. So someone’s post has 4 likes instead of 3, or 1 instead of none. Is this really a problem? Sure it says something about you if Like your own posts but other than that…

Don’t post or tag photos of fans, customers, or employees without permission. – Probably a good idea for legal reasons.

Don’t tag people or pages that aren’t relevant to your post. – Agreed. I haven’t experienced this myself though.

Don’t ask for Likes, Comments, or Shares. – OMG! YES! Please, please, please stop doing this! I get so freaking tired of the “Share if…” you love your mom, dad, kids, husband, wife, brother, sister, America, Jesus, or puppies images on Facebook. This is one of those things, though, that I was talking about that are probably opinions more than social conventions because almost everyone seems to think this is okay.

I’m not on LinkedIn or Instagram so I won’t comment on those. I signed up for Pinterest but I’ve never used it because there were no instructions or “getting started” guide or anything like that. Or at least not an adequate guide. I can’t remember exactly. Sure I could have figured it out but I hate being a newbie and not knowing how to do anything and having to figure it out as I go along. The rules? I’m not sure. I was interested in Pinterest mainly as a way of keeping track of things I see online that I want to be able to find again so I don’t have to keep bookmarking things and have an endless list of bookmarks which I will probably lose again because I always do eventually. But that was just my idea; I’m not sure how Pinterest really works and it’s kind of annoying to think that if I ever started using it I would have this social obligation to use it a certain way and follow certain rules when all I really want to do is keep track of stuff.

I’m on Google+ but I rarely use it. I think I might (not sure because I haven’t used it that much) like it better than Facebook if anyone I know was actually on it and actually used it but the few family and friends I have that use social media prefer Facebook so that’s where I go too.


This ‘n’ That

I really fraking hate upgrades! Yesterday I got a notice on my phone that an upgrade needed my approval. It was from AT&T so I figured it was something I needed to do and usually it’s no big deal; nothing changes that I notice. But this time it changed practically everything. Most annoyingly, how to mute the phone or put it on vibrate. Before, I simply held in the right button and a menu popped up that had the options, Power Off, Restart, Airplane Mode, Vibrate, and Mute. Now it just has Power off, Restart, Airplane mode, and Emergency Mode. What the hell is “Emergency Mode”? And where are the rest of the options? I know there must be some way to at least put the phone on vibrate but I have no idea how. Now my only option when I need for it to not make noise is to turn it off completely and that is not acceptable. I am going to look at the AT&T website and see if I can figure it out but this really pisses me off. It should be obvious, or at least easy to figure out own your own.

UPDATE: Okay, I got it. You have to use the volume button. Just turn down the volume down all the way, which makes sense but it’s more “work” and more annoying than the old way.

* * *

Did I already mention this? It’s still in my bookmarks. Wearing a Suit Changes the Way Your Brain Works. People who resist dressing up for anything need to know this. I don’t know… Maybe it wouldn’t make any difference to someone like that. Probably they would see it as another reason to not dress up. I mean, who wants to feel more confident and powerful, right? It’s not all good though. Wearing a suit supposedly also makes you less detail oriented, which would explain a lot about what goes on in the corporate world.

* * *

Did you know that there is an Eat What You Want Day? It was yesterday. I missed it but that’s okay. I pretty much ate what I wanted this past weekend. And the weekend before that. What I really need is a Stop Eating Everything in Sight You Crazy Fool Day. Oh. I guess that should be every day. Seriously, I did really good yesterday and I didn’t even feel especially hungry. I’m planning a really light-eating week and a hopefully not too crazy weekend.

* * *

I am really happy that we have been getting so much rain lately. We need it. But, at the same time, I’m really getting tired of it. It’s been raining almost every day and when it’s not raining it’s still unseasonably cool. Yesterday was sunny but it barely made it up to 70° F. Today is supposed to be the same and tomorrow the rain returns. I’m trying not to be too down about it because rain is good but I am very impatient for warmer weather.

* * *

Last week I found something for a “Thought for the Week” but then I forgot to post it yesterday like I intended so here it is:

“The beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can take it away from you.” — B.B. King


I hadn’t seen this Calvin and Hobbes strip before. (thanks*) It sort of makes you think… For most of us, life is “unfair in our favor” a lot of the time but we choose not to notice. We see life being unfair in our favor as merely our due, or just life being normal, or maybe even just “good luck”. We might even, if we’re feeling particularly humble, think, “I don’t deserve this,” when something good happens to us. But to think of it as “unfair”? Never.

If we could think of good things happening to us as life being “unfair in our favor” maybe it would help us put those other times when we think “life is not fair” in better perspective.

(*I get way behind on reading her blog. If I skip a day or two there’s always a ton of new stuff to read. Not complaining.)

This ‘n’ That

It’s a pretty typical April, I guess. It has been cool and raining almost every day and on the days when there’s no rain it’s still mostly cloudy. We have had a couple of warm, partly sunny days but I think those just make me more impatient for summer weather.

I haven’t planted anything yet. I did clean out the flower bed at the south side of the house but with all the rain I need to do it again. The dianthus are blooming and the first iris opened a couple of days ago. It’s a pure white one named Immortality. Funny, that’s the only one of my irises that I remember the name of. The dogwoods looked great this year but they’re almost done blooming. I have really been enjoying all the little spring wildflowers that grow everywhere.

I sort of want some of this but my attempts at starting ground covers haven’t gone well. Also, I don’t know exactly where I want it to grow. Thanks.

* * * * *

Television – Orphan Black (BBC America) is back! I love the weirdness of it and the amazing acting, and I think it’s one of the most technically brilliant shows ever made. We’re also watching Lost Girl. (SyFy) Number Two Son got us to watching that. Personally, I could take it or leave it but it’s okay. Star Talk, Neil deGrasse Tyson’s new late night talk show started last night. I haven’t watched it yet; it’s on the DVR. Seems like there are some more good shows starting or returning soon but I can’t remember what.

* * * * *

Some more recipes I want to try:

Beer bread – I have made beer bread before but I want to try this recipe. And here’s another one, called the easiet ever. I don’t know about that. The one I used before had only three ingredients.

Lemon Ricotta Cheesecake

No-Bake Chocolate Oat Cookies – Great idea for when you need cookies in the summer and you don’t want to bake.

* * * * *

I have been doing a little sewing. If you’re interested you can read about it on my sewing blog.

Like Magic!

I made the ice cream we talked about here and it is amazing! The consistency is exactly like premium ice cream that you buy at the grocery store. And it’s so simple. Why did I not know about this before? I’m looking back at half a lifetime of missed opportunities. I could have made this with my kids, if only I had known.

I tried the Cinnamon Bun flavor first. I did make sort of a little mistake but it turned out wonderful anyway. I used the butter that I already had, which happened to be “lightly salted.” It didn’t ruin the ice cream but I could definitely taste a little saltiness, which is a taste you don’t normally expect in ice cream. I actually did like it but some people might not so this is a detail you might want to watch for when making it.

The recipe says “pour into a two quart container” but it only filled the two quart container about half full so this recipe actually only makes about a quart of ice cream. (Maybe I was too impatient and should whip the cream longer?) Of course that didn’t last long at all.

The store where I bought groceries only had quart size containers of heavy whipping cream so I had enough left to make more ice cream. For the second batch I used French vanilla cappuccino mix to flavor it. It’s good too but it leaves a coffee aftertaste that I, personally, find a little unpleasant.

I’m going to try to restrain myself and not make this too often. Ice cream, though we know it’s not really good for us, seems so wholesome and innocent, but making it yourself, with the heavy whipping cream and sweetened condensed milk, sort of hammers home the fact that it is really pretty fattening stuff. (Darn it) But I will make it again. (many times) I want to experiment and see what other interesting, not-available-in-stores, flavors I can come up with.

UPDATE:Here are those recipes again:
Cinnamon ice cream and more
Coffee Ice Cream

Miles to Go…

There is a little screen on the instrument panel of my new F150 that displays various kinds of helpful information that you can scroll through using a button on the steering wheel. Nifty, huh? One of my favorites is “Miles to Empty”. When I first saw this I was mildly excited about it. You see, I have really bad Quarter Tank Paranoia. If I am driving a vehicle and the gas gauge shows even a hair below a quarter of a tank of gas I cannot – CANNOT, you understand – continue without seeking out the nearest gas station and filling up. Never mind that I know at that point that it can go another 100 miles or even more; it’s down to a quarter tank so I must buy gas immediately.

Well, anyway… the F150 has the usual, traditional gas gauge – it’s rather small and hard to read; the space between the marks is not much more than the thickness of the indicator “needle” – but it also has this neat feature on the screen, that tells you approximately how many miles you have to go before you run out of gas. So I decided that when I got to a quarter of a tank I would just scroll to this information and pay attention to that and not the traditional gauge and that when it got down to 50 miles to go I would fill up. Well, I was about a quarter mile from home, which is about 5 miles from the nearest gas station, when it reached that point and instead of continuing to count down the miles it switched to a LOW FUEL warning.

Of course, you must know how much that bothered me. To me, “LOW FUEL” means “OMG! YOU’RE ALMOST OUT OF GAS! YOU HAVE TO FIND A GAS STATION IMMEDIATELY!” even though I knew it still had a comfortable 50 miles to go. So the next time I went out I filled up at the nearest gas station and was rewarded with a satisfying 479 MILES TO EMPTY. I love a happy ending, don’t you?

Spring Thoughts

Ah, spring… that lovely time of year when it’s 40 degrees in the morning and 80 in the afternoon. Yeah, I know… “layering”. I hate layering. I can never really make it work for me. Another thing about this time of year is that it seems so cold inside the house in the morning and stays cold but then I go outside and it’s actually nice and I think, “How can it feel warmer outside than inside when it’s 70° inside and only 60° outside?”

But I like spring because I like spring flowers but, perhaps even more, I like spring because it means summer is not too far away. Yes, summer. While everyone else is complaining about the heat I’ll be… well, complaining about the heat sometimes too but mostly being happy that it’s not cold. Happy that I can get up in the morning and put on a light and lovely cotton dress and wear it all day instead of having to layer or to wear one thing in the morning and change into something else in the afternoon.

So now I can start the summer sewing! I was working on a long sleeved blouse last week and I only have to do buttons and buttonholes now. I already started a pair of pants (or trousers or slacks or whatever you prefer) The weather is still very changeable so I think I will get to wear these a few times before it gets too warm for them.

I don’t ever do a major “spring cleaning” but I’m having serious thoughts about closet cleaning. It’s so hard though. There’s only so much you can do with six feet of space. Outside, I need to work on the flower beds. I feel like I should have started that already but until the last few days the weather has not been such as to inspire me to spend time outside.