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Introvert/Extrovert: Nature or Nurture or Both?

We keep trying to categorize people. That’s not entirely wrong; we can’t help it. It’s the way our brains are wired. The problem is that we too often believe in the absoluteness of our categories. Everyone is either an introvert or an extrovert right? Could it be that’s not true – that maybe some people are somewhere in between or a little of both?

Suppose nature made you an extrovert. You like attention and love being around people. But then you go to school and the other kids reject you or even outright bully you. In time you come to feel that being a loner is safer. You discover that being alone with your own thoughts can even be pleasant. You are an introvert. But if this happened to you couldn’t you still retain some latent extrovertedness? Because it’s your nature, crave the company of others and secretly long to be the center of attention but because of your experiences never be comfortable with the attention you crave?

Or maybe some people are just born in between? Craving company or craving solitude, at different times depending on mood?

People Who Suck

First of all, I want to say (even though you all know this already) spammers suck. This morning I had 46 spam comments, which I suppose isn’t too bad; at least it wasn’t in the hundreds; but it’s a lot more than I usually get. Besides the obvious, another thing that really sucks about that, for me, is that when I have a lot of comments waiting for moderation I always think that maybe one is a genuine on topic comment from a real person – someone who just found this blog or a lurker coming out of hiding – but that hardly ever happens and I think, “Why do I keep hoping?” I’m like a silly child waiting for an impossible wish to come true.

Anyway, that’s not what I really wanted to talk about. The particular Person Who Sucks that I want to talk about is the person in the little maroon car who pulled out in front of us yesterday. We were driving slowly through The Nearby Small Town, which is generally the only way one can drive through The Nearby Small Town because the traffic lights suck but that’s another story.

Anyway (Did I just start two paragraphs in a row with the word “anyway”? Sorry) we were on our way home from Lowe’s where we had just purchased a bunch of “six packs” of pansies and two quart size pots of violas. We were in the Subaru, the back seat was down and the plants were sitting, unsecured, in the back. I think you see where this is going. The little maroon car was sitting in the left turn lane and suddenly decided they didn’t want to be there anymore and moved over in front of us. We managed to avoid hitting them but the plants and especially the dirt in the pots went flying all over the car. I swear this incident violated the laws of physics (or something) because we ended up with way more dirt in the car than was actually in the pots to begin with.

We got the plants home and planted safely in the ground and the car vacuumed out and life goes on, but Person in the Maroon Car, you still suck. You have no idea what you caused. You don’t care. You only care that you didn’t have to wait in the turn lane another second. There’s a little part of me that still wants to hunt you down but I’ll just have to leave that to karma.

What Time Is Three O’ Clock?

This is why I can’t work in retail. I just don’t have the strength of character to not tell an incredibly stupid person that they are being incredibly stupid. Well, actually, I do but having to do it on a regular basis, day after day, is way too stressful and turns me into an unhappy, not very nice person.

In all fairness though – 1. Not everyone who does or says something dumb in public is really that dumb. They might just be having a relatively rare “senior” or “dumb blond” moment which they will be intensely embarrassed about later. 2. #20 might actually be possible in the near future and even if it never is, how is the average, non-geeky person supposed to know in a world where everything has a computer and we’re constantly being warned about viruses?

I really feel, difficult as it is, that we should be patient with stupid people because if they really are that stupid they can’t help it, right? You can’t expect a stupid person to be smart any more than you can expect a person with a limp to walk faster. But the angry and mean people – the #3′s and the #13′s – deserve no mercy. Not everyone can be smart but everyone can be nice, even if it is really really hard sometimes.

That Was Weird

When I was little my grandmother had a green parakeet (budgie) named Mike. In fact, he was a few months older than I was. He could say a few words but mostly stopped talking in his later years. He died when we were eight years old, which is more or less a normal lifespan for a parakeet.

Now here’s the weird thing. Last night I dreamed that Mike was still alive, right now in 2014 at more than 50 years of age, and he had grown very large, about the size of a chicken. There was some kind of gathering and I took Mike out of his cage to show him off. I carried him on my shoulder but held on to him so he wouldn’t fly away. I kept trying to get someone to take a picture of us but everyone was either too busy or they said they would do it but wanted me to do something for them first. I was going to have to leave soon and was running out of time to have the picture taken. And then I woke up and it was my pillow that I was holding.

At first I a little disappointed but then I thought, “Thank goodness! An over-sized parakeet is the last thing I need!”

Spring Indecision

It seems like this time of year is the not really a good time for anything. Unlike fall, there are no holidays to get ready for, except Easter and there’s not a lot of preparation necessary for that, not like the winter holidays. I’m not interested in any of the sports that are played this time of year. It’s too early for most seeds and plants. I am planning to plant some pansies this week. It is getting warm enough to be outside most days. Yesterday was not one of those days. Today is almost warm enough.

And sewing? Do I sew late winter clothes or spring and summer clothes? I have a couple of winter fabrics that I want to sew now because I feel like they are in the way. Every time I go in the closet to get something there they are, right on top of everything. But if I made them up now I would only get to wear them a few times, maybe only once or twice. I’m in the mood to sew some pretty spring and summer fabrics but it would be a month, maybe even two, before I would get to wear them. So, not knowing what to start next, I procrastinate. It would be a good time to finally do some of the re-making and re-styling that I’ve been thinking about but that would mean taking stuff apart and I’m never in the mood for that.

I do have a few fabrics that are destined to be long sleeved spring blouses and I should make those but I think of them like winter stuff – something I will only be able to wear a few times before I have to put them away for next winter.

So, what are you doing during this transitional season?

Open or Not?

How do you feel about “open kitchens”? Apparently they are not as much of a thing in Britain as they are on this side of the pond. And even here, I doubt that they are as universally loved as you might be led to believe by watching HGTV and reading kitchen decor magazines.

I am not sure if I would like an open kitchen or not. It seems like it might be nice to be able to talk with people in the living room and see the TV while I’m in the kitchen but I just feel like the kitchen needs to be a separate room. I would rather have a big, eat-in country kitchen with space for people to hang out out of the way of the actual cooking zone.

What about you? What would your dream kitchen look like?

The Home and Garden Show

Saturday we went to the Tulsa Home and Garden Show. I always really enjoy it, and I did this year as well, but I have to say that in terms of the variety of stuff on display it was the most lame big event ever. There was very little that you couldn’t see any day at Lowe’s or Home Depot. Fifty flooring companies with the exact same hardwood flooring; fifty countertop companies with the exact same granite counter tops; fifty window and siding companies with essentially the same windows and siding; and 500,000,000 tornado shelter companies… Okay, I might be exaggerating a little bit on that last one.

They also had a few things that don’t have anything to do with “home and garden”, like vehicles, and, because this is Oklahoma, by “vehicles” I mean big-ass pickups that are big enough to live in and you’ll probably have to if you buy one because they cost as much as a decent house, which you won’t be able to afford and make payments on the pickup too. Oh, okay, I get it now. That’s the connection.

It was all nice. I did enjoy walking around and looking at all that stuff but for the $8 per person entry fee I really expect to see at least a few things I can’t see at the local home and garden store. I want to see some of the stuff I’ve only seen on TV or on the Internet, like the lightweight composite building blocks or translucent concrete blocks or the windows that go opaque at the flip of a switch. Perhaps the companies who make these things don’t exist in Oklahoma but you would think some of them would be interested in traveling to the show just to see if there’s a market for their products in this area.

And one more thing. Message to the sales people: Leave me alone! Don’t talk to me. Don’t ask me how I’m doing. Don’t ask me if I’m thinking about installing hardwood flooring or windows or whatever it is you’re selling. Just be there and if I’m interested in talking to you I will start the conversation.

Anyway, in spite of my complaints it was fun to walk around and look at stuff, even though it wasn’t all the stuff I would like to have seen, and we will probably go again next year.

Life in the Arctic

It is 1°F outside. Yesterday’s high was 13°. Our pipes have been frozen since yesterday morning. We (and by “we” I mean mostly the husband) have been trying to thaw them out but they are staying stubbornly frozen. We do have a “frost proof hydrant” outside which is still working so we are not completely without water, just terribly, terribly inconvenienced.

We spent most of the weekend being couch potatoes, watching movies on SyFy. We had already seen most of them before. One was new to me: Sin City, a very cool movie. It was done in black and white “noir” style, except a few things were in color. And, weirdly, blood was bright white. Except, sometimes it was dark red, depending on which character was bleeding. The action was what I call “deliberately bad” – like a parody but all done very dark and serious. Anyway, very weird/cool/fun movie.

We finished off the weekend with Raiders of the Lost Ark, which never gets old. That ended at 8:00 so we watched a biography of Josephine Baker. That was very interesting. I had heard of her but didn’t know anything about her. So, that was our weekend. It’s still supposed to stay below freezing today. Perhaps tomorrow we will begin to thaw out.

This ‘n’ That

Last night we watched the movie, Up. It was on CBS or ABC; I forget which. Sad, sad, sad, sad movie. I know it’s supposed to be cute and uplifting but all I could think was, “What good is it to have your dream finally come true if the person you first dreamed it with isn’t there to share it with you?”

We are finally out of the deep freeze. Well, at least for this week. It’s supposed to be cold again on Sunday. But today it may get up to 70°F! That is spring, my friends! Sure, the calendar says it’s still a few weeks away but spring is more than just a date. We have had winter near the end of April and spring in February, as we’re having now.

I have been watching some of the Olympics. I’m glad they’re on NBC again. CBS spoils the Olympics when they’re on that network. It seems like it’s always 30 minutes of OMG! Drama! Drama! Drama! for every 10 minutes of sports. NBC actually focuses on the sports. I used to love the Winter Olympics and would watch every minute of it but it’s more fun when you have someone who loves it as much as you do. Now I just defer to the rest of the family. I do want to see some more curling. Strange sport. I got hooked on it two Olympics ago.

Sewing – I finished another thing I want to show off but my first attempt at self-photography didn’t turn out good at all. The flash, auto-focus and the self timer don’t seem to work well together so I will try it outside one day this week. I started another pair of slacks and then decided that I want to put a zipper in them instead of doing the pocket trick. That doesn’t work as well if you have to use a different, lighter weight, fabric for the pockets. So I ordered a zipper because Walmart only has them in two colors so now I’m thinking I might start something else today so I’ll have something to work on while I’m waiting on the zipper. By the way, has all kinds of zippers in lots of colors.

I first saw this on Facebook. I absolutely love it!

An Unmotivated Post

It’s another cold, dreary Monday. Tuesday will be the same but by Thursday the weather is supposed to be more pleasant. I’m having a hard time believing it though. It just feels like it’s going to be cold and gloomy forever.

Back in November I had several sewing projects that I planned to get done by Christmas. Actually, not so much planned as had in mind to maybe sew before the end of the year. Most of these things I did not do. Now, on the one hand, I’m wanting to hurry up and finish all of them while it’s still cold, but on the other hand, I’m thinking maybe I should just save them for next fall and winter. The purple flannel top I mentioned in another post didn’t turn out so well. I’m disappointed because I really like the fabric and I used a pattern that I have used successfully several times before so I don’t know what happened. I could wear it just around the house or maybe even to Wal-mart. It honestly doesn’t look all that bad but it has problems. Worst of all is that it rides up in front so that the neckline, which is several inches below the base of my neck ends up choking me. I really don’t know why it does that or what to do about it.

Right now I’m almost finished with another shirt that is turning out much better. After a failure I always try to sew a guaranteed success. Well… I would have thought the purple one was a guaranteed success. In fact, I think of everything as a guaranteed success, until it isn’t. Oh well. Tip for you non-sewing people: Even after more than 30 years sewing you will still have occasional failures. Nobody’s perfect so if you really want to sew just get over whatever is keeping you from it and get started already.

I’m feeling particularly unmotivated and lacking imagination lately. NOT depressed; I’m feeling just fine. It’s just that when I think, “What do I want to do today?” or “What can I post on the blog today?” nothing comes to me. And when I look around and see the house is a mess I just think, “No hurry; I’ll clean that up later.” And I’m only working on the sewing just a few minutes a day. And so on. I’m going to blame the weather. Anyway, the good side of that is that I’ve been doing a lot more reading than usual and that’s good because, well, reading is always good and because I just recently downloaded two more $1.99 specials that look really good.

And Speaking of Puns…

Considering the weather we’ve been having lately, it occurs to me that perhaps Oklahoma took the title of this post literally. In the future I must remember to be careful with my use of colloquial expressions. I didn’t realize that I had such power.

At least today is supposed to be nice. But tomorrow, not so nice. What can I say? Be cool? (cool, not cold)

The Changing Picture

Kelly Sedinger has some thoughts on selfies. And so have I.

First of all, about the word “selfie.” Generally, I hate that people shorten everything to just one or two syllables but sometimes it seems appropriate. A quick, usually poor quality, picture snapped with a phone does not deserve the formality of the term “self portrait.” So I actually sort of like the word “selfie.” It’s a new thing so we actually need a new word.

I don’t have anything against selfies at all but I am a little sad about the way the custom of picture taking has changed. Look at any old family photo album. Mostly you will see pictures of people standing in front of houses and cars. They were usually taken from too far away, due to the inaccuracy of viewfinders on cheap cameras. When I was a kid it always seemed that picture taking was a bit of an event. When someone wanted to take a picture the subject or subjects would stop what they were doing, go to an appropriate place and pose for the picture. Now days all that is just too much of a bother for most people.

People used to have to put more thought and care into taking pictures so they wouldn’t “waste film”. Most commonly, there were 12 or 24 shots on a roll of film so most people wouldn’t take a chance on candid photos which might turn out badly. When you wanted to take pictures of your relatives they would usually cooperate because they cared enough to not cause you waste a picture. With digital cameras we are freed from the limits of film. We can take as many pictures as we want and delete the bad ones. This is a good thing. I love digital cameras. They’re a dream come true for me. But, unfortunately, as with any technology, there’s a down side. People rarely cooperate when you want to take a picture of them. You have to be content to take a quick pic wherever they are. Posing for pictures is just too early 20th century.

The very purpose of picture taking has changed. We used to take pictures of friends and relatives so we could preserve an image of them at a particular time in their lives so that, in the future, we could look at the pictures and remember. With selfies it’s more about showing where we are, what we’re doing, who we’re with. It’s not about preserving and remembering; it’s about communicating. And that’s okay. Really, it is. I just wish we didn’t always have to lose the old thing in order to have a new thing. In this case at least, there’s no reason why we can’t have it both ways.

This ‘n’ That

We are having computer issues again. I can be on it for about ten or fifteen minutes then it locks up. This time it seems to be a software problem – one program not playing well with another or something like that. Not sure; not my department. I just surf and tap out drivel on the thing.

Someone posted something on Facebook saying that the weather has bipolar disorder. Sounds right to me. Yesterday it was over 60°F. Today, as I type this at around 11:30AM, it’s 21°. Tomorrow it’s supposed to be warmer again, though maybe not quite as warm as yesterday, then the next day colder again, then fairly nice for the weekend. Bipolar indeed. But actually, I prefer this to days and days of nothing but sub-freezing temps.

I finished making another pair of pants. They’re purple. This morning I started a purple plaid top. I was going to do something else but then I realized the purple plaid would go with the pants I just finished and couldn’t resist making it an outfit. I think I have enough of the pants fabric to make a tiny pair for the granddaughter but I’m sort of nervous about making her stuff because the two “newborn size” outfits I made her still don’t fit. I know that babies come in many different sizes at different ages but even the measurements given on the pattern envelope are way, way off. Seriously, what is the deal with baby patterns? Even if they can’t tell newborn size from 12 month size you would think they could at least get the measurements right.

And then there’s this. My apologies to Patriots fans and those who just don’t give a rat’s hiney, but for me, it’s not getting old.

Monday Morning Random

You know what bugs me most about modern weather forecasting? Not that it’s wrong sometimes but that it is, most of the time, too accurate. Yesterday they said that this morning’s low would be 0°F. It was exactly 0°F when I got up at 6:30 this morning. It is now -2°F. So they were off by 2. So far.

I don’t think I get many visitors from the sewing blogger community, which is not surprising, and all of them already know about this anyway but I simply must point to the best online, month-long party on the Web, the delightfully witty Anne’s Jungle January. This year I will be participating. At least I hope I will be finished with my animal print creation before January is over. I have already started it but it is temporarily on hold because there is not a zipper in the right color within 40 miles of where I live. I ordered one. Shipping was more than five times the price of the zipper, which makes me absolutely crazy but it was still cheaper than driving to Tulsa.

This weather makes me want to hibernate. There are all sorts of things I need to do and want to do but I don’t feel inspired to do any of them. I’m not feeling bad in any way. In fact, I’ve been in quite a pleasant mood lately. I’m just uninspired and unmotivated. I think part it, besides the weather, is the sewing project being on hold. That’s the one thing I’m interested in working on and I can’t so it’s like everything else is in the queue behind this particular project and something in me just can’t skip to something else.

Here’s something I think I saw first on Facebook: an ocean themed tea set. I can’t decide if it’s cool or one of the ugliest things I’ve ever seen. Of course, it’s entirely possible that it could be both.

Shoe Rant Follow Up

Have you ever started writing a rant and have it not go the way you originally intended? I do not regret anything I said in my shoe rant yesterday but the main point I wanted to make got lost in there somehow. That point is that “sensible shoes” should not be looked down upon as a less desirable choice.

I actually have no problem with what anyone else chooses to wear. As long as you’re not showing your underwear or parts of your body that should be covered you can dress as crazy as you want to and I won’t care. Sure, I’ll have an opinion about it, which in some cases might be quite negative, but that opinion does not include wanting to make you dress exactly like me. What I have a problem with is plain, comfortable, flat or low-heeled shoes and classic, modest clothing being considered “dowdy”. I know sometimes “sexy” is appropriate, such as, perhaps, when you’re trying to sell expensive cars, but a short, tight dress and ridiculously high, thin heels should not be the Standard Attractive Female Uniform. There are many ways to be attractive and all should be considered equal.

Regarding shoes, I have worn high heels, though never the very thin ones and mostly under three inches, and I’ve never worn shoes with pointy, cramped toes. The natural result of my choice of footwear is that, for my age, my feet still look pretty darn good, if I do say so myself – much more attractive that many younger celebrities’ feet. If you want to wear high heels at least make sure they fit properly. (I no longer own those flip flops, by the way. The strap between the toes bothered me so I gave them away.)

A Brief (and late) Observation

I kept thinking about posting this all during December but never got around to it but even though the season is over I still really want to say this.

Of all Christmas season TV commercials the ones that bug me the most are car commercials. (One exception: the Chevy commercials with the salesman who looks like Santa Claus and apparently doesn’t realize it.) The worst of the car commercials are those for Lexus. This year they had one in which they showed a woman using a treadle sewing machine. They showed a quick close-up of her feet and she was wearing stiletto heels! I cheer the use of a treadle sewing machine but in those heels? Not happening sweetie.

Besides the implausibility of that little scene, it greatly annoys me that that style of ridiculous, uncomfortable and possibly even dangerous footwear is considered an essential part of the standard Attractive-Female Uniform. While it’s certainly not as extreme as the old Chinese custom of foot binding it comes from the same mindset. Don’t think this was entirely a practice of a male dominated society. Mothers willing had this done to their own infant daughters.

Back to the present, I know you’re going to say it’s not the same. Of course it’s not the same. I never said it’s the same. But it’s the same mindset: fashion before comfort and health. Girls, you can’t call yourselves modern, liberated women as long as you are slaves to fashion. It is hard to find shoes that are both comfortable and attractive but they do exist and if you buy them shoe designers will respond by making more. Do us all a favor and stop stuffing your feet into overpriced torture devices.

(Okay… wow. I started off the year with a rant/lecture. A sign of things to come? Time will tell.)

Last Day of 2013

This is the day when a lot of people like to look back and reflect on the year. A lot of people will go out and celebrate tonight. Others will stay home but stay up until midnight to “see in the new year.” Me? I can never work up much excitement about it. It doesn’t really feel like a big deal to me. Tomorrow is just the day when I start using the new calendar. It’s not that I don’t like New Year’s Eve and Day. They just feel like pretty much any other day.

The last time it felt like a special event to me was 1999/2000 – the New Millennium. And you know… I don’t really regret that it doesn’t feel special anymore. I’m not much of a party person, especially not the kind of parties most people have for New Year’s, and there’s nothing I want to stay up for on TV. And all that “reflecting on the past year”? Well, I had one Big Good Thing happen – a new granddaughter – but nothing else really stands out in my mind. It was just another year and next year will be just another year. I’m not inclined to either celebrate or think about it a lot. I am looking forward to my new calendars though.

I took this picture a couple of days before Christmas. Today is much nicer.

Change Sucks

And so does Windows 8. Sure it looks nifty but everything is in the wrong place and more complicated. It now takes three clicks just to shut down the computer. I know… “Poor baby, you have to click the mouse three times. Boohoo.” But darn it, why? And worse, where did all my stuff go? And how do I upload pictures? I know I could probably just connect the camera and it would be obvious but I like to know how things work before I try them. I had a filing system darn it. And I don’t want to upload any more pictures until I find the others. The December pictures must go in the December folder, which already exists somewhere, but when I click on Pictures all I see are two photos I downloaded from Facebook after we got the new computer.

Anyway, I wanted to show off a couple of things I got for Christmas. Hopefully I will be able to do that sometime between now and April.

Three Days of Christmas

Our first day of Christmas was Sunday. That’s when we had the big extended family get-together. We talked, we ate too much, we exchanged gifts. I got some great stuff from my wonderful sisters-in-law. Mostly, though, I just enjoyed getting to see everyone.

Our second day of Christmas was Christmas Eve. We had our little family get-together with just us, our two sons, daughter-in-law and two grand-kids. We talked, we ate too much, we opened gifts. It was a great day. I got a really nice mandoline (a fancy slicer thingy) but my favorite things were seeing everyone else open their stuff and just hanging out.

Our third day of Christmas, actual Christmas Day, was the least Christmassy of all. It was just the three of us, the Husband and Number Two Son and I. We ate too much and watched TV all day. There was an animated movie marathon on FX and that’s what we watched most of the day. That made it a little different from an ordinary day off because we normally wouldn’t sit around the house watching TV all day.

And now I’m ready to get back into the normal routine. I’m actually looking forward to eating less and shopping less, even though all that was a lot of fun. I love the Christmas tree but I’m ready for that to be gone too. Part of that is because we don’t have a really good place for it. We have to move my sewing machine to an inconvenient place in order to have room for the tree. But I’m probably going to leave it up another day or two.

If it’s not one thing it’s another

Our power was off for about 20 hours Saturday afternoon through Sunday morning. Then last night we couldn’t connect to the Internet. It’s back for the moment but I don’t know how long that will last. Someone is supposed to come out and look at it Thursday. I’ve actually been pretty busy and haven’t had much time to miss it.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and have a good week. That’s not to say I won’t be back this week, but I might not be.

Modern Christmas

I want to clarify and expand on something I said yesterday: If every day was like Christmas, Christmas would no longer be special. In fact, I think, in some ways, all the wrong ways, every day is like Christmas. Kids no longer have to wait for Christmas to get toys or special treats. Most kids get toys and treats throughout the year, often as bribes to “be good”. And we adults don’t wait to treat ourselves either.

I like to shop and I love shopping for gifts and I’m not going to stop. I like being able to, within reason, buy what I need as well as little unnecessary things all year long and I don’t want to live a lifestyle of constant deprivation nor do I want anyone else to live that way. But, because most of us are not in any way deprived, we may feel like we have to really go over the top to make Christmas special. Spend, spend, spend, and eat, eat, eat! I love it. I really do. But I think, for some people, Christmas still seems to be lacking something it used to have when we were kids.

We expect there to be magic in Christmas and we spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars trying to buy it. But the magic in Christmas is not in how much we spend. It’s in the people we spend time with. It’s in traditions like decorating a Christmas tree with special ornaments that we’ve had for years. It’s in making, not necessarily a lot of food but foods we don’t eat at any other time of year. And gifts? The best gifts are not the most expensive ones. The best gifts, for adults, are those little things about which people say, “I love that but I don’t need it.” Most of all, the magic is inside us. If we want it to be there, it is.

Also, I must say this: I have no patience for those people who say things like, “People forget the real meaning of Christmas.” The “real meaning” is different for different people and that is OKAY! If, to you, it means shopping that’s just fine as long as you enjoy it and you’re not just shopping because you “have to” or because you’re desperately trying “bring back the magic” by spending more than you can afford.

I said when every day is like Christmas, Christmas is no longer special. The way to make it special is to make it different, in some way,from the rest of the year. If rushing around spending lots of money isn’t doing it for you try some quiet little traditions instead.


We have a new computer. With Windows 8. It’s not bad I guess. I’ve used it a little bit on the Surface. But I hate new versions. I’m not entirely opposed to change; change can be good, but you wouldn’t change the location of the light switches in your house every couple of years and it seems to me that changing an operating system or other software program that you use a lot is sort of like that. You wake up one morning and the light switches are all in the wrong place.

We (and by “we” I mean my husband) haven’t moved our files from the old computer. I will feel so much better when that’s done. I’m always afraid of losing everything. I never have lost everything (except all my bookmarks a couple of times) but I can’t keep from worrying that something will go wrong. It’s funny how files on a computer can become just as precious to you as any real object.

I’ve been really busy working on Christmas stuff and haven’t had much time for the Internet anyway but I’ll try to put a real live not-just-talking-about-my-new-computer post up here later.

This ‘n’ That

We have temporarily and partially remedied our PC problem. It’s nice to be using a full sized screen and keyboard again but there is one thing I really liked and miss about using the Surface: I could look down at the screen. I never understood why computer screens are always raised so high up but since I got bifocals (actually I think what I have are called “progressive lenses”) it has become a slightly horrible situation. When we read books we don’t hold them up at or above eye level; when we write on a piece of paper we don’t tack it up on the wall at eye level; so why must our computer screens be so high? Why?! Maybe that’s one more reason why laptops are becoming so popular. Oh well, I guess the up-side is that it prevents me from wasting hours and hours in front of the computer.

* * *

Back in the 70′s we were encouraged to be “colorblind”. Well, someone has taken that old-fashioned idea to heart and perhaps demonstrated why that’s not necessarily always a good thing. Behold, the white Lt. Uhura. (One of several items in the post; scroll down)

* * *

I can’t remember if I linked to this before or not. The Amazon Milk Frog. Wow. Isn’t he a cutie? Such an interesting color scheme for a frog. Here’s more about the Amazon Milk Frog.

I have a lot of bookmarks. I need to do a bookmark dump sometime soon. But not this morning.