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More Guthrie, OK

I have added four more pictures of the Guthrie Drug Store Museum to my Photostream. There is one more place in Guthrie that we visited – the State Capital Publishing Museum – but I haven’t decided yet which pictures of that I want to post. I’ll try to get around to it sometime this week but don’t be holding your breath in anticipation.

Random Linkage


Photos from Cassini – beautiful

8 Food Myths – I already knew all of them except the Alka-Seltzer thing. I’d never heard that one before.

McDonald’s Diet – Someone who lost weight eating only McDonald’s food for 30 days. (via AMCGLTD)

Rays – Beautiful sky photos (via Bifurcated Rivets)

Artifacts From the Future

Curvy house – I can’t see myself living there but it is beautiful, in a way.

Morgan Cars – Still making them they way they used to.

Warmth – great painting

Russian Prince Seeks Bride – Amazing palace photos. If it weren’t for that creepy first photo I’d almost feel sorry for the guy.

Amazing Samplers

Not the usual bunny slippers

Pardon me, I’m gonna swear. A LOT.

I am really hating UPS right now. I’m so mad I can’t think about anything else so this might be all the blogging you get for a while. Until now I have trusted UPS. I’ve never had any trouble with them at all. I don’t want to go into detail. I’ll only say that there must be a new driver on my route because until now no UPS driver has ever been too f*cking lazy to open the damn gate and drive up the driveway to deliver a package. I’ve come to expect that from Fed Ex but never UPS.

The really bad part is that he put a note on the gate that says it’s the Final Notice but it is, in fact, the ONLY notice I received. And the really really bad part is that I can’t contact an actual person at UPS. Every phone number I can find has one of those automated answering systems and there is no “Press 4 if your delivery driver is a lazy-ass f*cking moron” option and there’s no way to get to a live person. Their website is not any better. It just leads you around in circles like most commercial websites. I did fill out their contact form but I fully expect an annoying automated answer and still no way to contact anyone.

UPDATE: I tried the suggestion in the first comment and got a very nice lady on the phone. The package is supposed to be delivered tomorrow.

I had never heard of Gethuman.com. What a great website! Very useful.