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Manly Sewing?

Ted is learning to sew for “a very manly reason,” which he refuses to reveal. If I had to guess I’d say he’s making a manly Halloween costume, which he wants to keep secret until the big day.

I’m not sure what I think about men learning to sew. I think every man should know how to sew on a button. Beyond that I’m not sure. Women these days are doing “manly” things and we’re not supposed to say they’re manly things so I guess we should encourage men to do feminine things but I’m sort of old-fashioned in some ways. I like the idea of some things being masculine and some things being feminine.

Halloween Blogs

Actually, they’re not specifically about Halloween but both of these are devoted to subject matter appropriate for the season and tomorrow is the first day of October so…

She Walks Softly features all sorts of creepy art and stuff presented with a gentle sense of humor. Don’t miss the Jesus paintings. I have to admire her restraint.

The Obscure Hollow is devoted to “haunted film decor”. It has lots of pictures from spooky old movies, some as recent as the 70’s. (hmmmm… This is interesting) I haven’t come across any that I definitely remember seeing but there are some that I would like to see. I think they stopped making good spooky movies around 1965 or so. By the way, those old movies had such great old Victorian mansions. I want this one, however, I prefer the interior of this one or this one.

I have to explore their blogrolls too. I bet I will find more fascinating blogs there.

Media Dreams

Last night I dreamed that Tulsa had a second classical music radio station. It was at 75 point something. Of course as soon as I woke up I realized that the FM dial doesn’t go that low. I also dreamed that there was a cable channel – an entire channel – devoted exclusively to the double bass. How weird/awesome was that!


It’s been a “junk food” weekend. I ate too much and we still have too much snack food in the house though it is disappearing fast. I made these except I used Rice Krispies instead of Special K. They’re very messy to make (or at least I made an awful mess) but they’re fantastic. You have to refrigerate these after you cut them so the topping won’t be too soft. I think next time I might try not adding peanut butter to the chocolate. We used to make something like these years ago and I don’t remember mixing peanut butter in the chocolate.

For the last two nights we have turned off the air conditioner and slept with the windows open and I slept better than I have all summer. Being able to open the windows is one of my favorite things about this time of year. I’m not such a back-to-nature nut that I would give up air conditioning entirely but natural air just feels better somehow. And I like to hear the crickets and frogs at night. It’s a much softer sound this time of year than in the summer. On summer nights the sound in our back yard is actually loud. I like that too and often think I don’t spend enough time outside in the evenings in summer.

I love this t-shirt. It makes me wish I was a scientist but at the same time glad I’m not. I’d probably get stuck in the procrastination stage. I might make it as far as depression.

2leep* is a great site which will likely insure that you don’t get to sleep for a long long time. It has lots of links to photo lists like 12 Most Creative Sofas. If I wanted a modern designed living room I would go for the pixel sofa. I love it because it’s colorful. The others are all just too weird for me. These photorealistic paintings are unbelievable! I will definitely check out all of the artists’ sites. Of course I had to take a look at The 15 Most Painful Shoes Ever Created. Not only painful but frickin’ weird! Numbers 5, 8 and 9 don’t look like they would actually be all that painful, aside from the pain of embarrassment. There’s a lot more. Take plenty of food; you’re going to be there for a while.

Drive-by Blogging has lots of interesting and worthwhile stuff – photos, links, quotes, videos, lists, etc.

My Parents Were Awesome is a fun site where people submit photos of their parents back when they were young and… um…. “fashionable”. It’s a little disturbing to see how dated 70’s photos look today. That wasn’t that long ago was it?

Defiant gardensare gardens created in extreme or difficult environmental, social, political, economic, or cultural conditions. These gardens represent adaptation to challenging circumstances, but they can also be viewed from other dimensions as sites of assertion and affirmation.

MusicMaster Oldies – Rare records, history, images and sounds.

Update: *Doh! I could have sworn there was an actual “S” in 2leep the first time I looked at it. Having to correct it sort of spoils my little joke.


Peek-a-Boo Kitty

Every cardboard box that is brought into our house must serve as a cat toy for a time. An LED lantern came in this one.

Something Nice to Start the Weekend

I finally watched the season premiere of House last night. At one point, one of the characters brought out some sheet music which she said was by Dvorak, for four hands piano but otherwise she didn’t identify it and they never played it. So, I decided to look up my favorite of Dvorak’s Slavonic Dances and make it my music video of the week. My applause and best wishes to these two young men.

It’s Moccasin Time

It’s time to put away the flip flops* and get out the moccasins. I’ve had a pair of these for about 20 years. I’ve never liked them very well. They feel sort of big and floppy and the channel for the laces that goes around the ankle is a little bit uncomfortable but thick socks help with both of those problems and they’re not too bad so I’ve worn them a lot.

Now the insoles are worn down to the leather and if the laces break one more time I won’t be able to tie them so after twenty years I thought it was finally time for a new pair and having worn that same pair for twenty years seemed like a good reason to buy the same brand again. So I ordered this style. They came yesterday and I love them! They not only feel great but they’re very attractive too. They make my big feet look almost dainty. In fact, when I first took them out of the box they looked too small and I was sure I was going to have to send them back but I tried them on (with a pair of thin-medium socks) and they are a perfect fit!

I wish they came in a rubber-soled version. I’d buy a pair and wear them everywhere. They do have some rubber-soled styles though. These are slightly tempting but maybe a bit too fringy for my taste. And these look comfortable but I’m not really in love with the looks of those. I think I like the fringy ones a bit better. I probably won’t get either of them because I don’t really need them.


(* Metaphorically speaking. I don’t actually own any flip flops.)

Quotes From Here and There

I continue to be confused by the whole enterprise of “fashion”. A certain look or group of colors or whatever gets declared to be “in” by one of a very tiny community of people in New York City, and then pretty soon everybody’s wearing what they’ve declared to be “in”. And then, gradually, those looks are replaced by newer ones, and the older looks are unanimously viewed as “out”, and in some cases, the “out” looks get filed under “OMG what was I thinking!” And then someone comes along and declares the now-hated “out” looks to be back “in”.here

…there is a simple formula that says gadget enjoyment increases in direct proportion with the number of things said gadget has crammed in it. there

…I’ve tried and even I can’t write badly enough to be the next Dan Brown. here

Nowhere in the world is there a rug big enough to accommodate everything everyone would like to sweep under it.there

One of the intriguing things about reading the Bible is the very ancientness of it. It’s a little glimpse into the life of a vibrant, interesting tribe of people as they lived thousands of years ago. That alone would make it a fascinating read, even without the fact that it is the most influential book in western

Saxon Hoard

By now you’ve probably heard about the discovery of the biggest hoard of Saxon gold ever found but I have to say that I think the discovery is indescribably cool! And…

There is an actual, official definition of “treasure” in the UK, and whether a found pile of gold is a treasure or not is determined by the coroner.

I love the British. I mean that, seriously. They are so delightfully quaint and quirky.