The Wearing of the Orange

Orange Dress

As I mentioned at least once before, In the past year and a half to two years I’ve been seeing photos and blog posts about orange fashion and inevitably someone always comments that, “No one looks good in orange,” which I take to mean, “I don’t think I look good in orange and therefore I refuse to admit that anyone else does either.” (It would be like me saying “No one looks good in lavender”) I have a bit of a rebellious streak, which sometimes manifests itself as a strong desire to have something that is unpopular or harshly criticized, especially if it’s something I like anyway and the critics are particularly arrogant and annoying. So I have been craving an orange dress for quite a while.

I’m not trying to prove that I can look good in orange. I just happen to like the color and see no reason why I shouldn’t wear it. “Looking good” is relative anyway. There is no color that will make me look like a supermodel. If you want to judge whether or not I look good in orange compare this to how I look in turquoise or how I look in a dark print

I am quite pleased with it. I spotted the fabric at Wal-mart recently and immediately liked it. It’s not a shockingly bright orange and the daises and dots make it look nice and summery . The pattern I used is New Look 6093. I didn’t buy the pattern and the fabric specifically for each other but once I had them both it didn’t take me long to put them together.

It fits nicely but the pattern could use some tweaking. It’s a little shorter than I usually make my dresses but still acceptable, just below the knee. I also would have liked a couple of extra inches around the hip area. I added side seam pockets because I must have pockets. I like the version with the elbow length sleeves and thought about making one like that but I don’t know… I wear dresses in the summer, hardly ever in cooler weather so I’m afraid I might end up not wearing one with sleeves.

3 thoughts on “The Wearing of the Orange

  1. Nicole

    You *do* look good in orange. 🙂 It simply shouts “I am summer and I don’t care if you don’t like it!” Rebellious streak should be proud.

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