Quotes From Here and There

It’s getting hard to ignore, and to explain to my family why I’m having calm and reasoned discussions (“You need more attention than I can give you right now, you’ll just have to be patient …”) with pieces of fabric.here (Not quite there yet. That is, I’m not talking to the fabric out loud yet.)

You’d think I’d learn, wouldn’t you, not to even mention the weather, even if it’s raining ducklings flambe? No, apparently my auto-small-talk switch is fused to ON and I can’t NOT mention the weather.there

It’s funny – the South often has a reputation for being closed-minded, but it seems that here, there’s more of a willingness to shrug and say “people are people” or something like that, rather than either lecturing at, or sighing heavily over, someone who doesn’t do things exactly the way you do. There’s perhaps more of a live-and-let-live attitude, or maybe more of a “I may think you’re wrong, but it’s not really polite for me to continually tell you that I think that.”here (Yeah, I think that’s it – that it’s a matter of politeness. People in the south are at least as closed-minded as anywhere else but minding one’s own business is considered a virtue. Not that everyone does but that’s the standard.)

Icecreamists of Covent Garden, London has created the Vice Lolly, a sacrilegious gun-shaped frozen treat made from holy water from a sacred spring in Lourdes, France, 80% alcohol absinthe and sugar.there (That’s the entire text of the post but there’s a video and a link.)

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  1. LeeAnn

    It was 90+ yesterday as SIL exited the Walmars. I said nary a word, but I did flick sweat off my brow in her direction. I get subtlety points.

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