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Intuitive Sewing Machine – It’s pretty but I’m quite attached to my 100+/- year old machine. And I don’t know how “intuitive” it would be for me since I’m used to either a treadle or a foot pedal. I never had any of the beginner problems the woman in the video talked about.

Scrap Quilt – I like this. I need to make a scrap quilt to use up all these scraps I’ve been collecting over the years but I keep getting ideas for perfectly planned quilts that require specific colors of fabric.

The Phantasmagorical FourThe Fantastic Four in the style of H.P. Lovecraft.

Elephantine Talent – Indeed!

The importance of math – Hah!

Bandwith breakthrough – Or “The Importance of Math II”. The big question (or at least my big question) is, will this ever make it to the real world? (via)

7 Worst Coca-Cola Flavors – I have tried two of these, the Coca-Cola Blak, which was not bad but not great, and of course, “New Coke”, about which, the less said the better. None of the others sound particularly horrible and I would actually really like to try the Orange Coke.

Roller Coaster Stair – Nifty!

Guiltless Excuses – It’s a smartphone app. (Insert curmudgeonly “what’s the world coming to” rant here)

Crack Shot – How to win at a laser shooting gallery [edited for clarity]

Vintage Alphabets – Examples: An Alphabet of Flower Symbolism, Alphabet of Women of the Future, Computer Names in Fiction

Pin-up Cats – Cute but possibly, slightly NSFW.

Pixel People Portrait

Timepieces – I probably shouldn’t admit that I remember watching the guy in the first picture on TV when I was a little kid. I love the camera clocks and the steampunk clock.

Lego Inferno – Dante’s Inferno in Legos.

Oh my! Can you believe the singer in this video is Brent Spiner? Really.

4 thoughts on “Random Linkage

  1. Peter

    The key to winning decent prizes at arcade games in general is to accumulate as many small, easy-to-win prizes as possible, and then trade up for the valuable prizes. Trying directly for the big prizes is a bad idea because they’re too hard to win.

  2. fillyjonk

    That Brent Spiner video is full of win. Very Ink Spots, with the spoken part in the middle.

    I don’t know if I would have known immediately it was him if I only heard it (and hadn’t been told the singer) but his singing voice does have similar qualities to his speaking voice.

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