A Picture and Conversation

This is what folks call a weed. Each of these little daisy-like flowers is no more than half an inch in diameter. You probably wouldn’t even notice it, but if you look closely it’s a delicate and beautiful flower.

Just a weed

It’s been sort of lonely around here lately. So talk to me. It doesn’t even have to be about the flowers. Just say something. But be nice.

8 thoughts on “A Picture and Conversation

  1. Ed

    I made the mistake of “weed and feeding” the lawn a little too early this year.

    After the initial wilt the dandelions are back, in great form actually, jeering and making snide remarks at me each morning when I walk out with my coffee.

    If flowers were people, dandelions would be from Brooklyn.

  2. fillyjonk

    I’ve never used weed killer on my lawn, despite my neighbor’s complaints. (What? It’s just a little clover! It’s good for the environment, it helps add nitrogen to the soil!)

    I get interesting stuff in my lawn as a result – windflower and Venus’ looking glass in the spring, sometimes a ladies’ tresses orchid in the fall (it doesn’t flower every year).

    I am contemplating getting those so-called Surprise lilies (aka Naked Ladies) and just planting them at random places, so they’ll show up in my lawn in the fall. Just to twit my neighbors a little about it.

  3. Lynn Post author

    Maybe you could secretly deliver a copy of this to your complaining neighbor. It’s one of my all time favorite things found on the Internet.

    I like your surprise lily idea too.

  4. CGHill

    Last time I did any actual weed/feed, the weeds came back with twice their normal vigor. I think they’ve adapted to the stuff.

  5. Lynn Post author

    We live out in the boonies where one’s yard is judged not by the number of weeds but by the number of old cars and appliances.

  6. fillyjonk

    I’ve threatened to get an old toilet, put it in the middle of my yard, fill it with soil, and plant pansies in it, if my “Martha Stewart” neighbor complained at me too much about my ‘weeds”.

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