Monday Morning Randomness

It’s winter! Well, technically, it’s still autumn but the weather has turned cold, down to freezing at night. The weather guy on TV says it is unseasonably cool but this is close to what I expect for late October. I’m not sure how they figure “normal” – something to do with a 30 year average, I think. We’ve finally started using the wood stove. I have mixed feelings about it. I like being warm and it does a much better job of warming up the house than the electric furnace and it saves us money, which I also like, but it’s messy and I can’t quite get over the worry about having a fire in the house. Also, because it warms up the living area so well that the furnace never comes on, it makes the bedrooms very cold.

In just a few more days it will be November. Yikes! I am probably not going to get the quilt finished by Christmas. I don’t know how it could be taking so long to finish. I’ve been working on it all year and I do work on it almost every day. I guess I haven’t been spending as much time every day on it as I should. If I worked on it for two or three hours every day maybe I could get it finished but am I going to do that? I doubt it.

I have several other things I want to make for Christmas, which I should be able to finish in November. None of them will take more than a few days to finish but I am starting to get a bit anxious about getting all the things done in time. I’m considering a trip to the fabric store in Tulsa. I have an old family photograph that I need to take and get a copy of for my brother and thought I might go to the fabric store at the same time but I’ve been procrastinating because I’ve developed something of a phobia about driving in Tulsa. I used to drive there frequently but not going there very often anymore plus driving a car that I consider fairly nice has made me a little afraid. I do need to get over it though. I think I would feel more comfortable driving the pickup there but it’s over 15 years old now and while it still seems like it could go for another 15, it makes me nervous to think it about possibly breaking down far from home.

It’s almost Christmas shopping time. In fact, I’ve usually started by now but so far I don’t have any ideas except for the things I mentioned above that I’m planning to make. I’ve started to get the usual increase in the number of catalogs I get but I’ve barely taken time to look at them. Maybe now that it’s getting cooler I’ll be more in the mood. It’s hard to think about Christmas when it’s 80° outside.

We finally bought a new printer. Our old one, a Kodak, had only been printing very faintly for a long time and replacing the cartridges didn’t fix the problem. It was over 8 years old, which I thought was a pretty good life for a printer, so we bought another Kodak.