A Picture and Conversation

This idea was fairly successful last week. Eight comments and fewer than half of them were mine! So I’ve decided to try to make it a weekly feature. Of course that means I will have the challenge of taking or finding an interesting enough picture every week.

I took this one early this morning and cropped it so the moon would be big enough to be noticeable. (This tree lost its leaves during the summer.) A full moon on Halloween seems so appropriate. The actual full moon was two days ago.

Halloween morning

Suggested topics of conversation: the moon, Halloween and related stuff, and maybe even dead trees.

4 thoughts on “A Picture and Conversation

  1. Ed

    Nice framing!

    I’ve thought for years that Halloween should be observed on the last Saturday of October, it would make more sense than the usual mid- week.

  2. Lynn Post author

    There are obvious advantages to having Halloween always on a Saturday (or Friday) but I can’t imagine it not being on the 31st. It’s really All Hallows Eve, you know, so it has to be on October 31st. I’m a rigid traditionalist about some things. 🙂

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