The Morning After

No trick-or-treaters here, as usual. We don’t live in a trick-or-treat area; we live in more of a teenagers-driving-around-egging-cars-and-smashing-mailboxes area. Especially smashing mailboxes. (I’m not worried about that myself though. We have a stealth mailbox.) And our house is so far off the road we probably wouldn’t get any little ghouls and goblins anyway but I always buy candy “just in case”. Yes, really. It’s for the kids. Just in case. Wouldn’t want to be caught without any candy on Halloween.

This year I bought way less than I normally do. The husband and I have been (mostly) trying to be “good”. We’ve been exercising and “eating right” or at least eating less wrong and it’s really hard making such huge sacrifices for so little apparent benefit. Yes, I know, the long term benefits are what’s important but in the short term I still want premium ice cream. And Halloween candy.

I only bought a small bag of assorted Hershey’s minis and a really small bag of candy corn. My inner kid is disappointed. It was Halloween, darn it! Where’s all the candy?

2 thoughts on “The Morning After

  1. Hippie

    I keep hoping someone will take a swing at that mailbox from a rapidly-moving car. It would be even better if I was there to see it. WHACK! owwww…

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