Random Linkage

Atlas title pages – I love these, the fancy lettering and the illustrations. [sigh] Why don’t they do title pages like that anymore? Our modern era is so boring, artistically.

Vivian Maier – Maier took hundreds of photographs of Chicago from 1950 to the 1990’s while making her living as a nanny. She did not even develop most of them but now, after her death in 2009, she has been discovered. (Oh please, someone discover me before I die.)

Shuker Nature – a nature and cryptozoology blog. (Really, Firefox? Was your spellchecker created by 8-year-olds?)

Colossal – an art blog Wow

At the end of the night… – Haha. Ya see? That’s the way Halloween is supposed to be.

A spooky discovery, thanks to Hurricane Sandy

Comic Sans – Haha!

Boxes – Great picture!

What is it? – I have no idea but it looks pretty cool.

Fanicures – Geek nail designs. Painting my nails at all – just the normal, one color job – seems like so much of a bother to me, although I love nail polish. It’s all the time spent waiting for them to dry that I hate. Even when I use one of the “fast dry” products I find that I still have to be very careful with my nails for at least an hour. They dry “to the touch” but only to a very light touch not to normal everyday living touches. Anyway… the fanicures are awesome. I especially like the Lord of the Rings nails.

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