Quotes From Here and There

I have always been a big advocate of RTFM. However, there are entirely too many instances of TM not being worth an Fhere

There are times when I think we should just appreciate what’s there and not try to analyze it to death.there (I don’t usually do two from one source but I could not resist either of these two truisms.)

…you’re supposed to read Ayn Rand as a kid, go through a brief delusional phase, and then get over it.here (Sometimes I think I should read Ayn Rand just to see what all the noise is about.)

Whatever it is, something lights up in the orbitofrontal region of the prefrontal cortex of my brain. And the brain calls it “beauty”.there

3 thoughts on “Quotes From Here and There

  1. LeeAnn

    I read some Rand back in junior high and honestly don’t remember much of it. About the same time, I memorized the poem “The Jabberwocky” just for fun and know it to this day. So that’s pretty much an indicator of enjoyment for each right there.

  2. Harvey

    If you’re curious about Rand, watch the movie “The Fountainhead”. Your level of enjoyment of that will be a fair litmus test for whether you would enjoy her writings.

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