A Tip for the Ladies

I always hesitate to post anything that looks like an advertisement or an endorsement but really I just want to share a great find. Ladies, if you wear dresses in the wintertime you need these cotton spandex tights. Cotton tights are rather hard to find, which, to me, is surprising and disappointing. Cotton is warmer and more comfortable than nylon and they don’t build up static.

These are 85% cotton, 15%nylon, and 5% spandex. That’s enough spandex to keep them from being saggy but not enough that it’s a workout to get into them. I’ve worn a pair twice so far and they’re very comfortable. They’re warm and more opaque than nylon but not too thick for dress shoes. They have a shaped foot, not just a straight tube. There’s a nice selection of colors. (though, personally, I always want more colors) I machine washed and dried them (cold water/low dryer) and they did not shrink at all. There are several more reviews at the site.