This ‘n’ That, Sewing Edition

I hate when I see something I want to comment on and then I can’t find it again. One of the sewing bloggers wrote about polka dots and asked something about personal style and fabric choices, and I did comment over there but I wanted to link to it. I looked at every sewing blog on my list and couldn’t find it again. Oh well.

I think I do have a personal style when it comes to pattern choices but with fabric I’m all over the place. I like quilting cotton because it comes in so many pretty and interesting prints. I’ve mentioned before that I’m very attracted to bright colors but I also like brown and subdued antique-like colors. I think one reason I tend to choose more bright colors is a sort of rebellion or a desire to be different. It seems like most people are turned off by bright colors, or even if they don’t actually dislike them, they’re afraid to wear bright colors. On the other hand, most of the patterns I buy are simple or classic styles. And I have a habit of using a few patterns over and over again.

I almost finished another blouse this weekend. I need to get some buttons for it. I’m planning to wear it to my husband’s company Christmas party so I have plenty of time but I wanted to go ahead and make it early. It’s not a Christmas print but it seems a bit festive – a green and teal sort of paisley-like print with a bit of gold metallic. I am going to make just a few things for Christmas so I guess I’ll start one of those projects next. And I am still slowly slogging away at the quilt. It’s not going to be done by December like I had hoped. I lost my enthusiasm for it months ago. I hate when that happens.

I keep finding more sewing blogs, mostly in the comments at Pretty Grievances, which you really should read even if you don’t sew, because it is so very entertaining.

Ooobop – Love that name and what a bright, pretty blog! I like her style. And she does quilting too. I love those two blocks, especially the first one.

Poppykettle – another seamstress with a blog name and a style that I like – the two most recent dresses, at least. I haven’t looked at older posts yet.

Bimble and Pimble – So many cute blog names. Oooo… she likes novelty prints.

Camilia Crinoline – Some lovely vintage stuff. I really need to take the plunge and try a vintage style.

By the way, if any of you sewing people are stopping by for the first time you can click on the Craftiness category, on the right, to see some of my stuff. And please come back again sometime. I’ll be showing off again soon, I hope.