My Week So Far

I’ve been busy, busy. Monday, I… that’s funny, I can’t remember what I did Monday. Oh, I remember now… nothing. So why does it feel like I’ve been busy all week? Tuesday I went to see my brother for his birthday. Oh yeah! That’s what I did Monday. I scanned a bunch of old photos and printed out copies. That takes a lot longer than one would think because a lot of time is spent waiting on the scanner/printer to do its thing.

Yesterday I went to Hobby Lobby to buy some buttons and of course you can’t go to Hobby Lobby and just buy buttons; you have to look around for a while. Then I went to Walmart to finally get the things I didn’t get when I went to Walmart on Friday because someone told me that there was going to be a parade in town in less than an hour so I rushed to get just a few essential things so I wouldn’t end up behind the parade.

All that took up a huge chunk of my day yesterday, mainly because of the driving time, and tomorrow I have to go to Walmart again to get stuff for the Weekend, so today I am staying home. I almost said “no matter what” but if I said that something would come up that would absolutely require me to go somewhere so I didn’t say that.

So today I have plenty of time for some good blogging. Um… well… I’m drawing a blank. Other than this nonsense that you just read I don’t have anything right now that I want to say. There might be a cat picture later.

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