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Coffee With an Architect

Women’s Magazines Then and Now – Interesting comparison. Women’s magazines bore me.

Bring back Twinkies – Hah! Finally a cause we can all believe in. (Or not. I actually don’t like Twinkies.)

Portraits of Flowers – Beautiful

News oops – Seriously, why do we even need the mainstream media anymore?

Belly Button Biodiversity – Scientific navel gazing?

Christmas: Cats’ point of view – Heh.

Archival Tendency – Beautiful and interesting images

Cherpumple – Hmmmm… I can’t decide if that looks heavenly or gross. I’m leaning toward the former, unfortunately.

Adidas vs. Puma – Interesting. (By the way, isn’t it funny that an old-fashioned word meaning shoemaker is also the name of a kind of dessert?)

5 thoughts on “Random Linkage

  1. Andrea Harris

    I think the saddest transformation from then and now is Redbook’s — it used to be a literary magazine, and now it’s just another “Lose Weight Decorate Your House Cook A 5-Course Meal Have Babies Raise Your Man!” rag. Also notice how the then Seventeen Magazine featured a girl — a member of its readership — on the cover, and today’s version has a group of young attractive males — i.e., what young girls should learn to focus on instead of themselves. And the past is supposed to be more sexist than now.

  2. RJ Evans

    Thanks for the link to Kuriositas – glad you enjoyed the article about 1910s America in color. When I first saw the pictures I knew I had to share!

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