Toe Shoes

What do you think of toe shoes? Both of my sons have them now. I don’t think I would like having my toes separated like that. Other than that, though, they look comfortable – lightweight and flexible.

So far only some athletic shoes have the separated toes but can you imagine fashion toe shoes? Maybe even high heels? Yeah, my mind went there.

2 thoughts on “Toe Shoes

  1. fillyjonk

    I suspect they’d bug me, since I don’t like flip flops (That thing between your toes…). They look kind of cool, though, and if they were tough enough to wear on trails and stuff, maybe they’d give more traction when out working in a muddy forest setting or something. (Years ago, when I was on a field trip to Hawaii, the woman leading it had tabi shoes – they were rubberized slipons with a separate big toe. She said some of the Japanese fishermen wore them. She seemed a lot more sure footed than the rest of us who were slipping and sliding over the volcanic-derived mud – I wound up falling quite spectacularly on my backside in front of several fairly well-known ecologists.)

  2. Hippie

    They grip just about every surface I’ve tried them on very well. I have not tried them on the oily floors at work, and I won’t, due to lack of a steel-toe (Steel-TOES?) version. You can feel the ground under your feet a lot better, and I think that helps with sure-footedness.

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