Random Linkage

Future Geek – What is this doing on Worst Things For Sale? That’s great. Get ’em started early.

American Kabuki – an interestingly weird blog

The Nature Animals – articles and lists, mostly about animals, both wild and domestic

Guide to Understanding the Introverted

Your Superhero Name – Darn. I am The Teal Mouse. I could cheat just a little bit and I would be the Teal Modem. (or whatever that thing with the flashing lights is called. Is it still a modem if you’re on satellite?) Cheat even more and I’m the Teal Printer. I guess I’m just too geeky to be a superhero. Maybe I should go change shirts.

The cure for our weak economy – I doubt Congress would pass this.

50 Best Animal Photos of 2012 – Hey, wait! 2012 is not over yet. I still have time to take the greatest cat photo ever. Seriously, these are really good. (though I suspect Photoshop in a couple of them)

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