Quotes From Here and There

In celebration of my discovery of so many wonderful sewing blogs recently, this week’s quotes are all from sewing, fashion and quilting blogs.

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I forgot what it feels like to walk home late at night shivering in a coat that is not appropriate for -15 degree weather (for my Fahrenheit friends, the temperature conversion on that is “oh god oh god oh god why why why why”)here

A few months ago she saw that Audrey Hepburn-inspired photo of the dress and her excitement was such that her naturally squeaky little-girl voice went up to a pitch only the dog could hear.there

Being with celebrities does not raise your status…I’ve had dinner with Henry Kissinger, Buss Aldrin, Captain and Tennille and lunch with Prince Charles but they don’t send me cards on my birthday…I’m still me and they can’t sew…I’d rather be me, I have a stash.here

Some peeps may be upset about losing their voice but I instead view it as an awesome opportunity to re-record all of my voice mail greetings.there

… if the words “how hard can it be?” come out of your mouth, it will be VERY hard!here

As I crusade against bagging pants I’m now faced with their direct opposite (Oh fashion you fickle beast).there

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  1. Lynn Post author

    Yeah, after you’ve experienced -21°F you tend to be unimpressed by anything above 0°F.

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