Dream Car

This may seem a bit strange for a girly, feminine type person such as myself but I have a bit of a thing for old cars, especially from the 40’s and 50’s. If I was a millionaire I would probably have a twenty car garage full of classic American beauties. And right now I’m really wanting one of these.

Of course there’s no chance, not even if I won half a billion in the lottery. There are only 47 of them still in existence. Francis Ford Coppola owns two!. Is that fair? He should donate one to me. I’d settle for getting to drive one around the block. Seriously, for overall looks it’s not my favorite car ever but it is really nice and I’m in love with the third headlight.

2 thoughts on “Dream Car

  1. CGHill

    Somebody built a Tucker convertible out of leftover parts; the collector community is divided over whether this should be considered the 52nd car.

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