A Lost Childhood Favorite

The lyrics you heard as a child will always be the right lyrics. Everything else will always sound wrong. My mother had a two record set of Christmas music by the Longines Symphonette. (I don’t know what happened to it.) One of the songs on it was Oh Holy Night. One line of the lyrics was different from every other version I have heard. Instead of, “A thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices,” it was, “A song of joy through all the world there echos”. I have searched for years and still can’t find another version with the “right” lyrics.

However, I couldn’t resist Jim Nabors. You probably have to be at least my age to understand why this is surprising.

But I think from now on this will be my favorite recording of Oh Holy Night. You can’t be annoyed by the lyrics if you can’t understand them.

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