And a Merry Little Christmas Was Had By All

Just a brief note, mostly not related to Christmas.

A few weeks ago I suddenly started getting tons of spam comments so I changed the filter to hold all comments containing even one link in moderation. (It was formerly set at two links or more) Then suddenly a few days before Christmas I stopped getting spam comments. I haven’t had a single one for almost a week. Could it be that even spammers have a little bit of the Christmas spirit? Nah. I doubt it. But anyway… hardly anyone ever posts links in comments but if you do it might take a while to appear.

A couple of years ago Fillyjonk called the week after Christmas, “the quiet week at the bottom of the year.” I like that. It’s much better than thinking of it as “the big let-down after Christmas”. We hear that there is so much depression this time of year and I know that some people really can’t control it but normal people who do not have anything clinically wrong can control their own thoughts and attitudes. It is possible to look on the bright side, to appreciate the calm, the quiet, the solitude if you are so blessed. It might seem hard to do at first but if you force yourself, like most efforts, it gets easier and soon becomes a habit.

Okay, that’s my preachy bit for the week. I should do that more often, it felt good. It would feel even better if thousands of people would listen to me but never mind that. I’m starting to babble because I have nothing to say. Have a wonderful quiet week and a cheerful New Year. I might or might not neglect this site for the next week.

4 thoughts on “And a Merry Little Christmas Was Had By All

  1. LeeAnn

    Since CardHole 2.0’s record when selling electronic gifts, or really anything with moving parts, is less than stellar (we get 80% of the junk back in returns), I expect holiday gift returns to be about 75% of our business today.
    I’m just throwing those percentages around like they grow on trees, huh? I got a % symbol for Christmas, it’s so fun. 🙂

  2. Lynn Post author

    I have learned to stay away from Walmart the day after Christmas. It’s worse than the day before. It’s the one day a year when they have all 30 checkouts open and 25 of them are for returns only.

  3. Jaquandor

    I love the quiet week at the bottom of the year! Partly because I’ve always enjoyed the Christmas afterglow (and frankly I can never understand people who pack it all away and go back to Life As Usual on the 26th), and in my day job, this is actually my slowest time of year, so I get to go to work and basically catch up and putter about and basically go “Whew!”.

  4. Hippie

    On the 26th it is supposed to be DONE, so anything even resembling xmas music makes me fly into a rage. I put up with this crap in ever increasing amounts since at least September, it is time to STOP, and I am not being the least bit unreasonable in my demands.

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