Goodbye 2012

I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions, at least not “officially”, but at the end of every year I do think about things I want to do better or differently in the coming year. Of course, just like actual resolutions, my New Year’s thoughts turn to nothing. I keep doing the same things, the same way I have always done them. But I thought I’d share a few of this year’s thoughts.

I’ll start with the blog. Not that it’s a priority but, you know, since I’m here… There have been lots of times when I’ve thought, “Why am I doing this? It’s been over 10 years now. I’m running out of things to say and I only have maybe a dozen readers anyway. Maybe I should just quit.” But those few readers, most of them strangers, are important enough to me that I don’t want to disappoint them. So how can I be a more interesting blogger? Of all the blogs on my long list there are only five or six that I read anything like regularly and maybe another ten that I look in on occasionally. But there are all those others and they are good or I wouldn’t have put them on the list in the first place. So I’m thinking maybe instead of worrying about making this blog more interesting I should concentrate on reading more blogs and then maybe I will be more inspired.

I feel like I did a lot of sewing in 2012 but when I look at what I’ve done and compare with what some of the sewing bloggers have been doing I realize that I really haven’t done all that much. (I have several things I need to photograph and show off.) But, for me, I have done more than enough. I have more than enough clothes. I still have fabric in my stash that needs to get done sometime though. I’ve slacked off on quilting. I did not even finish one quilt in 2012. I failed to finish the one I was working on for Christmas. So, in 2013 I want to try to do more quilting. I want to finish the one I’ve been working on for a year and to start a couple more. I actually have made a start on a top and I have all the fabric for another one. One of them will be similar to this awesome pattern and the other will be another oversized tumbling blocks. It probably would be too ambitious to say I’m going to finish all three of those in the coming year but maybe I can at least finish the quilt I have been working on for a year, make the two tops, and start quilting one of those.

There will be clothes sewing though. A few weeks ago I was already thinking that maybe I should take a break from it. I was thinking, I’ve lost 10 pounds this year and if I lose more I might need new, smaller clothes. But I’ve probably gained back most of that 10 pounds in just the past week and it will probably take another year to lose it again. [sigh] But, I don’t know… maybe forcing myself to take a break from clothes sewing will give me incentive to try harder? But try harder how? I really don’t know what more I could do.

My third, and probably most important, thing that I want to do in 2013 is save more money and I really think that will be the easiest. I know it’s hard for most people but when I decide to I’m pretty good at saving. I think there will be fewer big projects this year as we plan and save for a future big project.

And what about 2012? It was a better year than 2011. There’s actually very little I can complain about in 2012 as far as stuff happening to me personally. In the world as a whole some bad stuff happened but bad stuff happens every year and if something good happens we either don’t hear about it or it gets overshadowed by all the bad stuff and forgotten. And sometimes we just can’t agree about which stuff is good. So, in that respect, 2012 was like every other year. And now we’re about to be in the teens! Wow, this millennium is rushing by. I have high hopes for 2013 because 13 has never been an unlucky number for me.

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