… and Hello 2013

It’s Back to Normal Day. That’s not an official Day of course and that’s exactly the point – it’s nothing. It’s the first ordinary, routine day of the year and I am so ready for it. I do love the holidays. I enjoy the shopping and seeing people and the food, but a couple of days after Christmas I suddenly get tired of it all, especially the food. I really just get tired of eating. Next Christmas everyone who gave me candy for Christmas is getting candy from me. I have to get even. Besides the candy, I did get some lovely gifts. And honestly I did enjoy the candy and while I’m glad it’s gone I also sort of miss it and wish there was just a little bit more. It gets to be a habit you know.

Anyway, back to normal. It’s odd… it’s nice but it’s kind of hard to get started at first. I have this feeling of “now what?” I guess that would be one reason it’s good to make resolutions. It gives you a direction, something to get started on even if you don’t go very far with it. I need to go straighten up the sewing room/guest room/play room because right now it looks sort of like this:

Lego Mess

It’s never really much of a sewing room. You can see my gate leg cutting table folded up in the upper right corner of the photo and on the left in front of the grandson there’s a plastic, three drawer container full of mostly scraps of fabric. My real stash is elsewhere. But my sewing machine is in the living room. So I don’t really have a sewing room. My sewing is sort of all over the house.

I haven’t decided what I will do next – cut out something or work on quilting. Today, maybe I will just do the cleaning and straightening and then be lazy for a while. Or maybe I will do the being lazy part first. I already have a good start on that.