Can’t Keep Them All

A year ago I knew about, I think, two sewing blogs and one quilting blog. In the past few months it seems like I find a dozen new sewing blogs every week, most thanks to the absolutely wonderful, Pretty Grievances and its highly active and fun comments section. I fear that I will soon get to the point that I cannot keep adding every new sewing blog to my links page. But anyway, here are a few more. If any of you lovely sewing ladies find your way here, this is not a sewing blog but I do occasionally blog about sewing so scroll down and dig around in the archives if you want to see some of my poor and sometimes quirky stuff. And please comment. Say what you think; I can take it.

Pennylibrarian sews and crochets and a few other crafts, I think. Just found this morning and I haven’t looked around there much yet.

Sewing For Fun – She sews; she knits; she’s a mom of teenagers.

On the Road to Sew Wear – A fearless beginner from down under. I think this one is going to be one of my favorites.

Sewing Cafe – Sewing and knitting. Infrequent blog updates but some nice stuff there.

Modern Vintage Cupcakes – Some retro sewing, some sewing for baby, and some baking.

I’m probably missing someone but I’m getting into “did I link to this already or not” territory.

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    And thank YOU for stopping by. I almost never get comments from from sewing bloggers. You have made my day. 🙂

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