Cat and Scarf

This is mean and I’m a bad person for laughing at it. Hmmm… I think I do have a scarf somewhere…

Actually, the comments at YouTube suggest using this trick when you need to immobilize your cat, such as when you need to trim his claws. That’s a good idea if it works. I think my cats would probably run around like crazy trying to get away from it. First seen here

2 thoughts on “Cat and Scarf

  1. Nicole

    You aren’t alone – I laughed, too.

    Dang and here I sent the sweater to another critter. I hadn’t thought it might make it easy to trim claws by keeping them off balance…

  2. LeeAnn

    I used to do that to my friend’s cat with a bathrobe sash. It never got old… well, not to us. The cat might have thought differently.

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