Quotes From Here and There

There’s a theme again this week.

Less is more. But less is more difficult than it looks.here

Although explosions are most definitely a bad thing, it’s kinda awesome that I now get to add “dodged a gigantic fireball of doooooooom” to my list of accomplishments in life.there

I got paid to make fun of Rush Limbaugh – a dream come truehere

Leave this device in your yard for a week, then watch as the problem of loud music from passing cars solves itself.there (I almost wish I had that problem so I could test this.)

2 thoughts on “Quotes From Here and There

  1. Ed

    “Less is more…”
    I’m working on an iPad app with a friend, that’s sort of one of our motto’s. and it is hard.

  2. Andrea Harris

    My dream is a world where Rush Limbaugh isn’t any sort of thing… well, he could be a plumber or an accountant or something, only as long as he’s not a celebrity… but it won’t come true, so it remains just a dream.

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