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Six Terrifying Beach Sculptures – Not exactly what I would call terrifying but mostly not lovely to look at. The whole idea of beach sculptures makes me sad. Natural beaches are perfect and do not need any adornment. The only sculpture I want to see on a beach is the occasional sand sculpture that will disappear with the next tide.

11 Words You’re Probably Mispronouncing – I knew most of these but a few were a surprise to me. I do my best to be correct when it comes to language but sometimes, if everyone mispronounces a word and the correct pronunciation has become almost completely unknown, saying it right can actually make you sound like an idiot.

How to Have the Body You’ve Always Wanted – Hah! That would not be the body I’ve always wanted.

Computer learns obscenities, has memory wiped – Just wondering… will this someday be considered a violation of AI right to free speech?

Charlie’s Diary – The blog of Charles Stross. Seems like I’ve come across this before.

For cat lovers – Social networking for cats and their people. I love my cats (Well, I love one of them and tolerate the other) but I’ve never tried to start a Facebook page for my cat. Come on, people! More cat and dog links

Anne at Pretty Grievances is currently hosting Jungle January. I wasn’t planning to participate but this latest bunch has me thinking. Animal skin prints are really not my thing, which is why I had thought I wouldn’t be joining the fun, but there’s way more to it than that. Hmmmm… I better hurry. January is more than half over.

4 thoughts on “This ‘n’ That

  1. fillyjonk

    It may be correct, but people pronouncing “niche” as “neesh” is like nails on a chalkboard to me. (IT should be “nitch.” I’ve always heard it as “nitch” all through my education.)

    (I knew most of those other ones; I think comptroller was the only one I didn’t realize people were mispronouncing when they pronounced it.)

  2. Hippie

    I’m still eagerly awaiting the AI takeover. They couldn’t do a worse job than we do. And an AI is much more likely to be a moral being, at least more likely than what we seem to have in congress.

  3. Nicole

    Beach sculptures should be sand, I agree. And the one in Devon is just nasty.

    If the “pt” in comptroller is silent, why is it there? Why not just use controller? Had no idea on Seuss. But I’ve always heard “neesh” and the rest correctly. I know a couple of people who do the “cashay” for cache, though. Interesting stuff.

  4. Lynn Post author

    The societies imagined by sci-fi authors might seem perfectly logical and, in some ways, even realistic but I suspect that in real life things might not work out quite so perfectly. An AI programmed with a moral code would be more likely than a human to stick to that code but they might be too rigid or too literal. Might we end up with an AI Taliban? On the other hand, the people who would program AIs would be the same kind of people who created the Internet, no? I think I’d be willing to take my chances.

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