It’s All Over But the Party

I guess you could say I have a “strange relationship” with football. A few weeks before the start of the NFL season I start looking forward to it. Sometimes I even get into “Oooo I can hardly wait,” mode. And then the season starts and I really enjoy watching football. But, usually, a little more than halfway through the season I start loosing interest – not hating it, just getting a bit bored with it and by week 12 to 14 I’m thinking, “I am so ready for football season to be over.” Then there are the playoffs and I start getting interested again. I start getting excited about the Superbowl. It’s silly but I actually like the hype and holiday-like atmosphere of Superbowl Sunday.

And then it’s all over. The first Sunday or two after the Superbowl I sort of feel like, “What now?” It’s almost like a kind of disorientation. This seems weird, even to me, but I actually like the noise of football. I am not one of those people who leave the TV on as “background noise” but there’s something about football noise that is sort of… I don’t know… comforting, I guess. It’s a relatively steady noise – the crowd noise and the constant chattering of the commentators. Sometimes the noise will go up in reaction to something happening in the game but overall there’s a uniformity to it. It’s almost like music.

But after a week or two I start to appreciate the freedom from football. Suddenly we can watch anything we want to on TV. Or we can turn it off and go outside and watch the grass growing and the clouds floating by overhead. It’s not just a freedom to do other things, which, honestly we had all along; it’s a freedom from thinking about football.

Yesterday’s game between the Patriots and the Ravens was good. I am not a Ravens fan but, since “my team” didn’t make it, I was hoping the Ravens would win, 1) because they were playing against the Patriots and 2) because Ray Lewis is retiring and it would be very cool if he went out with a Superbowl win. And if the 49ers win? I’ll be a little disappointed but not too bummed out. I don’t hate the 49ers and it’s been a while since they’ve won a Superbowl so I can just think, “Oh well. At least it wasn’t the Patriots again,” and be satisfied with an all-around good season.