Quotes From Here and There

TV Tropes may be the most effective time suck on the entire Web; it’s the pixel equivalent of those potato chips you couldn’t eat just one of.here

If you went to school in the good old days, much of what you learned is wrong.there (Yeah, we knew that. But if you’re a modern teacher don’t be smug. I’m sure part of what you’re teaching now will turn out to be wrong 20 years from now.)

My great-aunt Sybil came to the door, wiping her hands on her apron, the house full of the scents of baking.here

… it takes a longish time for onions to reach maturity, a time measured in almost hourly fatherly glances at the current status of the preciously swelling globes with their practically individual names as the months crawl along in onion time, making the onions themselves all the more like diamonds one has fashioned by hand.there

2 thoughts on “Quotes From Here and There

  1. Hippie

    In regards to the second one, about stuff being wrong 20 years ago, or 20 years in the future, I recommend reading the essay “The Relativity of Wrong” by Issac Asimov.

    Actually I recommend reading ANYTHING by Issac Asimov, but that article in particular is relevant.

  2. Lynn Post author

    What I meant when I said that the stuff they’re teaching now, “will turn out to be wrong 20 years from now,” is that someone will say it’s wrong. That quote was about history. I don’t think most of the history I learned in school was wrong, only that they left out a lot. Of course there’s too much history to cover everything but what they choose to leave out can change the overall picture significantly.

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