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I just found Windows2Wearables, another sewing blog, this morning.

For you people who like tentacles (not that fond of them myself) here are 29 Pieces of Titillating Tentacle Decor. Okay, I’ll admit, a couple of the chandeliers are… uh… interesting. Here are more chandeliers.

Skylarking – science fiction blog by M.D Jackson

Mynah birds are like people. I haven’t watched any of these videos yet. This makes me a little sad because my mom always wanted a mynah bird. By the time I could afford to buy her one as a gift she lived in an apartment that didn’t allow pet birds.

Geoff’s Favorite Poetry – I love old school, minimalist websites. I really do. I mean, I like a little color and personality but there’s something very pleasing about the simplicity.

Homesick Texan – Oooo! Recipes!

Adventures With Tigergirl – Another great sewing blog.

The wrong maple leaf – Oops. Believe it or not I can see how that could be considered a Really Big Deal.

How smart is your cat? – A cat IQ test. Mine are just average, I guess.

This is weird.

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