Quotes From Here and There

Since I was born long before the age of personal computers, I do not take the internet for granted. It still seems miraculous to me that I can order up rare books, gorgeous fabric, and knitting lessons from my office desk.here

Man, being a nerd is getting expensive.there

Any individual memory may be shared with others who were there, then, like a piece of a jig-saw puzzle, but its only when all the pieces are fitted together that a picture emerges, and every picture is different. Every picture is a human soul.here

Finally, after a while, it starts to dawn on us that hearing this music could be compared to the mythical act of nailing jello to a wall. Under the assault of analysis, it will always morph in messy, unpredictable ways.there

2 thoughts on “Quotes From Here and There

  1. Hippie

    If you mix the jello thick enough, you can indeed nail it to a wall.

    It’s quite fun to leave it nailed to something for someone to find.

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