Random Linkage

Misdiagnosis – Interesting.

Caustic Engineering – Fascinating.

Weird Shiny Thing on Mars – Hmmmm… (I was going to say “Interesting” but I feel like I’m starting to sound like Mr. Spock.)

Pink Chalk Fabrics – To self: Look away! Look away! You did not need to find another fabric store.

I, Of the Needle – Oooo! I love a clever blog name.

Weird Vintage – Great Tumblr site! Be sure to browse the archive, and be prepared to lose an hour or two.

Cycle Commerce

Archival Tendency – Another Tumblr site with some interesting images

Quote Investigator – Who really said what. You know… sometimes I really don’t want to know.

Paper Collages – Nifty.

Well played – Hah!

2nd-graders smarter than NFL Players? – Sometimes. (via)

Zip tie – Hah! Probably won’t catch on.

Abandoned Architecture

Snow Plow Trains – Awesome!