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This looks like my front yard a couple of years ago. Doesn’t seem like much chance of that this year but you never know. Mother Nature has been known to play dirty tricks on Oklahoma, like sending a late April snow/ice storm. Someone around here must have fooled her big time. (Not sure if the youngsters will get that reference.)

And here’s another one from Byzantium’s Shores: comparing Internet bandwidth and FedEx bandwidth. Spoiler: The real world is really hard to beat.

I just had a sort of odd thought about Valentines Day: aside from all the “romantic” stuff, Valentines Day is the last food holiday for three months (that is, unless you count St. Patrick’s Day and all the green beer some people consume) and so it might be worth celebrating for that reason alone. Actually, I’m really, seriously (I really mean this) hoping I do not get candy this year (even though I love the stuff) because I’m planning on making something that’s “bad for us” for this silly little holiday. Some years in the past I have lamented the long stretch without any real holidays but this year I’m going to try to think of it as an opportunity. But one can always find excuses to eat too much so we’ll see how that goes.

I want to be doing more sewing. I have a blouse that I meant to finish last week. I got it all done except for the buttons and button holes. I have a bad habit of getting that far then deciding to “take a break and do it tomorrow” and then not getting back to it for several days. In this case it was the weekend so I really didn’t get the chance to do it so today I am going to finish it and probably start the next thing. I have other things I need to take pictures of so I can show them off. Maybe sometime this week.

8 thoughts on “This ‘n’ That

  1. fillyjonk

    Well, also there’s Irish food for St. Patrick’s Day. I’m not so much for corned beef (and couldn’t eat it now, even if I liked it: the salt) but there’s lamb stew and soda bread and colcannon and the various biscuits and cakes that are different from US style ones.

  2. Nicole

    Funnily enough, I was thinking the same thing this past weekend. That after my tea party at work, I’m going to try to be really good and not make “bad for me” food until the next food holiday.

  3. Peter

    We got 33.5 inches of snow in about a 12-hour period starting late Friday afternoon. It came so quickly and so furiously that some people who left work just as the snow began became stranded on the roads after driving less than ten miles. Even now, more than 55 hours after the snow stopped, the neighborhood streets are in dreadful condition, barely passable.

  4. Hippie

    I really liked the article about Sneakernet. My theory, one touched on in that article, is that the internet will not ever suprass the bandwith of “A station wagon full of tapes” (or rather, MicroSD cards) on the highway. Ten years ago, I was amazed by the fact I could get an SD card, the size of a postage stamp, that would hold 128 MB. (That’s megabytes, with an M) Today, for just about the same price, I can get a 32 GB card very much the same dimensions as my fingernail. What storage density will be available at wal-mart for $19 ten years from now?

  5. Lynn Post author

    For me St. Patrick’s Day is just a day to wear green, which is kinda nice. It’s a simple little holiday with no obligations. The wearing of green is, to me, in addition to being a nod to Irish heritage, a reminder that spring is very near. The day we feel as the first day of any season is not exactly the same as the official calendar first day. Just as Memorial day is the “unofficial first day of summer” and Labor Day is the “unofficial first day of fall”, St Patrick’s Day is the “unofficial first day of spring” – the day that feels like the first day of spring, even though some years it still feels very much like winter. So, yeah… I’ll be wearing green, but probably not drinking anything green.

  6. fillyjonk

    Back in Ohio, we used to plant peas, and, I think, green beans on St. Patrick’s day. Early season stuff….

    I try to get my beans in around that time here.

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