What happened to all the science fiction? There were several sci-fi and fantasy shows on but they’ve all disappeared. I read somewhere that Grimm will be back in March. Fringe has ended. As for SyFy… who knows? The thing I hate about SyFy is that seasons of any series only last a few weeks and then you wait almost an entire year, sometimes not even knowing if a show is going to return at all, and if there was a cliffhanger you forget all about it by the time the new season finally starts. And really there is very little actual science fiction on SyFy. Mostly it’s just stuff like Ghost Hunters, wrestling (Wrestling? Seriously SyFy? Wrestling?) and “horror” movies, which, I suppose, broadly speaking, could be considered science fiction or fantasy but they’re not my cup o’ tea at all. Most “horror” made in the past 40-50 years is not scary or exciting; it’s just gross.

So what have I been watching? I’m still really liking Person of Interest. I like the stand-alone episodes best but they keep changing things enough so that the whole “nobody knows the identity of the Man in the Suit” thing doesn’t get too tiresome so the story arc is okay too.

Still loving Castle though the secret romance thing makes me a little antsy. It was fun to see Gina Torres on last night’s episode even though it was a disappointingly small part.

Big Bang Theory – We’ve missed a number of episodes this season because we were watching football on Thursday nights and I often forgot to record it but now football is over so I should be watching it more regularly. I just wish there was something good on in the half hour time slot between BBT and Person of Interest because I hate, loathe and absolutely fracking despise Two and a Half Men. It’s not really that much of a problem because there are 200 other channels to watch but sometimes it’s hard to find something that’s just a half hour.

We’ve been watching The Following. It’s okay but doesn’t quite live up to its commercials.

We started watching CSI again last year after mostly skipping it for a couple of years. I got bored with it for a while but Ted Danson has injected new life into it. Last week they had a two-parter that started on CSI and finished on CSI: New York, which I had never watched before. Not sure if we will watch it again. We might. It just depends on whether we find the time between all this other stuff.

On satellite/cable: We probably spend more time watching stuff on the cable channels than anything else. (We still call them cable channels even though we have DirecTV) We watch a lot of shows on The History Channel, Discovery Channel, National Geographic and NatGeo Wild, The Science Channel, Animal Planet and BBC America. So many I won’t list them all. Often it’s limited series or specials. A couple of interesting new series we’ve watched: Strip the City, a six part series on The Science Channel is about the infrastructure of cities. Last night’s was about Sydney. It’s not exactly what we were led to expect by the commercials but it’s interesting anyway. Last night we watched the first of episode of Bang Goes the Theory on BBC America. I thought it might be sort of a British version of Mythbusters. It’s not but it does have potential. They do experiments just for demonstration, not for the purpose of mythbusting, and they don’t seem to be as careful as the Mythbusters – no blast shields or bunkers so far. Might be fun.

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  1. fillyjonk

    A conundrum: I know a great, great many people who LOATHE 2 1/2 Men. So why is it still on tv? (I didn’t even realize it was. Usually on Thursday nights I am watching the re-run of the new episode of “Regular Show” on cartoon network)

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