Early Greens

I made these two blouses last fall but didn’t get around to photographing them until this week. I used New Look 6078 for both of them, with just a few little changes. These are actually blouses 2 and 3 from this pattern. I didn’t like the placket* so I made these with just a plain fold over facing. (*The band down the front for you non-sewing people.)

I made the sleeves on this first one with a simple buttonless cuff because I knew the ruffles would bother me.

Green floral blouse

On the second one I left off the collar and made straight sleeves from another pattern. They’re just a wee bit longer than I would like but they’re not bad so I don’t know if I will bother to shorten them. I also straightened the hem. You can’t tell from this picture; it looks curved just like the other one.

Green and teal blouse

I think this might be my new favorite blouse pattern. (with my modifications of course) It fits very nicely. I’m going to have to resist the temptation to make a whole bunch more from this pattern.

UPDATE: Oh look! Someone else has been making NL 6078 too.

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