Thin and Stretchy Tech

This is really cool: stretchy batteries. The first place my mind went was to Neal Asher’s Polity universe. There are, of course, more down to Earth applications. They say it would not produce enough power to run a laptop but who knows? Maybe someday a thin computer that could roll up into something the size of an ink pen?

One thought on “Thin and Stretchy Tech

  1. Hippie

    I read the stretchy battery article thusly: “The same crappy batteries we have had for 15 years, now in a different, less efficient format!”

    The Li-Ion battery reached it’s limit quite a while back. We won’t be able to power such things as laptops, or better yet, Mr. Crane’s boosted joint motors, with stretchy film Li-Ion batteries.

    I’m eagerly awaiting miniaturized Helium-3 fusion reactors.

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