This ‘n’ That, Sewing Edition

Well, darn. I have a new blouse that I was going to show off today but the pictures all turned out unacceptable. The weather is supposed to be warmer later in the week so I think I’ll wear it again and try some outdoor photography. (I finally found my tripod.) It’s the flash that messes things up.

So, since I have nothing to show right now let’s see what a few of the sewing bloggers have been doing lately.

Anne took some free fabric that wasn’t her style at all and made it into something totally Anne.

From 70’s skirt to sofa pillow

a neat and nifty bobbin holder

“totally twee AND squee at the same time”. I love that fabric and I want to make an adult size version of that dress.

More sewing for kids. Cute and practical.

And another adorable little girl’s dress. I just keep finding these. I love those colors.

beautiful spring colors and a very nice pattern