Here’s the latest thing I completed. The photo isn’t very good. I almost didn’t post it but then I thought, “So what am I going to post this morning?” so here it is.

Man's Shirt

He likes it. The fabric another Kona Colorworks 2 fabric, which is very sturdy and easy to sew.

Now I’m trying to decide what to make next. I have two planned blouses that I’m feeling enthusiastic about but I keep thinking I really need to go ahead and make those chair cushions I’ve been putting off for months. I also have several things I need to re-work or re-fashion but it’s so much more fun to make new things. And there’s Vogue 8577, a pattern that I was much more excited about before I saw the actual pattern pieces.

Oh well, maybe I’ll take a break and just think about it for a few days.