New Blouse

Sorry, here’s another bad picture of me.

Showing off my new blouse, with the cat

The pattern I used for this blouse was New Look 6598, an old favorite. The fabric is just a cheap cotton I found at Walmart. I think they consider it a “quilting cotton” but it’s more lightweight than what I typically think of as quilting cotton. I love this mustardy yellow color and the simple, sort of vintagey print. The color is more accurate in this close-up.

Fabric close up

The gray pants are relatively new, a medium-lightweight stretch cotton twill. Now that I see the picture I wish I’d ironed them and left my phone out of my pocket. Oh well, this is the real me – wrinkled and bulgey.

I’m currently working on a dress. It’s almost finished but when I tried it on I discovered that the pockets are ALL WRONG and I have to take them off and re-position them. #@%$&!

5 thoughts on “New Blouse

  1. Lynn

    They look a little blue-ish on my screen too. The color is sort of off in that photo, maybe because of the sun and shade.

  2. Judy Roberson

    I love this fabric, I bought some from the same set at wal mart.. I got the sage green one, and also bought the red one.. Wanted the mustard yellow one too, but it sold out,before I could get it..
    The fabric has been wonderful, I have worn my blouse so much, and it washes wonderful.. hope you enjoy your blouse.. What pattern is it, I like it too.

  3. Lynn Post author

    The pattern is New Look 6598. I liked the other colors of this too. Was very tempted by the red.

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