Beloved Cottons

I just have to say this. I love that Erin proudly uses quilting cotton to make dresses. I have seen many sewing sites where either this is sternly frowned upon or sheepishness or embarrassment is expressed by the seamstress who has boldly dared to make a dress out of quilting cotton. This is ridiculous. Just because it is called quilting cotton doesn’t mean that’s all you can do with it. No other fabric comes in so many different colors and prints, it’s easy to sew and it’s comfortable to wear. Why wouldn’t you want to wear it?

Sewing is all about freedom – about doing your own thing and wearing what you want to wear. Most people who sew understand this but, just as with any other area of interest, there are a few people who are all about rules and who mistake their own preferences for rules. The rest of us need to learn to ignore these people.

6 thoughts on “Beloved Cottons

  1. fillyjonk

    Quilting cotton makes awesome dresses. Especially when you live in a climate where it’s hotter than Satan’s armpit for half the year. Most of the dresses I’ve made are made from quilting-weight cotton, if not fabric actually sold as quilting cotton.

  2. Lynn

    I like that expression, “hotter than Satan’s armpit”. Such a colorful, yet perfect description of the summer weather in this part of the country. Although, the humidity does usually drop quite a bit in July and August.

  3. Judy Roberson

    I too am one of those people who sew with quilting cotton fabric all the time. I love it.. I live in Ms, and it so hot and humid here.. Plus, I just love all the beautiful colors/prints available. I too, have heard people say, you should NEVER sew garments with them.. BUt, I have had no trouble with them..[a lot of them have to be ironed, but that’s ok with me.]..
    Love your blog..

  4. fillyjonk

    Well, I figured “armpit” was a little more family-friendly than another anatomical part I’ve heard. (And “armpit” is also less gross than that other anatomical part…)

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